Marry! My Black Horse Chapter 1

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Wearing a sport cloth, Guan Xi Mu, who had a short hair like boys, pushed the door to get in, one look, as expected inside was vivid picturesque scenery. In the midst of smoke from cigarettes entangled and alcohols smells, she gazed around and found the culprit Zhan Shuo, right away open her mouth and shout: “He Qi is pregnant, if you are still man then take the responsibility! Your high class mother had looked to chat with her for many times, talk nonsense to he, can you big a grown man who takes responsibility! Don’t always just observe first and protect later, you should hastily bare the responsibilities that you should bare! Don’t think one is a rich and powerful also a high ranking official family then you can just do as you please and toy with respectable young girl…”

In the middle of smoking Zhan Shuo swiftly stood up, showed a surprising face and respond: “He Qi is pregnantc? It’s mine?

“Bosh! Are you still a human?” Guan Xi Mu’s anger suddenly explode, “if it’s not yours, who can it be?”

Zhan Shuo’s long and narrow eyes appeared a feeling of joy, he busily corrected Guan Xi Mu and said, “No offense, no offense.” Finish speaking, he directly fished out his phone and dialed He Qi’s phone, on one side typed her number, and other side went out of the room.

Because of the full of smoking fog inside the room, Guan Xi Mu choked, she hurriedly turned her body readily to leave the room, but just about turned, her nose bumped into something hard, hurt until she about to shed tears, lifted up her eyes, no blurred vision, why a sculpture look like his future husband Fei Jun stood in front of her? Don’t care anymore about nose ache, she exerted her strength to rub her eyes, then realized it is really that Fei, she didn’t look wrong.

Fei Jun’s beautiful eyebrow swiftly frowned, instinctively stretched his hand to catch Guan Xin Mu’s wrist, interrogated her with a deep tone voice: “Why are you here?” Not waiting for the answer, Fei Jun already dragged her to the exit.

At last they stood facing each other, Fei Jun’s height is 188 meter, completely taller than Guan Xin Mu by 28 cm, his whole body send out a piercingly cold emotion, Guan Xi Mu immediately felt she is very weak.

“Is this place that you should be come?” Fei Jun opened his mouth, the corridor’s light is very dim, covered his grave and stern face by a layer of vaguely and undistinguishable light, his mood was clearly bad.

“What about you?”Guan Xi Mu rebutted, “Why are you here? Is it bachelor party?” She heard that some men will have a wild bachelor party the night before the wedding ceremony, playing any kind of anti-mainstream game.

“I come to handle serious business.” Fei Jun coldly said, and caught Guan Xi Mu’s left hand, realized that her ring finger was vacant, “Why don’t you wear ring?”

Guan Xi Mu then looked to Fei Jun’s finger and saw the plain ring, this ring was their own choice, the day that they decided to get married, they went to jewelry shop, a simple style promised ring, it was a couple, that time he directly wore it, and also helped her to wear it, furthermore, ordered her prior to the wedding is not allowed to take off, she agreed overtly, but opposed in secret, when she went home and felt trouble about it, she just took it off.

Fei Jun released her hand, with a command tone said: “Next time you are not allowed to be here, this place doesn’t suit your kind of kid.”

“I’m not a kid, don’t you take advantage of your seniority! Guan Xi Mu rebutted and laughed.

“Let’s go, I take you home.” Fei Jun turned his body, took a big stride with his beautiful long leg and went out. Hearing the tone in his voice there is no capability to disobey, Guan Xi Mu forced to follow his back slowly.

Fei Jun’s car is Bugatti, it is harmonious with hisself which full of proud and arrogant temperament.

Guan Xi Mu rested her head to the window, looked to the charming night scenery outside, exert one’s attention to ignore certain people’s cold emotion, once in a while inclined her head and casted one glance to Fei Jun, his bright silhouette, firm and persistent contours, like what is portrayed fine brushwork, can’t help but to say it was pleasing and delightful to the eye, her uncle Fei Jun has a superficial face that aroused the great indignation of both men and gods.

There was still half month before we will be legally married. Fei Jun abruptly spoke with a deep s.e.xy voice, “Are you ready to marry?”

“Not yet ready, I cannot cook, cannot wash cloth, all the things a good wife and loving mother do I completely cannot do. From the start, I already informed you, if you regret it, now it still not too late.”

Fei Jun crooked up the corner of his lip into a good-looking arc, spoke: “Who let you all that? I asked if you mentally prepared?”

Guan Xi Mu nodded her head weakly, muttered: “Almost.”

“That’s good.” Fei Jun nodded his head.

“Uncle Fei, what is this? She just realized inside the car there was an aromatherapy device, plump, cute small and delicate.

“Small music box.” Fei Jun explained, conveniently corrected Guan Xi Mu, “Xin Mu, don’t call me Uncle Fei again.”

“Then what should I call you? Jun Jun? Xiao Jun?”

“Both is okay.”

“ But both is not as pleasant to hear as Uncle Fei.” Guan Xi Mu spoke persistly

“We are almost married, we are the same generation, I don’t want to take advantage of you.” Fei Jun corrected her.

“I don’t mind, what do you mind, this is favorable for you it’s okay.” Guan Xi Mu spoke without thinking the matter through.

Fei Jun’s cold gaze flashed through her.

Sending Guan Xi Mu back to her rented apartment, she jumped off the car and said goodbye to Fei Jun, Fei Jun like one’s elder warned her: “Sleep earlier, don’t stay up late for online, before go to bed drink milk.”

Guan Xi Mu nodded her head, responded with smile: “You also don’t forget drink milk.”

Fei Jun felt his being ridiculed just groaned.

Before sleep, Fei Jun sent short message: “It’s time to sleep.”

Guan Xi Mu shut down her phone, looked at the ceiling and sighed, her heart was full of worry, does she really want to spend her lifetime with uncle Fei? How can this thing develop to this step? She thought before to married with a doctor, married to a office- bearer, married to IT people, married to military man, married to her secretly crushed big brother, Xia Yu, but she absolutely never thought of marrying Fei Jun.

She knew Fei Jun from early age, Fei Jun and her father had contacted through business matter, her father and Fei Jun are friends despite the difference in age, both of them like to play golf, fish, swim, drink tea, sometimes they will bring her, and she will call him uncle Fei, involuntarily raised up his seniority, although, he only 9 years older than her.

Fei Jun is a only son of the S city rich and powerful Fei family clan, his father Fei Lin Mao, have a higher social status, appeared frequently at a finance and economic magazines, business weekly, and Hu Run’s table of ranking, his name is a symbol of wealth and power, calm temperament, mature, rational, and has a serious expression, if not his initiatives to talk to her, she definitely will not talk to him, she remembered when she is 17 years old, she hid in the bedroom and lit a cigarette, just about to try the taste, the cigarette snatched away from her hand, she looked up, and Fei Jun stood in front of her, calmly and lightly said: “ A woman cannot smoke.” The time her 18 years old birthday, she put on a heavy makeup, got ready to go out, she met Fe Jun, he said: “You prepared to go out like this? Don’t you afraid that you will scare people off?”

Senior, strict, superiority complex, look down at people…. these are all the label that Guan Xi Mu sticked to Fei Jun, had an impression in his lifetime, he will be always wear well-ironed suit, on his wrist will always expensive watch, from head to toe send out the coldness that make people shiver. Originally from the start, she should just respect Fei Jun from a far, but when they start to connect? In her sorrowful days, lonely times, received wrongly treatment, Fei Jun just appeared, he still with senior attitude directed her life, seems like all her worries were worthless in his eyes.

When she was rejected by her long- crushed lover, Xia Yu, she ate and drunk unreasonably, finally in one of barbecue stand came across Fei Jun, his tall and big posture leaned on the entrance, under the light, glanced at her sad expression, his corner of mouth has a shallow smile, she suddenly felt relieve, made all her feeling of suffer and heartbroken slightly insignificant, in fact it’s not really a big deal, in life there’s always something left unsatisfying, but in general it is beautiful. That day she and Fei Jun talked a lot, whether it’s complains or grieves, Fei Jun calmly listened to her, she suddenly felt that he is actually not really hard to get along, at least at the time she needs someone, he could keep silent.

She started to call Fei Jun’s phone, chatted, bickered, told him her worries, but most the time, it was she who talk and he will listen, just right that time, Fei Clan high class experienced fluctuation, Fei Jun who never rest for 2 years, rarely gave himself a holiday. When she knew shamelessly begged: “Uncle Fei, take me to the cinema okay? Invite me to eat dinner okay? I will tell you humor, teasing you so you will be happy… one time they got to the cinema and bought popcorn, He Qi asked her with a soft voice: “This excellent quality uncle is your boyfriend?” That time she was drinking soda, chewed popcorn, mumbled: “ Boyfriend? Maybe.”

Why does Fei Jun want to marry her? Maybe it was related with his father serious illness, as the only son and responsible to settle down, to carry family ancestral line responsibility, he almost 32 years old, and still not settle yet, it became one of his father worries, at his father’s deathbed, he raised an issue about his proposal to marry Guan Xin Mu, when she heard it it felt like the lightning stroke her, he methodically arranged proposed to her: “Marry me, what is your is yours, mine is yours, you don’t need to change your life, just leave it to me to change for you.”

Cannot help, Guan Xi Mu slightly moved, to let him take her hand and meet his father, in his father’s sickbed, that kind old man slightly gripped Guan Xin Mu’s hand half- jokingly and half-serious said: “Fei Jun is my son, the one that I merely understand, little lady, he is very worthy.”

At the end, Fei Jun’s father still cannot win the fight with cancer cell, and passed away.

But their both relation just simply determined, Fei Jun said, “ Towards you, I’m really serious, regarding the marriage, will not act indecently and cast it aside.” But she carelessly said: “Just regard I acted indecently then?”

Fei Jun quickly stepped toward me, stretched his hand and pinched her chin: “I’m not a person that you can casually act indecently.”

She in the confused state became Fei Jun’s partner in marriage, and he with his rigorous schemes and deep foresight he swiftly captivated her mother’s heart, her mother from away come and look for her, strictly asked her: “Xin Mu, Fei Jun said that you’re his, is it true?”

That time Guan Xi Mu was eating a garlic chili rolled up pastry, chocked until shedded tears, half day bawled Fei Jun is shameless, she is pure and innocent big girl how can become Fei Jun’s woman?

In brief, because of Fei Jun’s efficient and high speed method, he calmly invade her world, and at last she at the one time car’s accident, when that car lost control and crashed Fei Jun’s car, he subconsciously suddenly turned steering wheel to the right to protect her, let him bear the injury.

On his bed, Guan Xi Mu put all her heart took care Fei Jun consciously asked: “Why did you choose to protect me?”

Fei Jun casted glance to her, with his big man ideology answered: “Because you wimpy kid, needs protections.”

“Are you really my Fei Yun Fan? Guan Xi Mu said with a small voice.

“Who is Fei Yun Fan?” Fei Jun frowned.

“It is my dream man.” Guan XI Mu shook her head, thought about generation gap, compared to A Li Ya Na marine trench still deeper.

Fei Jun’s eyes suddenly changed to cold, cold like winter in December, not saying a word, he pursed up his lips tightly.

Guan Xi Mu felt cold and held her hand, explained: “ Just some character from a novel.”

Fei Jun’s eyes immediately from cold turn to warmth, and said: “ O? So it to turns out to be imagination.”

Marry! My Black Horse Chapter 1

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