Marry! My Black Horse Chapter 24

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Early in the morning in the office, once again Guan Xin Mu received a light purple hyacinth, she turned the pot, her finger slightly played with delicate flower petal. She took a breath, then realized her anger immediately disappeared.

Last night after they arrived at home, Fei Jun just stayed silent. His estranged attitude brought a little bit of awkwardness, then he answered a phone inside the study room. It was until she was only half conscious, she sensed he got on the bed then his heavy body leaned closed to her and his long arm hugged her. She really wanted to get rid of his hands, but she was too sleepy so she just let it be.

Outwardly cold but deep passionate inside! Awkward man! Guan Xin Mu was angry and laughing at him inside her heart. Every time he always be like this, didn't explain clearly, and just sent a flower to curry favor with her.

Was she easily be curry favored? Reality really proved that she was. When she looked at this pot of purple hyacinth, her heart immediately melted, it was like a popsicle melted in the summer.

"Sister Guan, your husband is really good toward you." Wang Li smiled and move forward to her, her eyes was showing a little bit of envy when looked around to the pots of hyacinth around Guan Xin Mu's lattice room.

Guan Xin Mu raisedher head, she was shocked to realized there was something different about Wang Li. She usually was excessively lively and high spirited girl, she wore also colorful clothes with cartoon design, but today she wore a white dress, and on her neck it was a platinum necklace. She had a simple make up, and her hair was drape gently on her shoulder. She was wearing a black high heels, and on her body was full of cape jasmine scent. Her whole appearance clearly she was a wise and virtuous woman.

"Xiao Li, you look really pretty today." Guan Xin Mu complimented, "This style is really suitable for you."

Wang Li bashfully smiled: "Really? I felt it was somewhat awkward, it is not too lofty right?"

"I thought it is very natural, quite feminine," Guan Xin Mu said.

Wang Li's smiled became sweeter, with a low voice she said: "Sister Guan, I really envy you, this young you already married. Your husband is really handsome, has a high grade of car. His qualifications must be very good. He always also care about you that everyday he will give you flower. Look, your lattice will soon be a small garden. Everyone is saying that the most happy woman is the one that find a man that lover hear dearly. Sister Guan, you are really lucky and happy, I should often go here, to get some luck from you."

Guan Xin Mu laughed, and asked: "What about you? Do you have boyfriend?"

"I don't really have time, being a sales doesn't have a lot of free time. My friend actually introduced me to one, but he is inarticulate, he stuttered, I don't like him." said Wang Li.

"Then what kind of man do you like?" Guan Xin Mu bend over to open her bottom cabinet, took out a pack of potato chips, opened it and offer to Wan Li.

Wang Li was hesitated for a moment then laughed and took the smallest one: "At least he need to have car and house, has his own business. He is serious toward his business, could defend himself. His temperament should be tender but not indecisive, humorous, love pets, good in sport, has a work out habit, his appearance is okay, and his height should not lower than 1.75 meter.

"Like that, also right, women like that kind of man", Guan Xin Mu understood Wang Li's description of certain qualification was like the knight in the shining armor of most woman. However if these qualification needed to be fit all, it will be a problem.

"Sister Guan, what do you think of Chief Chu?" Wang Li directly asked.

"Chu Wei Ran?" Guan Xin Mu asked, noticed that Wang Li's face somewhat flushed, immediately she understood the meaning of it, no wonder today she would dress up with this kind of style, and her speech now was more slow, her habit to eat potato chips reduced to a smallest chip.

"Y..Yes, he, what do you think of him?"

"He is quite good, very gentlemen, no arrogance, very easy to interact."

"A man that is successful like him, certainly many women are pursuing him." Wang LI said.

"I don't really know clearly about this." Guan Xin Mu said.

"He should like a relatively tender generous woman, are the most man like that?" Wang Li asked.

"It depend on the people, there's no rule of it." Guan Xin Mu answered patiently.

"I heard that his background was rich. His father is famous in military world, his mother was a founder and chairman of clothing in industry in our north city district. Their family has a several real estate property, even they have house in Switzerland. It was not really strange, nowadays rich people are very extreme, they even buy a small island." Wang Li was getting more and more excited. When she wanted to continue her explanation, she was called by group leader. The group leader yelled: "Xiao Li, where are you? We are busy, hurry up come here and help."

Wang Li could only weakly left Guan Xin Mu.

Guan Xin Mu laughed and shook her head, love indeed could change people to to adjust one's hand and turn one's face. But the fundamentally temperament and nature were not an easy thing to alter, Wang Li still like to gossip.

During the lunch break, Guan Xin Mu found time to go to the number one famous bakery that close by to buy He Qi's most favorite strawberry and blueberry cake. Zhan Shuo said that He Qi was depressed and anxious orientation, she wanted to buy it for He Qi as she heard that dessert can treat depression and anxiety.

Unexpectedly, there she ran across to her mother-in-law, Chen Wan as well the other person.

That time she had hold the box of strawberry and blueberry cakes, she wanted to buy again honey cake which was her mother's favorite. When she was selecting, she heard a soft voice said: "Auntie Chen, do you like t eat this?" Then she immediately heard the extremely familiar voice said: "Here vegetarian chicken was not as good as the north of the city. There they cook it very good, here is a little bit salty."

Guan Xin Mu instinctively inclined her head, and caught sight of Chen Wan in her black dress, and neat appearance, and beside her was a tall woman, very patiently and friendly helped her to choose cake.

There was someone said, when you gazed at someone's back of head or face side more than six second, the electric current may slowly transferred to the other person involved. The other person will able to sense that someone was looking at them. Just as expected, after six second, Chen Wan turned her head, the moment she saw Guan Xin Mu, her smile was disappearing.

"Ma." Guan Xin Mu forced oneself to call her.

Chen Wan was clearly felt awkward, nodded her head: "You also come to buy things?"

"Yes, I come to buy some sweets." Guan Xin Mu said, then looked at the tall figure beside her, couldn't help but ask: "Ma, this is?"

"O, this is Xiao Yi." Chen Wan unenthusiastically introduced them.

Xiao Yi? She didn't said it with the family name, it was obvious they were in the good relationship.

"He Xiao Yi." That tall woman extended her hand, and smile brightly.

Guan Xin Mu shook her hand, in her mind, she remembered about this He Xiao Yi. She was the blind-date partner of Fei Jun, her father was a director of certain company. She knew it because few times Chen Wan intentionally or otherwise mentioned her, said: 'In the past that Xiao Yi, was the one that I am satisfied, but Jun Jun didn't like her. Because he didn't like her so I didn't force him."

Didn't really expect that Chen Wan really fond of He Xiao Yi, her son was married, yet she still brought Xiao Yi and affectionately stroll with her. Couldn't help but to admit, they both look like a mother and daughter or mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Chen Wan apparently didn't want to explain why she was out with He Xiao Yi to the bakery, still clasping her hands, she looked at He Xiao Yi and chatted about the cake… Guan Xin Mu didn't plan to asked further, she hurriedly bought her things, then hurriedly left. It could be said she was defeated and flee.

Before the dinner, Guan Xin Mu listened Fei Jun was calling someone in the living room. His tone was very relaxing, sounded a bit lazy, obviously he was not talking about official affairs. Her first guess could it be a call from Chen Wan? The fact proved her intuition was very accurate, Fei Jun's voice started to become cold, his tone became serious, frowning: "Ma, don't you be always together with her. I and she don't have any relation."


"You really look lowly of your son, I never need her father's help. I also didn't need what-so called consideration or protection. The one who can always help ourself is ourself." Fei Jun said it then hung up the phone, he turned his body and looked the one in front of him, Guan Xin Mu.

"Your mom's call? What did she say?"

"It's nothing." Fei Jun said.

"Today I met her at the famous bakery with one…"

"I know." Fei Jun cut Guan Xin Mu' word, slightly raised his eyebrows, "Xin Mu, it has nothing to do with us?"


"I was pointing out you and me." Fei Jun said, "Mama's some views were oldies, but she already stereotype, very hard to change. So her action was somewhat inappropriate, you just need to know that matter was unrelated to us."

"Em, I know."

During the dinner, Fei Jun once again knitting his brows when looked at her dishes. Guan Xin Mu silently eat her dinner, lightly said: "I know it was unpalatable, I already try my best."

Fei Jun looked at Guan Xin Mu's face that show some defeated, he picked up a fillet of skin, calmly said: "But it is quiet improving, the fish look glossy, the soya sauce is well-distributed, the meat has elasticity, it is not fishy. It was barely enough to each 85 points." He then put it inside his mouth, and chewed it: "It's pretty good."

Hearing it, Guan Xin Mu immediately take a fillet of fish into his mouth. God, this fish really overcooked, moreover too salty. Fei Jun was obviously comforting her. Seeing him like this, he looked really cute.

"Your company is cooperating with Bo Da?" Fei Jun asked.

"How do you know?" Guan Xin Mu felt suspiciously, she never told Fei Jun about this.

"Do you like your job now?" Fei Jun continued.

"I couldn't say like it or not, in any case I just work to get money. Everywhere is the same."

"Since you couldn't say you really like it, then no need to do it. Just be at home concentrating to be my wife." Fei Jun said in a tone that not allow others to interfere.

"I don't want." Guan Xin mu said, "Full-time housewife has no future prospects. Every day was surrounded by children and man, it is not really give a self-worthy feeling."

"Self-worthy?" Fei Jun slightly smiled, "Your little job right know could you give you self-worth? Maybe not, you know what is the most worthy a woman can do?"


"Try to please her own man." Fei Jun put down his chopstick, his straight back slightly somewhat be relax, her face brought a teasing smile. In Guan Xin Mu's eyes, he immediately changed into a rogue.

"Who say it!"

"I say it."

"Male chauvinist! Why should I do it? You want me to resign from my job, everyday for 24 hours be in your service?" Guan Xin Mu protested, "What do you think of me? Your accessory?"

Fei Jun's expression became cold, but also didn't want to dispute with her, only immediately shifted the conversation: "Last time in the shopping center you buy a bodybuilding apparatus, didn't you get poster of s.e.xy woman?"

His jump of topic was too fast! Guan Xin Mu was somewhat confused.

"Yes, why?"

"Tomorrow, stick the poster on the wall."

"For what?"

"Beautiful woman was a feast for eyes, haven't you heard about it?" Fei Jun's eyes were full of demeaning, "Because your dishes indeed hard to swallow."


Apparently to rebel against this Fei male chauvinist was too bitter. That night on the bed Guan Xin Mu was twisted by Fei Jun into a frog, to let him recklessly frantically attacked and occupied. He once and once again entered the deepest part of her, when she thought it was time to finish, he once again fiercely provokingly got inside. He seemed used his action to prove that she was his, he had right to dominate her.

"Fei Jun! Enough! Hurry go go go out!" She really couldn't handle it anymore, what drugs do you eat.

"Not enough." Fei Jun's arm supported her waist, his passionate hoarse voice: "Don't want to go out."

Marry! My Black Horse Chapter 24

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