Marry! My Black Horse Chapter 5

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Even if it just a sentence but it made Guan Xin Mu's restless heart in a flash to be calmed, Fei Jun held her hand, and faintly said: "Let's go". She just obediently followed along Fei Jun's big step, she looked a child bride…. Fei Jun's palm was very big, when he held her hand, his hand was completely cover her whole palm. It was so warm, and she couldn't help but to admit it helped her to be at ease and comfortable.

Isn't originally her choice to married him was because her felt touched? It appeared that in front of her, she can always absolutely unrestrained same like a children, because of their age difference, he must let her. A woman, always liked to be safe and protected, even a strong woman, besides she is Guan Xin Mu.

"What are you thinking?" Fei Jun turned his head, consciously asked her.

"Nothing." Guan Xin Mu's mood momentary changed to be happy again.

The next day, she made an appointment with He Qi in fast food restaurant, Guan Xin Mu talked endlessly without getting to the point about her marriage life.

"Why do I feel that your marriage life is very sweet?" He Qi lied to one side of her head, and laughed toward her.

"Is it true?" Guan Xin Mu felt that herself just stated nothing more than reality, could it be she was unconsciously bent the corner of her mouth so it would appeared to look like to she was basking in happiness?

He Qi seriously nodded her head: "You are surely enough very lucky and happy."

"No! He didn't have any skills! Super not gentle and soft!" Guan Xin Mu's tone suddenly turned straightforward lower, immediately ridiculed him.

"A girl~ sometimes needs to enjoy a little bit force~" He Qi laughed mischievously, "Especially that kind of thing."

"Change the topic, let us just just the topic." Guan Xin Mu said, "I almost forget, you're a pregnant woman, hearing this kind of thing was need really inappropriate."

He Qi almost half-month pregnant, she was busily prepared for the wedding, she wished to get married before her body figure changed. Her prince charming has already spoken frankly to his big family, that this whole life will only married He Qi, and will only have the baby from He Qi. His family looked at this condition was too late to be prevented and their son firm determination, they finally accepted this fate. Now, this young couple already lived together in high class apartment. They lived a happy and sweet life, they even didn't have any small fight. It was because every time they about to start a fight, He Qi will said: "Zhan Shuo, a pregnant woman should not be unhappy even for a second!" This made Zhan Suo's bad temper in a flash gone, immediately pampered her.

"Zhan Suo recently was really good to me, everyday he will go home exactly at seven in the evening and bring home a pastry and take-out that I like. After dinner, he will cut some fruit, moreover he will help me wash feet. Every housework is done by maid, sometimes, he even will sweep the floor, wipe the table, wash the bowl by himself" He Qi said, "Don't you say that Fei Jun has bad temper? Don't worry, you need to work hard to have a baby, then he will be soft and tender."

"Give birth to baby? Guan Xin Mu looked like she heard wrongly, after a few seconds, finally she shook her head, "I haven't have a good preparation, how about enjoying life for a while?"

"Is there any freedom in marriage? Being married is like launching a high-speed train, pregnant and give birth of the child, raised the kids up, it didn't have any pause." He Qi sighed, and started to eat.

Going out from the restaurant, they both went to the nearest shopping mall to do some shopping. When they entered the shopping center, Guan Xin Mu looked at a skincare advertisement big poster, the spoke person was her Fei Jun's formerly lover, Gu Xi Ran. The Gu Xi Ran on the poster looked really beautiful; her face was white, glossy, and bright. Her smile was really sweet. Regarding to Gu Xi Ran's news, Guan Xin Mu sometimes watched it in entertainment section. Guan Xi Ru already on her half way to get into show business, she had accepted to involve in advertisement and MV, and had done some catwalk for famous clothing brand. Everything was done by her skillfully and easily. One time during her interview, one of the reporter naturally asked her opinion about Fei Jun's new status as a married man. Fortunately, she never really admitted her relationship with Fei Jun, so now she can said with an easy-manner: "Related to good thing happened to a friend, I will always give my blessing."

He Qi naturally knew about Gu Xi Ran and Fei Jun's relationships, this time looked at Guan Xin Mu's who concentratedly looked at the poster, she just stretched out her hand and poked at Guan Xin Mu's head, said: "What are you looking at? Let's hurry go up and accompany me to choose clothes !"

He Qi was pregnant, but it didn't really affect her shopping, like before she still ran as fast as flying, she chose something, and buy a pile of things. Guan Xin Mu on the side nervously followed her and said, "Slow down slow down." Guan Xin Mu helped He Qi shopped and brought the clothes on her shoulder and head, and said in heart: "Pregnant woman is queen, this sentence was really right!"

Fortunately, Zhan Shuo's call came. He Qi's voice immediately soften: "Right, I was shopping, I used your card, em em em."

After hung up the phone, He Qi laughed: "Zhan Shuo said that he will come to pick me up, let us just wait on the coffee shop."

Prince Zhan was quick come, one tall and straight figure, with special vigor came in front of them. He immediately leaned over to rub He Qi's belly, and said: "Are you tired? Your stomach was okay right."

"There's no problem, your baby was settled safely inside!" He Qi very contently drank her milk tea, " I buy a lot of things, and used about sixty thousand, it's okay right?"

Zhan Shuo was not brave enough to say No, just said: "It's okay, it's okay, you can even used it until it exceed the limit."

Guan Xin Mu laughed and said: "I haven't congratulate you, how do you feel to almost be a father?"

"I'm very excited. It's my first time." Zhan Shuo also laughed, his face appeared a fatherly love softness.

He Qi suddenly sucked a big breath, then extremely alert and looked at Zhan Shuo: "Why is the air was full of cigarette smoke? Are you smoking?"

"I just smoked one cigarette during the traffic."

"Why did you smoke again? Didn't you said you will throughly stop smoking? Now, your mouth was fulled of smoke, you will let baby die because of sucking it."

"It's not really that serious?"

"Yes it is"

"Okay Okay, this is the last one, later on I will not smoke again."

"Heng, If later on you dare to smoke then you cannot hug the baby."

"Ai! Then how can I still brave enough touch the cigarette? The most thing I anticipated is hugging the baby." Once again Zhan Shuo stretched out his hand and stroked softly on her belly.

Looking at the change of Zhan Shuo's attitude, Guan Xin Mu couldn't control herself to laugh. But in her mind suddenly appeared an image, an image of Fei Jun hold a little kid and played with him. How can she suddenly have that kind of imagination? Guan Xin Mu shivered.

At night, Guan Xi Mu told Fei Jun about He Qi and Zhan Shuo's happy life, she extremely played it down and said: " He Qi is really blessed and happy ~ Zhan Shuo always let his ego down for her, it looked like he treated her like a queen."

"Em…" Fei Jun said while browsed through the magazine.

"Don't you think you need to learn from Zhan Shuo?" Guan Xin Mu stretched her hand and snatched the magazine from Fei Jun's hold.

From Fei Jun's long and narrow eyes appeared a bit of smiling expression, inclined his body to the side, and pressed both his hand on Guan Xin Mu's waist: "What do I need to learn? Learn to put a great effort to make you pregnant?"

"Not that!" Guan Xin Mu urgently pushed him, "Learn how to be good to wife."

"It is easy, wait until you are pregnant, I will naturally will be good than other people." Fei Jun said. His hands already unconsciously went along Guan Xin Mu's slender waist and up.

"You are crazy!" Guan Xin Mu realized his evil clutches slowly and gradually moved toward her chest.


Considering their first time was very yellow and violence night, toward this intimate matter, Guan Xin Mu has already an experience. The time Fei Jun undo her button, her whole body couldn't help to be rigid. When Fei Jun took off all his clothes, the time his whole naked body fit snuggly and tightly at her, she already stiff as the corpse. Fei Jun frowned, used his long finger and opened her body slowly, and with a tender voice pampered her: "Relax a bit, I will not hurt you."

Tonight, his foreplay was very long, Guan Xin Mu's face was completely turned into hot cloud of volcanic ash, every part and corner of her body was kissed by him, her body gradually soften, her body temperature slowly rose up, until she felt about to explode, Fei Jun then opened her body.

The time he entered, Guan Xin Mu still frowned and sighed, immediately her both hands clung into his shoulder and fit tightly to him. Suddenly, Fei Jun narrowed his eyes and with a low voice whispered to her: "A big boat entered a harbor, why the water in harbor is overflowing this great?"

"Shut up! Shut Up!" Guan Xin Mu bashfully shout, she ruthlessly pinched Fei Jun's back, and as before it made her hands hurt.

At the end, as their first night together, Fei Jun's back was full of a long scratches. Fei Jun frowned and said: "You are a a vicious wild cat."

Guan Xin Mu already completely exhausted that she curled up in Fei Jun's embrace. His chest was sturdy, pectoral muscle was really flexible, really suitable to be a pillow. She very naturally placed her head on his muscle, and narrowed her eyes to rest.

Fei Jun stretched one hand to hug her waist, and one hand stroke her head slowly.

The atmosphere was warm and beautiful.

"Do you want to have kids?" Fei Jun suddenly opened his mouth

"Do you want kids?" Guan Xin Mu asked back.

"Having a child is not a bad thing." Fei Jun said, "Sooner or later will want one."

"I haven't prepared yet." Guan Xin Mu raised from his chest, she looked at his eyes, " Don't you said that I am a little brat, this time you want to little brat to give birth to little little brat, is it not troublesome?"

Fei Jun smiled indolently, his both hands gripped her hand and placed it on his chest: "I will protect both of you."

…. Guan Xin Mu glared at him.

Regarding to the matter of having kid now, Guan Xin Mu still was not ready and incapable to agree. After all, she just married for less than 2 months. Even she hasn't really adapted to the married life, wanted her to be mother? But she know Fei Jun's was already reached a mature age, it was normal for him to longing for his own kid. Most books said that when man reached thirty, he will hope to have one flesh and blood. (242)

Ai! When the age gaps was large, the way thinking could not be too harmonized.

Marry! My Black Horse Chapter 5

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