Martial Arts Master Chapter 173

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Although Yan Zheke had been well prepared, she was still a little nervous and she suddenly switched to acting like a spoiled child and said, "All right, but right now, you know, I'm going shopping with Qing. Mom, why do you ask me this?"

"I'm in your dormitory." The woman giggled with her mature voice. "I thought I could give my little princess a surprise, but I guess I failed."

"You're in my dormitory?" Yan Zheke felt her acting skills had gotten better and better these days since her exclamation of surprise and rhetorical question sounded almost perfect.

"Don't you know about your mom? When I want to do something, I do it immediately. No surprise. I came to Qin Yang for business, so I dropped by to see you. Haha, your roommates are quite polite." She smiled. "Ke, where are you now? I can come to you directly."

Qin Yang was the capital city of the neighboring province, a two-hour ride on the bullet train from Songcheng.

"Come here directly? Mom, you don't play by that routine at all!" Yan Zheke thought. She was startled and said, "Mom, don't bother to come. Wait for me at the dormitory and I'll come there right away."

The mature voice spoke compassionately, "You already have a commitment to go shopping with someone, and you just started but you want to leave her alone? That's not good. It's better that I go to you, and invite your friend to dinner."

"..." Yan Zheke couldn't help but glance over at Lou Cheng. "Even if it's not appropriate to leave him alone, it's worse still for my mom to 'invite' him to dinner!" she thought.

Then suddenly, an idea came to her mind, and she decided to include Li Liantong and the others resolutely. She said, "Mom, aren't you always talking about inviting my roommates to dinner? Today is a good day to do that! Qing has another friend to keep her company."

"Oh, okay, then you'd better head back soon." The mature voice said, pondering.

"Yes, Madame!" Yan Zheke said, acting so cute, and just ever so slightly raising her hand in a salute.

Hanging up the phone, she breathed a sigh of relief. "It was a battle of wits and courage. Lying is indeed very tricky. One lie leads to another. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't go through so much trouble!" She wondered.

"Then should I go and get a cab?" Lou Cheng restrained his mood, indicating her phone with a smile.

Yan Zheke spoke pitifully, with her hands clutched over her heart, "Go on and get a cab. I need to relax some, for that was so stressful just now."

I was so afraid that mom would insist on coming over!

'Even so, how could I magically make a Guo Qing appear beside me now? She is still sleeping in her dormitory!'

Watching her behave like this, Lou Cheng felt tenderness and his heart softened. He had completely forgotten the previous feeling of a sense of loss. He chose the address on his phone immediately and booked a car.

Yan Zheke rested for ten seconds, then looked at the clean-cut visage of her boyfriend, and cautiously asked,

"Cheng, are you disappointed? Are you unhappy now?"

Lou Cheng was moved and said, "Certainly, I feel a little disappointed because I was looking forward to visiting the aquarium with you and I wanted us to spend a wonderful afternoon. But, when the Queen Mother arrives, I have to step aside."

At that moment, he held the girl's catkin flower and gently smiled while saying, "Plus, we'll have a lot of weekends in the future, and we'll have a lot of chances to come here again to make up for today. Honestly, I feel sorrier for you, because you just got here and now you have to rush back. I should have waited longer and postponed this date for next week."

"We'll have a lot of weekends in the future..." Yan Zheke rolled her eyes joyfully and spoke briskly, with a sweet smile, "Why do you blame yourself? She's my mom, not yours."

At that moment, the taxi from the online car-hailing arrived and took them to the old campus of Songcheng University.

Worrying that his future mother-in-law would be waiting for them at the school bus station on the new campus, Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke discussed it for a while and then decided to take two separate cars back, just in case they would happen to meet her mom head-on.

Yan Zheke found a seat next to the window. She held her backpack in her arms while watching her boyfriend wave at her. Showing a smile on her face, she slightly sucked her lip and felt calmer.

When the school bus started, she took out her phone and typed on the keyboard swiftly. She started with a 'determined to do better' emoji and said,

"Everything will be better after this afternoon!"

Lou Cheng replied with a snickering face, "Then we'll chant 'The day of liberation is a bright day'!"

Ha! Yan Zheke broke out with a laugh, and just as if a flower was blooming before their eyes, it made the male students around her stare.

But she didn't pay attention to all of this, and she just fixed her eyes on her phone screen. "Alright, so now you're talking behind my mom's back?" she replied, with a Dodge emoji.

After replying to this message, she realized that Li Liantong, Zong Yanru and Shi Xiangyang, had all sent her messages earlier. Despite the different tones of their messages, the contents were quite similar, like "Hurry back soon, I can't handle your mother anymore! She has a strong mental presence. I'm trembling!".


"No, no, how dare I talk behind my future mother-in-law's back..." Lou Cheng replied to her with a shocked sticker.

"Bah, she's not your future mother-in-law!" Yan Zheke replied with a cursing sticker.

Lou Cheng stood in the waiting area of the station, smiling. He held his cell phone like a cyber-addicted boy, constantly typing at the screen keyboard. After a while, he suddenly noticed something weird with his keen observation, and it felt like someone was watching him.

He suddenly turned his head, looking at where the weird gaze was coming from. A few girls were looking at him, discussing something in whispers and giggles. One of them used the camera on her mobile and aimed it at him.

"Huh? What just happened?" Lou Cheng murmured to himself.

However, when the girls noticed that he was looking at them, they suddenly stopped their talking and stood up straight, acting like they were previously doing nothing.

But when Lou Cheng turned his eyes to the school bus that had just arrived at the station, he heard the unrepressed laughter around him again.

"Is there something strange on my face? Or on my clothes?" He wondered. He got onto the bus and sat down, at the same time he used his phone screen as a mirror to see his reflection, but he didn't find anything unusual.

When all of the seats were taken, and the bus was about to start, Lou Cheng thought about another possibility. So, he opened the browser on his phone and logged into the BBS of the school's website, and he saw a new post in the social chat area:

"It seems that I met Lou Cheng from Martial Arts Club!"

Clicking on it, he saw a picture of himself waiting at the station and texting on his phone with a smirk on his face!

Phew... Lou Cheng breathed a sigh of relief and was quite pleased with himself.

I'm a big figure at the school now...

Since Li Liantong and the others had warned her over the phone, when Yan Zheke walked down from the school bus, she wasn't surprised to see that her mother was waiting at the ticket office.

Her mother's hair was in a bun, and she was wearing light makeup, with a white shirt, black suit, and five centimeter high heels, which pretty much shaped up her professional and mature business style. She shared some similarities with Yan Zheke, but her facial features weren't as delicate as her daughter's. Her eyebrows were too sharp and her nose wasn't prominent enough. She expressed a heroic spirit and was full of vigor.

"Mom, why did you wear this suit? I was thinking about taking our campus tour in BBF clothes!" Yan Zheke walked up and took her mother's hand, while smiling and acting very coquettish, she then nodded a greeting to the woman who was dressed in the same kind of business suit and standing next to her mother, "Hello aunt Liu, I feel that you're getting tougher and tougher!"

Aunt Liu was her mother's assistant and bodyguard, the daughter of grandfather's disciples, seven Pin of Dan stage.

"Ke has improved her communication skills." Liu Xiaolin answered with a smile.

Ji Mingyu patted her daughter's hand and said, "I finished my work in Qin Yang and I came here to visit you immediately. When would I have had time to change clothes? And considering my age, is it appropriate to dress in BBF uniform with you?"

She talked while watching the students who got off of the school bus.

"You don't look your age at all! When you wear your jeans, whiteboard shoes, and a loose sweater, you look like you're 30 something!" Yan Zheke grinned. She held her mother's arm and let out a cute humph. "Mom, you're here specifically to spy on me, right? Because you don't trust me."

You just called me yesterday to question me about the boyfriend thing and today you came here to visit me. If you pretend as if there is no correlation between these two things, how could you possibly endure your guilty conscience!

Ji Mingyu let her daughter lead her to the dormitory area, she smiled and said,

"It's because I don't trust myself."

"Huh?" Yan Zheke was stunned and looked at her mother.

What does that mean?

"You've had the same personality as me since you were a child." Ji Mingyu revealed with a gentle smile. "And I lied in front of your grandparents countless times, so I thought if my Ke has a crush on a boy, certainly she's willing to deceive us for him. So I come here to see if there is such a boy, at least I should know what kind of person he is, right?"

Yan Zheke felt a burst of guilt. "Is it true that no one knows a daughter better than her mother?'"

For a moment, she almost wanted to confess herself, but being cautious was more important. She intended to take Cheng to see her parents when she had confidence in the situation.

"I thought you came here because you missed me!" she said in a spoiled manner, switching the topic.

Ji Mingyu turned her head to look at her daughter, and replied to her with a smile, "Ke, you look better than the Spring Festival."

"Of course, with my special training every day, my body is stronger than ever." Yan Zheke clenched and bent her arms deliberately to show her "muscle". "And I participated in a Challenge Tournament last week. I think I fought to my full capacity very well. I even beat off an Amateur First Pin candidate! I didn't tell you before because I wanted to show you when the video was released."

After being re-edited, there wouldn't be any scene of their flirting with each other in the video anymore!

Ji Mingyu was surprised and said, "Then you have to participate in the next amateur Ranking Event. What level of Pin do you plan to sign up for?"

"Second Pin!" Yan Zheke replied proudly.

Ji Mingyu nodded slightly, and suggested,

"The special training of Martial Arts Club has helped you to improve a lot. Since your cousin is here as well, shall I invite all of the members from special training to dinner? And I'd like to meet the boy who pretended to be your boyfriend that day."

Yan Zheke was very frightened, her heart almost skipped a beat, and she replied hurriedly,

"Why do you want to see him? How embarrassing!"

The Queen Mother is too troublesome!

Martial Arts Master Chapter 173

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