Martial Arts Master Chapter 174

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Ji Mingyu said with a smile,

"Why're you embarrassed? I'm not inviting him alone... Since my daughter has bothered him, so it'll be okay for me to say thanks to him particularly when I treat all the members in special training. Is there any problems?"

"No problem, no problem... There was a big problem!" Yan Zheke felt very worried that her head almost exploded, so she racked her brain to say, "But mom, everyone has their own activities on weekends. So how can I gather them just by saying it? And, mom, haven't you said that you wanted to treat my roommates?"

"Yes, I'll treat your roommates this night and treat the group of people in the martial arts club tomorrow. And just after you finish your special training, so you needn't worry that you can't find them tomorrow."

As for the problem about where to stay tonight, it would be totally easy to find a good hotel in such a big Songcheng City.

At this moment, Yan Zheke yet was speechless and she felt that she still had less experience than her mother. She tried to control her panic and frustrating emotions and said as she looked up,

"Well, okay. I'll mention it to them during the special training tomorrow."

If I refused this plan again strongly, my mother would know that I had covered something. Why should I be afraid? It's just a meal. It'll be all right if I urge Qing and Senior Sister Lin to pass my words and tell Cheng to behave naturally!

As soon as she finished her words, Liu Xiaolin who stood next to her and always was quiet suddenly said, "Junior master, you have other arrangements tomorrow. You have to attend the signing ceremony in Qin Yang."

Liu Xiaolin was the daughter of Elder Senior Brother Ji Mingyu, so she called the mother of Yan Zheke junior master. However, she was only five years younger than Ji Mingyu and she also married a family friend of Yan Zheke's family. So, to some extent, Yan Zheke should call her aunt.

"Look at my terrible memory!" Ji Mingyu patted her forehead and said regretfully, "Ke, I'm sorry that I can't treat the members in your martial arts club who have special training."

"No need to feel regretful..." Yan Zheke silently released her tension, and then she suddenly realized that if she had been making excuses to prevent this thing, then it would probably have become a reality. Even her mother wouldn't mention anything about the signing ceremony!

Mother, you're really good at setting tricks!

"Well, you can treat them next time. Anyway, I haven't told them yet..." She said it lovely, and then changed the topic casually, "Mom, since you're so concerned about my teammates in the martial arts club, do you know something about our coach?"

Cheng has always been curious about the coach!

Ji Mingyu chuckled, "I've asked your grandfather about him. He only answered 'an old guy'."

"An old guy. It seems that our coach is really an expert of physical invulnerability in the same generation with my grandfather. But Coach Shi seems to have no relationship with my grandfather..." Yan Zheke thought for a while. Then she threw all the tricked set out of her mind and adjusted her mood so that she could continue to show her mother and aunt Liu the campus and chat with them.

Lou Cheng put his phone on the side after he went back to the dormitory for he was waiting for the good news of Yan Zheke. He also didn't play games with Cai Zongming and Zhao Qiang. He took out of his books and got down to review what he had learned before carefully.

The amount of knowledge you had learned in university was dozens of times more than the knowledge in high school. Usually, the teacher would teach dozens of pages in one large course. So if you weren't a talented student and you also only studied by listening to the teacher in classrooms and doing the homework, you would only master some main points roughly and manage to pass the exam meaninglessly.

Therefore, the university requires a higher standard of autonomous learning ability. Your grades would get worse and worse if you couldn't read by yourself, review by yourself, sum up the main points by yourself, and looked for the relevant reading material by yourself.

Lou Cheng was busy in martial arts training. He also had to go to classes both in the afternoon and at night. So he could go to the library with Yan Zheke only on the weekend. Because of that, he didn't master the learned knowledge so well and he found there was something new on every page he reviewed when he opened his book.

When he was obsessed with learning, it got dark outside. Suddenly his phone sent a humming sound and vibrated strongly.

"Was it the message from Ke?" Lou Cheng felt glad and put down the gel pen in his hand, but he did not dare to hold too much hope on it because this similar scene happened sometimes while the messages he received before were spam messages or the replies from Jiang Fei or Chen Qili.

As he picked up the phone, he saw the latest message directly on the screen even without unlocking the phone. And the message was:

Yan Zheke sent an emoji which was like setting off the firecrackers,

"I'm 'liberated'!"

"Has the inspection of my mother-in-law been over now?" Lou Cheng felt relieved. He felt so happy and he unlocked the phone. He quickly replied,

"So can I ask the fairy for a walk tonight?"

Yan Zheke stood in the school bus station and she almost had the impulse to cry as she was watching the bus which her mother and aunt Liu had taken driving out of the eastern gate of her school.

That's so hard!

However, didn't my mother leave too easily? Has she already believed me only by testing me twice?

Or did she do only incidentally because at first she wasn't very doubtful?

While she was confused and exhausted, she took out her cell phone and saw the reply. Then there was a slight smile on her face again. And she also felt relieved and happy.

"Okay~ But you have to wait another one hour. The 'fairy' is afraid of the 'Queen Mother' comes back again like a back thrust!"

"It looks like my 'fairy' has been frightened a lot by my mother-in-law..." Lou Cheng felt not only distressed but also funny when he saw this message. "It's good to wait for another one hour for I haven't eaten dinner yet."

Once the moon appeared above the willow, the people in love would date with each other. As soon as Lou Cheng saw that Yan Zheke came out of her dormitory, he heated for her and grabbed her hand immediately with fingers entwined.

"Let's take a walk along the lake?" He suggested with a smile because there were too many people around.

Yan Zheke stared at him for a while with her eyes shining like stars. She chuckled and said, "Don't you think of doing something bad!

It's night now!

And that's how I lost my first kiss!

Lou Cheng answered seriously, "I guarantee I won't do anything bad!"

Is making out with my girlfriend a bad thing?

They strolled to the lake with holding hands. Lou Cheng asked lovingly, "Are you tired this afternoon? Is to deal with the 'Queen Mother' very hard?"

"Yes, it is!" Yan Zheke nodded exaggeratedly. "I'm not bragging. If it's you, you would have betrayed yourself within three minutes!"

"Haha, is it so hard?" Lou Cheng couldn't believe so much.

Yan Zheke took out the right hand in her pocket and counted the reasons with her fingers. "First, the 'Queen Mother' has been in a relationship before and she's experienced. Second, she's a successful businesswoman with sharp eyes and strong mental aura. Third, my mom is so wise and she has a lot of tricked sets. Fourth, she gives birth to me and raises me up which means she knows me a lot..."

"You work so hard just now!" On one side, Lou Cheng felt that she was so cute when she behaved like that, and on the other side, he felt so pitiful for her hard work.

Yan Zheke tilted her face to look at Lou Cheng with aggrieved eyes. "Yes, I really do. So what would you do to comfort me~!"

Lou Cheng stared at her delicate pink lips and said,

"How about a kiss?"

"Humph, this is not comfort. Obviously, you want to take this opportunity to satisfy yourself!" Yan Zheke said shyly. She turned to the other side and said, "Cheng, answer me honestly, have you prepared a lot for the visit of the aquarium this afternoon?"

At that time, they walked to the devious place where there was nobody around and only with the light of road lamps shining on the ground.

"Not too much..." Lou Cheng answered humbly.

Yan Zheke turned around and stared at him with her beautiful and sparkling eyes. "Would you please let me have a look?"

Saw the girl reaching out lovely, Lou Cheng couldn't help but hand his phone over and unlock the screen to open the gallery. "I just download some pictures, and made some notes... or how about I set up a password by your fingerprint so that you won't have any trouble when you want to unlock my phone."

"Aren't you afraid that I'll find your secrets?" Yan Zheke looked over at him with a faint smile.

"In front of you, I have no secret." Lou Cheng answered a sweet sentence.

Yan Zheke chuckled and stopped walking. She looked down at the pictures downloaded by Lou Cheng. One, two, three... She looked through the pictures for a long time.

"So many pictures..." She whispered to herself and looked up at Lou Cheng. It seemed that the girl was touched to have tears in her eyes.

The girl quickly looked down and clicked the notebook in which she saw so much knowledge about marine life. And the knowledge was categorized and some of it was highlighted which looked just like the review notes she took before NCEE (National College Entrance Examination)!

Yan Zheke spoke nothing for a long time as she stared at the phone. Lou Cheng said with slight anxiety, "I looked for it online and didn't waste much time on it..."

Yan Zheke's hair hung down which covered a bit of her cheek. But Lou Cheng could still vaguely see the sweet dimple on her face.

"Cheng, I'm very happy..."

"Ah, what?" Lou Cheng stunned a little and didn't hear what she said clearly.

Yan Zheke looked up and grunted. "Just let it go if you didn't hear~"

Under the light of road lamp, her eyes turned slightly red.

Lou Cheng was not a fool, so he comprehended her tone and guessed that the girl must have been touched. He said with a laugh, "I heard that you want a kiss."

"Beh! Shameless! You big pervert!" Yan Zheke retorted upon him and turned to the other side with her pink cheek.

But when Lou Cheng grabbed her hand and pulled her to his side, she came softly like she had immediately lost her bones. She rested her head on his chest with her eyes half closed. Her eyelashes trembled lightly, her nose moved gently and her mouth opened slightly. She was so shy and looked like she was waiting for making out with Lou Cheng.

Lou Cheng was so excited and kissed her without thinking. He kissed her sweet lips and outlined her lips with his tongue. Sometimes he sucked her lips and sometimes he licked her lips.

After kissed for so many times, Yan Zheke wouldn't hold her breath when they were kissing. She breathed rapidly with her noses. And her smell was so good and fragrant that Lou Cheng loved it so much.

In accordance with the habit that testing once would do no harm, Lou Cheng again put his tongue into her mouth and counted her crystal white teeth. Then he tried to separate her teeth.

If the girl bit tightly, he would offer to stop it.

However, when his tongue touched her teeth, suddenly he felt that Yan Zheke stopped biting her teeth and opened her teeth slightly.

Hum! Lou Cheng felt that all the blood had come to his brain. He didn't mind being bitten and squeezed his tongue through the small gap. When he touched the delicate tongue of Yan Zheke, he felt the breathtakingly creamy touching.

Yan Zheke sent the thin and depressed voice and suddenly held Lou Cheng tightly with her hands.

Looking for it, chasing it, hooking with it...Lou Cheng was like a traveler who was thirsty for a long time, he was desperate to suck the sweetness in Yan Zheke's mouth and entangle with her clumsy delicate fragrant tongue.

He had no experience. But how to chase the good thing was an instinct.

At this moment, he completely forgot the surrounding environment and forgot the loss and tension during the daytime.

Not knowing how much time went by. When he finally held the tender and fragrant tongue and decided to pull it into his mouth, Yan Zheke suddenly whimpered a cry and pushed him away. Her mouth was bright and red with saliva on it.

Then she buried her red face in the shoulder of Lou Cheng and constantly panted.

"Pervert, pervert, you're a big pervert!"

Her right hand pounded on the back of Lou Cheng gently and constantly.

Lou Cheng seemed to have forgotten to breathe just now, so he gasped at that time and felt so happy and comfortable.

He said proudly, "If what you said is right, then all the husbands and the boyfriends are big perverts!"

I am proud to be a pervert to my beloved girlfriend!

"Well, I don't care. You're the number one big pervert!" Yan Zheke answered shyly. And suddenly, she cried out an "uh" confusedly, "What is touching me?"

Lou Cheng was so surprised but it was too late for him to hold his stomach in. Yan Zheke quickly lowered his head and saw the eye-catching 'tent'.

The kiss just now was so passionate that Lou Cheng felt that his "little brother" looked like a sword.

"This, this is..." He thought quickly so that he could think of some good excuses.

Yan Zheke just had the embarrassing feeling. She suddenly turned around and said shyly and annoyingly,


I'll never kiss you again!

Lou Cheng smiled embarrassedly and again held the girl into his arms. He explained seriously,

"If I don't have such reaction, you should be worried!"

"Well, anyway, you're a big pervert!" Yan Zheke did not struggle and answered 'angrily'.

Lou Cheng also recovered from embarrassment. As he hugged the girl and listened to her shy and cute answer, he was also smelling her fragrance and recalling the sweetness of her mouth. He even wanted to cry out to show the happiness within his heart.

After Yan Zheke's mother had dropped by, the relationship between Lou Cheng and her became closer during the next week. And Lou Cheng could successfully have a French kiss with her from time to time, so he was very happy during this whole week.

And he practiced harder and became peaceful again instead of being irritable. After feeling another two times of the cold state of Jindan (the Golden Elixir), he almost could control the real essence of the visualization.

It was slower than he expected, but still was kept in the normal range.

In a flash, it was Saturday morning. After Lou Cheng finished his morning tempering, he accompanied Yan Zheke and the others to the martial arts arena of Songcheng City.

This was the 1st Annual Amateur Ranking Event!

Songcheng Martial Arts Arena was very large and was departed into several quarters. There was a business circle around which was built for the audience and fighters who came here.

"What should I do, I'm a little nervous..." Yan Zheke held the hands of Lou Cheng and said pitifully.

Lou Cheng comforted her.

"Don't be afraid, the fighters who competing for the Amateur Second Pin were the fighters of the Amateur Third Pin. So you have lots of advantages!"

A few hundred meters away from them, there was a coffee shop which people could just see the entrance of the martial arts arena through its panoptic window.

And beside the panoptic window, Ji Mingyu with a black business suit held her coffee and silently looked at the couple who walked hand-in-hand.

Martial Arts Master Chapter 174

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