Martial Arts Master Chapter 270

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"Lou Cheng wins!"

Hearing the referee's declaration and watching Meng Jiefeng falling, Yan Zheke forgot all her reservations and worries. She hastily stood up, waving and subconsciously yelling with a flushed face.

Earlier in the match, her heartbeat was violent as her worries and tension piled up. She felt as if her boyfriend was being forced to walk along a dangerous edge, possibly failing with every move he made.

Now that the triumph came like the first sign of the dawn, all her suppressed emotions erupted as if they were driven by Force Concentration.

Cheng won!

Cheng won!

There was a mixture of relief, ecstasy, pride, and excitement circling in her mind like a storm. That feeling lasted for a long time.

After the first outbreak of emotion, Yan Zheke calmed down and came to her senses. She subconsciously turned towards Lou Cheng's family and friends, worried that they noticed her lapse in behavior and found out about her relationship with Lou Cheng.

"He won!"

Though she did not quite understand martial arts competitions, Qi Fang relished in the breathtaking atmosphere earlier and noticed the silence and depression of Jiang Fei and the rest. Now that her heartbeat had slowed to a normal pace, a rare excitement burst in her.

No one paid attention to her abnormal manner since they were all overjoyed. As expected, Cao Lele and Qi Yunfei were yelling to vent their emotions, but even Lou Zhisheng was waving his fist with the others, his wire-rimmed glasses askew.

"He wins!"

"He wins!"

"Cheng (Brother Lou Cheng) wins!"

When Yan Zheke saw the reactions of Lou Cheng's cheerleaders and the cameras that were still focused on the arena, she sighed with relief knowing her excitement had gone unnoticed.

She found a nearby Gu Shuang joining the Mexican wave, yelling.

"Lou Cheng! Lou Cheng!"

Gu Shuang only noticed the eyes of her two close friends on her after a long while. She shrugged and stuck her tongue out in embarrassment.

"The fight was so tense breathtaking. I'm also excited."

Thanks to the contagious atmosphere in the stadium, she temporarily forgot to behave like a lady.

"Then let's continue the wave!" Yan Zheke took the girl's hand in hers and wave forward together.

"Lou Cheng wins!"

Lou Cheng stopped and let out a long breath when he heard the referee, immersing himself in relaxation and joy.

This match truly made him relive the tense experience of having to be cautious or be killed within a few moves with Qiu Lin.

But there were still differences between the two matches. When he fought Qiu Lin, everything was still within his grasp despite her unexpected performance at the stage of Lotus Step and Buddha Voice making things complicated. As per Ke's words, he was still in control. But in this match, Lou Cheng was passive throughout. The situation worsened when he was thrown out with Raise Force. It seemed as if he had been toeing the line between success and failure, where the smallest mistake in his judgment and reaction would stop him at the gate of semifinals.

It was both a test for his actual combat abilities and a measure of his present realm.

If he had not already reached the real Danqi state, he would not have been able to use Force Concentration in time mid-air smoothly. It could stop him from making successive bursts against the law of nature and human body.

Realizing he had learned so much from his past matches, Lou Cheng was loosening up his muscles when he saw Meng Jiefeng struggling to get up.

"You're good enough to reach the top 4."

"I won't be modest about that." Meng Jiefeng gasped, a trace of dizziness still in his eyes. He held back his urge to vomit with difficulty. "Too bad I met an abnormal guy like you."

If Lou Cheng's stamina was a little weaker, thus leaving him a brief respite in the last wave of Tremor Punch, Meng Jiefeng would have used all his remaining strength to make another Headache Sound.

He, unfortunately, had not seen any trace of exhaustion from Lou Cheng until now.

If only he had reached the level of Seventh Pin, he would have been able to make another Headache Sound as soon as he began falling. If that happened, the outcome would have been different.

Lou Cheng could not read minds nor could he hear the 'what ifs' in Meng Jiefeng's mind. He could only follow up on their conversation. "Everybody has their strengths. Though my stamina is superior and I can make an endless amount of successive bursts, haven't you mastered the sonic attack skill of Plague Sect? If I learned that, you wouldn't stand a chance at all."

Perhaps it was his excitement and joy after a difficult battle. Lou Cheng did not leave after just exchanging few words as usual. He had become a talker this time.

"That's right, that's right... " Shaking the 'what ifs' out of his mind, Meng Jiefeng kneaded his temples. "Cold Wind Force isn't as simple as you think. Take a hot bath when you go back. Remember not to sleep with the air-conditioner on. Don't blame me if you catch a cold tomorrow out of carelessness."

No wonder it was called Flu Virus… The unique skills of Plague Sect were disgusting… Lou Cheng cupped his fist in greeting.

"Thank you."

They turned around and left the arena in different directions.

"He won!"

In the living room of Lou family's house, Lou Yuanwei placed one hand on his chest, finding his maniacally beating heart. He almost felt like he could not endure the sensation.

Too exciting, too exciting, this match was too exciting! Fortunately, Cheng finally won! Taking several deep breaths, Lou Yuanwei recalled something and turned to look beside him.

The game was thrilling enough that it was hard to endure for a young man like him. What if it brought on a heart attack to his aged grandparents?

While he was worrying, he noticed grandpa's ruddy face. The latter asked him a question, looking confused.

"He won?"

"He won!" Lou Yuanwei gave a positive answer.

"Good, good, good!" Lou Debang and his wife once again picked up the phone to call their relatives and friends. They soon basked in praise as Lou Cheng's achievement spread through the telephone line.

Wang Lili cast a complaining glance at Lou Zhiqiang. "It's all your fault! Why couldn't Cheng win the game? Quick! Call Old Xin and the rest to win back some face."

"The match is already over, what's the use of calling them now? Do you want them to watch the reruns?" Lou Zhiqiang stubbornly refused to admit his fault.

In the QQ group of Lou Cheng's senior year classmates.

Wang Jie, who used to be Lou Cheng's deskmate, sent an emoji with an inscrutable smile. "God, I feel like I've lived a fake senior year and had a fake deskmate!"

"Me too… " Jiang Fei replied with a sweating emoji. "Maybe I've been living in a fake world since I knew Cheng."

Tong Hua, Du Liyu's ex-deskmate, sent an emoji snapping its fingers. "I remember now! In last our class reunion before the New Year Festival, Lou Cheng said he made progress in martial arts and was already a young swordsman, right? So it's true! Oh yeah, he also said he quit drinking and smoking for kung fu, even arguing with Saudi Arabian over that. I didn't believe in him then, but now it's proven to be true!"

"Stop talking about me! We never argued!" Tao Xiaofei replied with an emoji throwing itself at Tong Hua's feet. "I'm now wholeheartedly serving Brother Lou. I feel so much pride!"

Students who had been quiet lurkers appeared one after another to discuss Lou Cheng's match excitedly. A classmate of theirs had become a celebrity just one year after senior year. What an awesome person!

"I was almost frightened to death!" Wu Ting said in a panicked voice, holding Zhang Qiufan's hand after venting her excitement.

Zhang Qiufan raised her head proudly. "I wasn't frightened at all. I always believed Sir Lou would win!"

"Your knowledge of martial arts is shallow and you haven't broadened your horizons yet. I've already experienced a lot including all kinds of shocks and dreadful things, but I'm still in favor of Sir Lou. See the gap between our realms?" Wu Ting delivered a speech that stunned both Zhang Qiufan and Yao Ruiwei, as if she was telling the truth.

Secretly glancing at her dad Wu Qinggui and uncle Wei Renjie, Wu Ting found them in an indescribable silence, where they were at loss of words.

The greatest shock was usually quiet.

Stepping down the stone steps, Lou Cheng turned his gaze to the stands and pretended to wave to his parents. He was looking at Yan Zheke who sat in the front row.

"Lou Cheng, we meet again." Wu Wei blocked his path. "Congratulations! You've made it to the top 4 and achieved your goal!"

"Thank you," Lou Cheng responded politely, withdrawing his gaze.

Wu Wei smiled. "Do you have a new goal for tomorrow's match?"

She was trapping him with her words.

"Nothing specific. I'll fight in each match with all my might and apply all that I've learned. I'll see what works. If it works, I'll see what's its advantage. If it doesn't, then I'll find out why it doesn't... " Lou Cheng was still stuck in his talker state.

There was nothing worth reporting… Complaining to herself, Wu Wei smiled and asked, "We all noticed that you became stiff twice in the battle with a painful expression. Was it because of Meng Jiefeng's unique skills of Plague Sect? What did you feel then?"

"That's right. It should be the inaudible sonic attack skill of Plague Sect. As for my feelings, I experienced a head-splitting headache," said Lou Cheng, reviewing the battle.

After questioning several details of the match, Wu Wei raised her eyebrows and smiled. "Lou Cheng, have you heard about the scoop? About your in-match communication with Qiu Lin."

"Yes, I have." Lou Cheng knew the reporters would not let go of this.

"What do you think? Many are saying it's unfair." Wu Wei raised a skillful question. The unfairness may refer to the Committee's suppressing Lou Cheng or Lou Cheng not drawing Zhang Zhutong or Han Zhifei for this round, making it unfair for other fighters.

Lou Cheng thought for a moment before answering.

"I believe in the fairness of the Committee's drawing process. Always."

He did not say much this time. He felt it would easier for people to criticize him the more he said.

Was this the struggle of fame?

On the other side, Yan Zheke was now seated and listening to her boyfriend's interview, as if she was experiencing his feelings.

Frowning, she took out her phone and browsed Lou Cheng's fan forum, where many people were quarreling.

On one side were Eternal Nightfall, Brahman, and Unparalleled Dragon King venting their joy and excitement using all the means, like sending cute emojis, behaving crazily, analyzing and congratulating Lou Cheng for successfully making it to the top 4. On the other side, many were still cursing with increasingly poisonous attitudes.

"Look! He reached the top 4 with unacknowledged kung fu!"

"If he hadn't drawn that Meng Jiefeng as opponent, that Lou nobody wouldn't have made the top 4!"

"He even said he believed in the Committee's drawing result. What a hypocrite! He's even worse than a crook!"

"Damn it! Nice guys finish last, bad guys always win!"

Eternal Nightfall could no longer contain her anger after the quarrel. She replied, "You, can't you use your eyes or ears? That grandpa guest said Meng Jiefeng had mastered the sonic attack skill of Plague Sect and was at the level of top 4!"

Though she was baring her fangs and brandishing her claws, she still lacked experience in attacking other people's weaknesses, thus making her seem weak.

"So what? They're just saying that!"

Seeing those on her side struggling to counterattack even as Brahman and the rest joined in, Yan Zheke clenched her teeth, feeling a sudden urge to do something for Lou Cheng.

Cheng should not be shouldering these things…

In the following matches, Zhang Zhutong defeated a non-seeded player, while Han Zifei defeated the second-seeded player and Liu Xunzhen defeated the eighth-seeded player. As the audience began leaving the stadium, Yan Zheke arrived at a nearby parking lot with Gu Shuang and Xing Jingjing with a worried expression.

She raised her head, as if she had made up her mind.

"Shuang Shuang, send me to Cheng."

"What?" Gu Shuang felt so confused. "Isn't he fighting in the semi-finals tomorrow?"

"What on earth are you thinking!" Yan Zheke chewed her lower lip, both amused and vexed. "There's something I want to tell him."

"Can't you use QQ or call him?" Gu Shuang frowned in confusion.

Yan Zheke shook her head. "I want to tell him face to face."

"Alright… " Gu Shuang gave in since she knew Ke was too stubborn for her to change her mind.

Returning to his hotel room, Lou Cheng turned off the air-conditioner and was about to go to bed when he saw Ke's text.

"I'm outside the door."

"Eh? Outside?" Lou Cheng was baffled into speechlessness.

Ke was supposed to be resting in Gu Shuang's home. Why was she here?

Could it be... Lou Cheng could not help thinking something was off. An idea occupied his mind and caused his throat to dry.

He still has the semi-finals and finals tomorrow…

Oh, forget the competitions!

This competition was not the only Challenge Tournament around!

Running towards the door, he felt something was weird this time. Ke's usual brisk tone was missing in her text earlier.

Was she here for something else? Still confused, he opened the door. His girlfriend was wearing a chiffon shirt, making her look elegant in the dim light.

He stepped aside and let her in. Closing the door, Lou Cheng was about to say something when Yan Zheke spoke first as she looked down at her toes.

"Cheng, do you know the scoop? Have you seen the quarrels in your forum?"

"Yeah, why?" Lou Cheng asked, looking puzzled.

Yan Zheke took a deep breath and lightly bit her lips. "I, I, I was the one who got someone to publish the scoop. I was worried that they're really suppressing you… "

She exhaled as if she freed herself from something heavy.

Since it had come to this, she did not want to conceal anything from Cheng.

"What?" Lou Cheng froze.

He recalled his conversation with Meng Jiefeng, in which he claimed with a clear conscience that he had nothing to do with the scoop and hype.

So it was the Committee who deliberately prevented him from drawing Zhang Zhutong or Han Zhifei to prevent suspicion?

That was so unfair to the other fighters…

He knew Ke had done all this purely for him and it did move him. But he could not help having some other feelings about it.

Yan Zheke cast a glance at him. "What's wrong, Cheng?"

Seeing his girlfriend ask the question timidly, Lou Cheng hastened to reply. "No, no."

Casanova's instructions came to his mind. Communication with a girl required good attitude. For starters, a compliment...

Pausing to choose his words carefully, Lou Cheng continued, "Actually I'm very moved. You've done so much for me and I know you have the best of intentions, but… "

"But what?" Yan Zheke breathed a secret sigh of relief.

"But can you please consult me first when you want to do something important like this next time? Ask for my opinion?" Lou Cheng hurried to add, "I don't mean you've done something wrong. I just dislike the feeling of being kept in the dark."

This way, he could stop her in time.

"Okay," Yan Zheke said. "I'm here because I don't want to hide it from you… Maybe I'm used to making my own decisions and haven't developed the habit of consulting you yet. I'll, I'll work hard to change... "

She realized they needed to discuss things openly and frequently talk to each other to get along with each other well. Instead of keeping everything to themselves, they should learn to consult each other before taking action.

It would be uncomfortable at first, but it was a necessary price to pay for a good relationship.

"I'll do the same." Lou Cheng no longer struggled about what had happened.

Even if he did not want it to, it had already happened...

Yan Zheke suddenly hissed in irritation. "Hope you'll keep it in mind! Will you take action without asking for my opinion when you encounter someone like Wang Xu in the future?"

"No, I won't do it again!" Lou Cheng hurried to make a promise.

How long ago was that incident? Why was she still talking about it?

Who was the one who came to apologize...

Martial Arts Master Chapter 270

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