Martial Arts Master Chapter 395

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In the Song Cheng University Martial Arts Club locker room.

After watching the match between Capital and Guoyang University, Geezer s.h.i.+ clapped his hands to attract the members' attention. He coughed a little and said, "You don't need to go out for a midnight snack to celebrate that we made the final four tonight. You should go to bed early and do your exercises as usual. In three days, the semi-finals will start."

Speaking of this, he laughed,

"I know that you guys are not tired at all. I only want to warn you to stay focused and serious. You need to stop being so mellow, because this time you are going to fight with Capital."

Hearing what Geezer s.h.i.+ said, Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke looked at each other and both of them realized that the great war was coming. They felt nervous but excited.

"Yes, Sir (coach)!" All the members answered him in unison and began to think about the upcoming night.

This match would determine whether they could win the champions.h.i.+p or whether they would need to acc.u.mulate their energy so as to try next time!

On the way back to their hotel, they changed their discussion from "how to defeat Jinfeng University easily" to how to deal with the match with Capital College Martial Arts Club. All of them talked with excitement, so the atmosphere on the bus became very animated.

When they were about to reach the hotel, Yan Zheke suddenly covered her mouth and let out a chuckle as she thought of Ren Li's Kung Fu. Lou Cheng looked at her in surprise.

"What's wrong?"

Why did she think Ren Li's Kung Fu was so funny?

"I was just thinking about something funny that happened," Yan Zheke answered him in a slight tone. Then she jumped off the bus and stood at the entrance of the hotel.

"Like what?" Lou Cheng smiled and watched her every movement. He walked behind her at a steady pace.

This attracted Cai Zongming's attention. He whispered to Li Mao, "Look at Cheng, how can he smile like thiat? d.a.m.n, even I can see the sweet love in his smile!"

With envy, Li Mao, who was still single, said, "I want to have a girlfriend to whom I can give a sweet smile to. Ay, Talker, you have no reason to complain. You behave the same way in front of your girlfriend!"

"No, actually, in front of my girlfriend, I need to smile humbly..." Cai Zongming said with his hands outstretched. "Normal people like you will never understand my aesthetics and my special tastes."

At that moment, Yan Zheke looked up and said with a sweet smile, "Isn't Kongtong School famous for having the Wind Sect as its basis and owning part of the Plague Sect?"

"Yes," Lou Cheng confirmed.

"But they only own part of the Plague Sect and lack the most important thing. The forefathers of Kongtong School tried to mix it together with the Wind Sect and create new moves. They used the killer move Road to Death, one of the Plague Sects' physical invulnerability moves, to create many strange moves." Yan Zheke shared these funny stories with Lou Cheng while walking into the hotel hall, holding his hand.

"How strange are they?" Lou Cheng asked with interest.

"Well, for example, some forefathers of Kongtong School who mastered these strange moves have been given several interesting nicknames, such as 'Humanoid Biochemical Weapon', 'Walking Gas Bomb', 'International Convention Ban', 'Physical Invulnerability of Ma.s.s Destruction'..." As Yan Zheke was saying these names, she wanted to laugh. "It seemed that our country will make an official and solemn announcement that we will never use Kongtong School's fighters of physical invulnerability."

Lou Cheng was shocked by what she said. After a long time, he said, "This is quite horrible... Fortunately, Ren Li has not reached the inhuman level. Even though she had the chance to learn these strange moves, she still hasn't mastered them yet."

Yan Zheke pursed her lips and smiled with her beautiful dimples. "Little boy, you don't need to worry about this. Because these strange moves contain strong murderous characteristics, the fighters who've mastered these could easily hurt innocent people. Kongtong School is strict with the teaching of these moves and only allows the direct descendants, disciples, and elders who have pa.s.sed through many experiments and have a good character to practice them. So these moves are barely seen, even in top matches. Or I would have said 'those nicknames are horrible' rather than 'they are funny'."

"They rarely appear in the top matches, no wonder I don't know them ..." Lou Cheng suddenly understood.

Talking and laughing together, they entered the elevator and came to the floor where they lived.

BEEP! Yan Zheke swiped her room card to open the door. Just as she was about to close the door, she suddenly turned and looked at Lou Cheng through the gap with her bright eyes and sweet smile.

"Do you want to watch the Capital videos with me tonight?"

Lou Cheng's blood boiled when he received such an invitation. He was so excited that he wanted to open the door and hold his fairy in his arms and kiss her with pa.s.sion. However, he recalled his master's warning and recalled the coming of the great war. He was a little hesitant because he still needed to stay focused, keep calm, and make full preparations.

While stuck in his temporary hesitation, he saw a knowing look in Yan Zheke's eyes. Then she said in a happy tone,

"It seems that you don't want to. Forget it."

Before she finished her words, she closed the door as quickly as she could because she had prepared a lot for this moment. She was so proud of what she had done.

At that moment, Lou Cheng suddenly realized she had been tricking him. She was very sure that Lou Cheng would consider the match with Capital and his master's warning because of his strong character, although he would certainly hesitate. Which meant that from the very beginning, she had never planned to let Lou Cheng come in her room!

"You actually know how to turn me on! You can even trick me now!" Lou Cheng took out his phone and sent her this message with an exclamation point to express his surprise.

"Hey..." Yan Zheke responded him quickly and continued to say, "I only dare to turn you on when you are unable to do s.e.xual things to me~"

"Who told you this? Who said 'don't you want to kiss me?' in front of the door?" Lou Cheng ridiculed her.

He had understood a fact for a long time. It was not enough for you to blindly please the girls or say sweet things when you were getting along with them. You needed to make fun of them or tease them from time to time to increase intimacy.

"Forget it! I never said that!" Yan Zheke replied to him, annoyed.

I took so much courage to take the initiative and flirt with you once. How dare you laugh at me! Hmmm, I won't do anything intimate with you in the future!

Lou Cheng had achieved his goal, so he changed the topic. "Can you guess what I am thinking now?"

Yan Zheke sent him the "rolling eyes" emoji and said, "You are thinking that if I dare to flirt with you next time, you won't hesitate? Well, there will be no next time!"

"No." Lou Cheng snickered. "I am thinking about whether should I break in and how much I would have to pay the hotel for the broken door!"

Never mind the door, even the wall cannot stop me!

Yan Zheke replied to him with burning anger. "Go home and sleep right now!"

"Well, okay." After they flirted with each other for a while longer, Lou Cheng returned to his room. He took a bath and lied on the bed. While chatting with Yan Zheke, he also started looking through the news on the forum, websites, and Weibo. Occasionally, he needed to reply to Talker or Fatty Jiang's messages.

At this moment, the official lottery website of Weibo announced the latest odds regarding the semi-final between Capital and Songcheng University:

Capital, 1-1.3 (including Songcheng University, 1-1.5 (including

The odds were quite close. However, the Capital's odds of winning were slightly lower than Songcheng University's, which indicated that the public thought there was more of a possibility they would win.

"It looks fairly reasonable ..." Lou Cheng looked through and then began to read the game a.n.a.lysis and predictions from famous martial arts commentators.

Three Gentlemen of Chen said,

"Lin Que is stronger than Chen Diguo, but Yan Zheke is clearly weaker than Jiang Jingfeng and Jiang Kongchan. So the final result to a large extent will be determined by Lou Cheng and Ren Li. If Lou Cheng can defeat Ren Li and consume some of Chen Diguo's stamina, Lin Que can save more stamina to fight with Jiang Jingfeng or Jiang Kongchan. So even though he would still lose, he could consume his opponent's stamina as much as possible so that Yan Zheke could have more hope to win the match. After all, both Jiang Jingfeng and Jiang Kongchan are only fighters of Eighth Pin and have no supernatural abilities."

"If Ren Li wins, she will consume Lin Que's stamina in advance. Under this condition, when he confronts Chen Diguo of normal Professional Ninth Pin later, he will probably be defeated if he makes a careless mistake. Even though he could win the match, he would feel exhausted and have little stamina left to fight with Jiang Jingfeng and Jiang Kongchan. They could then save more stamina to fight with Yan Zheke. The result will be very obvious if their mentality stays normal and they can perform as well as usual."

"So, Lou Cheng or Ren Li? Who will win the match? Lou Cheng has become a really powerful fighter at the top of Professional Sixth Pin, while Ren Li hasn't shown her current strength yet. But we are sure that she is in the level of top Sixth Pin, maybe she has even almost reached Inhuman now. "

"There seems to be no difference between their strengths from this perspective. But another aspect is that Ren Li knows Lou Cheng very well, while Lou Cheng isn't familiar with Ren Li's abilities. I think that Ren Li will win by a narrow margin and Capital will advance in the final round!"

All-knowing Man in Ganghood wrote a short sentence:

"The odds: Ren Li has a 60% possibility of winning, while Lou Cheng has 40%. Capital wins!"

Superst.i.tous Belief is Bad posted the same thing:

"The bench fighters of Songcheng University are too weak to beat members of Capital?"

"Yes, his cursing words sound all right ..." Lou Cheng laughed and was about to look through the comments about this on Weibo when Yan Zheke sent him a link to an interview. "Watch it now. It's an interview with Ren Li after the match!"

"Eh ..." Lou Cheng clicked to open it and began to watch carefully.

On the screen, Ren Li wore a cute haircut and stood in front of the reporters like a doll. She was of medium height.

"Today I will ask you three questions, but none of them are about the match," said the reporter who was obviously familiar with Ren Li.

"Okay." Ren Li nodded slightly.

"First of all, everyone is really curious about why you chose to enter the university instead of obeying what Kongtong School had arranged for you and partic.i.p.ated in the professional compet.i.tions step by step since you are not like Peng Leyun, who was obsessed with physics." The reporter questioned her with great interest.

Ren Li opened her mouth slightly and looked up while saying,

"My parents are university professors. If I don't get a bachelor's degree, I would feel like I'm illiterate and have a gap with them. In addition, the more knowledge I have, the more martial arts I can comprehend by a.n.a.logy."

"Oh, it turns that you were born into an intellectual family," the reporter praised her. "The second question: I heard that you always behave with confusion in your daily life, especially that you are extremely terrible with directions."

Ren Li unconsciously pouted and answered him with a slightly aggrieved tone,

"They always say that I'm often in the state of 'Who am I?', 'Where am I?', and 'What am I doing?' But I think that one person's energy is limited, so he can only concentrate on two or three things in his whole life. As for other aspects, just let them go... "

"Haha, why, I sense a helpless feeling in your words." The reporter laughed. "The third question is: what do you think of the match between you and Lou Cheng? Who will achieve victory?"

"From the perspective of strength, it's hard to tell. Both of us can win. So the person who can fight better on the spot will win," Ren Li replied honestly.

The reporter shook her head and said, "No, you are wrong. You have not exposed your killing move in this national compet.i.tion. You have some advantages in this aspect!"

Ren Li looked at her helplessly as if saying, "Don't expose my secret."

There were many comments on the video sliding across the screen. All of them were to the effect of, "Wow, so cute", "She is so cute", "Ren Li, I will always support you", "I support you in beating Lou Cheng!

While watching the video, Lou Cheng felt angry but amused. He was looking forward to the next semi-final more and more.

Of course, before this match, there was one more thing for him to do. He had to watch the match between Peng Leyun and Ann Chaoyang so he could learn Peng Leyun's current strengths!

Martial Arts Master Chapter 395

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