Martial Inverse Chapter 102

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Chapter 102 – Three aspects

"This time, although your strength has greatly improved, it is not necessarily only a good thing for you, therefore you must master it as soon as possible!"

Having said this, Old Fen stopped the smile on his face as he put on a serious look.

"En, I understand!"

Just now, operating the Wu Yuan in his body did not feel easy to Feng Hao. Even though he now possesses the strength, it felt very stiff.

"En, you understanding is good."

Hearing what was said, Old Fen's raised his eyebrows, only then did he show a satisfied smile. Evidently, regarding Feng Hao's performance, he was already satisfied with.

"Hehe, that's the truth after all."

Shrugging, Feng Hao smiled.

"Alright, have a try on your yi crystal attribute's power, this is the first attribute that you have received!"

Smiling and nodding, Old Fen spoke.


Hearing this, on Feng Hao's face it was difficult to wipe and conceal the excitement. Slowly rubbing his two palms together, he closed his eyes as his mind was immersed inside his body to send out commands.

As he transmitted his commands, the Wu Yuan vortex in his body at the same time reacted. He could see that Wu Yuan directly poured in the yi core, after that the yi core faintly trembled and in an instant cold energy strands violently surged out.

The cold energy burst out from the yi core then went along the meridians within the body flowing rapidly. After a blink of an eye, it entered the meridians in the arms.

Inside the cave, the tightly closed eyes of Feng Hao suddenly opened. Cold mist energy flashed in his eyes, his clenched fists quickly spread out; on the palms emerged a light: "Go!"

After Feng Hao's shout fell, his left hand slightly s.h.i.+vered then cold energy instantly poured out, quickly wrapping around his palm.

Within the cold cave, the delicate youth with his spine stood straight. His palms slightly spread out, above a tumbling layer of cold mist energy lingered, it gave a distinct shocking feeling.

Eyes closely watching the Wu Yuan on the palm, sensing the strong attack ability within the ice attribute, Feng Hao's mouth raised showing a radiant smile. A moment later, his smile expanded even further as a chuckle came from his throat. Then, as more time pa.s.sed his light laughter finally turned into full blown loud laughter, "Haha!… I, Feng Hao, finally have an attribute! Haha!"

Laughter rang out from the deep cave, Hua Yuntian's upright body suddenly became stiff. He quickly turned around, looking at the dark entrance, his face became sluggish. His mouth unconsciously murmured, "Succeeded?"

Then, in his eyes welled up an indescribable shock.

An ordinary physique with no attribute unexpectedly refined an ice attribute yi crystal, he actually succeeded!

"How could it be?"

His eyes were flas.h.i.+ng, he shook his head, apparently he could not believe this fact. For a long time he was unable to calm down.

"Maybe he is the only freak in this world!"

Softly saying this, on Hua Yuntian's face hung being shocked and stunned.

Inside the cave, seeing Feng Hao carried away from the excitement, Old Fen faintly smiled. He did not say anything. This youth, from a small age was under constant abuse from insults, he was misunderstood. Under this repressive state, today he was finally able to get his wish. He untied a heart know he had for a long time, letting him vent his emotions was a very good thing.

The high pitched laughter lasted for a long time, then it finally gradually fell.

With his mouth forming a smile, Feng Hao looked at the top of his palm. Looking at the lingering mist, his heart was not extremely happy.

The appearance of the Wu Yuan was no different from ordinary Wu Yuan, however, this one was distinctively cold. Evidently, this was due to the cold energy within the mist. The cold moving air caused the surrounding ambient temperature to rapidly decline. He tightly clenched his palms into a fist, there were ripples visible to the naked eye resulting into a somewhat blurry sight.

Holding tightly on his mist covered fist, Feng Hao exhaled a deep breath. The moment after, his fist became like an arrow as it rapidly smashed towards the wall. The fist with the cold energy mercilessly smashed forward.


The fist directly smashed on the hard rock, extremely fierce and cold energy instantaneously burst out. Suddenly, a dull noise spread out as a web of cracks appeared with the fist as the center. It rapidly grew, and in just a blink of an eye it spread over the entire wall.


Slowly taking a deep breath, taking a look at the breaking wall in front his delicate face grinned as he drew back his arm.

A moment after he drew back, the wall covered with cracks immediately emitted a rumbling noise. Rock splashed and collapsed, on the rubble was a faint layer of frost.

Looking at the frosted rocks on the ground, Feng Hao casually shook his arm and said with some surprise: "Right, this yi crystal energy is really scary, if this. .h.i.ts a person… heihei!"

"This is the intensity coming from an attributed energy attack, it is indeed several times stronger than coming from ordinary Wu Yuan!"

Exclaiming his praise, Feng Hao's cold energy covered palm slowly converged back into his body. Checking the situation in his body once again, his eyebrows raised: "After the strike, the Wu Yuan in the body barely had any reduction. This means that after Yan Jue evolved, not only did the amount of Wu Yuan increased, the recovery speed was also greatly enhanced."


Hearing those words, Old Fen continued to smile, "You guessed it right, the higher the grade of a secret art, the Wu Yuan improves in three aspects: the amount, the recovery speed, and the operating speed!"


Listening to the words of Old Fen, Feng Hao's face was filled with joy. Regarding these three aspects, his heart was deeply moved.

A high or low secret art could determine a person's achievement, this was absolute.

For two strong experts at the same stage in a confrontation, the volume of Wu Yuan and recovery speed would be decisive. As for the operating speed, it affected a person's speed in advancement.

Martial Inverse Chapter 102

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