Martial Inverse Chapter 103

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Chapter 103 – Hidden cultivation

Seeing Feng Hao finish venting, Old Fen once again made things clear then returned within the ring


Feng Hao exhaled a long breath, sweeping his gaze around, he saw the blood stained Medicine Master robe. He could not help but smile wryly and shake his head. He put on clean clothes then slowly headed outside.

Hua Yuntian standing there watched the youth walk out, seeing him stretch his body he slowly relaxed.


Although he already knew the result, Hua Yuntian could not help but ask.


Meeting his gaze, Feng Hao faintly nodded, his face still having a hint of a happy expression.

"Hu… hu…"

Hearing the answer, Hua Yuntian's chest fiercely heaved up and down several times. His breathing also became very rushed.

He really accomplished it!

At this time, no words could describe Hua Yuntian's emotions. This youth once again created a miracle.

Suns.h.i.+ne s.h.i.+ning down, it shed light on the face of the youth. From the eyes of this young man, Hua Yuntian saw stubborness, persistence, and unwavering determination!

The scene fell silent, and in the silence Feng Hao swept his gaze towards the magic beast mountain range. Listening to the beastly roars, his eyes could not help but go bright.

This is the place to seek experience!

"Old Hua, if you don't mind, how about staying here?"

Turning his head, Feng Hao said to Hua Yuntian.

The heat poison in Hua Yu Tian’s body has deeply eroded his body, long medication is needed for it to be completely eradicated. This time would be very long, it would need years.


Hua Yuntian chuckled as his heart flew with grat.i.tude, with a smile he said, "If that's what the great master thinks!"

He had spent a large amount of resources to hire a high level black ranked Medicine Master, however that person's arrogance was truly nasty and excessive. Even when unable to cure the poison, half of the payment was still taken away. Right now, the youth before his eyes in comparison was like the difference between the heaven and earth.

As a result, the two stayed in the magic beast mountain range.

Feng Hao everyday would find each and every level magic beast within the magic beast mountain range to practice. This had two benefits, first, he had more mastery on the soaring energy within his body. Second, there was naturally the beast meat that gave the heat energy. He also inadvertently asked Hua Yuntian, however he also did not know anything about it. This caused Feng Hao to be puzzled regarding the source of the heat energy.

In the pitch-black rainy night, boundless rain fell on the mountainous forest with the wind carrying the sounds of squealing. Occasionally, in the sky above thunder sounded out causing a rumbling noise that echoed in the mountains.

In the dark sky above, lightning and thunder flashed as noise continuously echoed out. The dazzling silver light once a while would s.h.i.+ne the dark mountains as if it was daylight.

On a steep cliff of a mountain, a figure was standing on the tall rock. The figures face was expressionless as it stared at the thunder and lightning from the sky. His body was bolt upright like an ash gray pine tree, towering above the overhanging cliff. Even though the sound of thunder rioted the world, the person was majestically motionless, tranquil and lofty.


Together with lightning and thunder coming straight from the sky, the incomparably dark clouds seemed to be split into two halves. Although it was only for an instant, the image was deeply imprinted in the eyes of the youth.

The youth stood in the wind and rain not uttering a word, he only silently looked up at the sky. His entire mind was engrossed at the scene.

In the depths of his mind, he played the picture over and over again, In a trance, his eyes increasingly became fierce as a surge of momentum burst out from his body.

"Shocking Thunder Cut!"

Slightly tyrannical words came from the youth's mouth. His originally still body suddenly moved. The ball of the foot on the rock, he soared high up. As the lightning fell, a palm was raised above and blade like Wu Yuan quickly formed.


The palm emitted a sharp sound as it directly went towards an ancient tree hacking downwards. The speed as fast as lightning, a bright light flashed in an instant then Feng Hao's two legs heavily dropped into the mud.


He took a deep breath and turned towards the cave.


After he turned around, on the meter and a half diameter ancient tree appeared a small crack. It rapidly grew bigger, and after a moment, the whole tree was incredibly split in half with the two sides collapsed on the ground with a thud.

Hearing the sound, Feng Hao did not turn back, His mouth formed a faint smile as he raised his hands to greet Hua Yuntian towards the entrance.

"Not bad!"

Looking at the walking young man, Hua Yuntian squinted his eyes as his mouth was not stingy uttering words of praise.

This past few months, he has long been numb to the shocking feats of this youth. He could now say that he completely believes that there is nothing in this world that this youth cannot do!"

However, looking at the distant collapsed ancient tree, his mouth still could not help but twitch a few times.

Is this something a 14 year old really can do? Such kind of power, did it really come from a Martial Master?

Seeing it with his own eyes, although he was unwilling to believe his eyes, he knew the truth. This young man, he was a living little monster!


Coming to the entrance of the cave, Feng Hao slightly tilted his head to take a glance on the big ancient tree not far away. He chuckled and took a deep breath, his delicate face rose into a smile as he asked, "Old Hua what do you think?"

This attack can be said to be his current strongest blow. The past ten months, he did not rush his advancement in cultivation, he has been firmly stabilizing himself again and again. With his middle step Martial Master cultivation plus his essence dan on the verge of a breakthrough to the transcendent level, he was able to fully display the strength of Shocking Thunder Fist, an earth level martial skill that came from Old Fen. In this way, his strength was already exceedingly terrifying.


Softly speaking, Hua Yuntian opened his mouth to say, "Even in the Martial Grand Master stage, only few can accomplish such a thing!"


Hearing this, Feng Hao's mouth emitted a loud laughter. His pair of eyes looked at the distant dark mountains, there was a faint severe look.

"Yun Ying, I am coming to find you! Are you ready?"

The corners of the youth's mouth outlined a cold curve.

Martial Inverse Chapter 103

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