Martial Inverse Chapter 58

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Chapter 58 – Fei Clan

Nine days later, a convoy of people finally came out of the Hundred Thief Domain. With Feng Hao's arrangements, the thousands of people were sent out of the hundred Thief Domain to Magnolia City. They directly went towards the Feng Clan.

Another day has pa.s.sed and in front of Feng Hao appeared a huge city. Looking up a hundred feet, the giant city walls looked majestic as if it were reaching the skies. Feng Hao could not help refraining from smacking his lips.

"It is worthy to be called a great city!"

Magnolia City in front of Red Sun City seemed to shabby.

Red Sun City is one of the eight major cities of West Mist Country. Its degree of prosperity, it was needless to say.

On the road leading to Red Sun City, the bustling crowd was noisy. Feng Hao could not help but be deeply emotionally moved. This wasn’t even inside the city yet, he could not imagine the scene inside Red Sun City.

"At last returning safely!"

Housekeeper Fei was relieved and his eyebrows slowly loosened up.

"Oh!… Home!"

Fei Fei er pulled at Feng Hao's arm shouting excitedly.


Due to her influence, Feng Hao felt much better.

The group of people joined the crowd as they arrived outside Red Sun City. Housekeeper Fei took out a piece of token from his waist causing the city guard to politely give way.

Through the slightly dark tunnel after the city gate, there was deafening noises everywhere coming like a tide. Feng Hao was unprepared causing his head to be dizzy. Twisting his head around, looking at the ma.s.s crowds on the streets, then looking at the magnificent buildings, he could not help but to spit out a mouthful of air.

Everything showed the prominence of a big city!

"Little brother Feng, would you like to first make a trip to the Fei Clan?"

Housekeeper Fei turned his head and gave an invitation to Feng Hao.

After the series of events on the road, he found it more and more difficult to see through the youth in front of him. Such an age and already is at the Martial Pract.i.tioner stage. Laso, he was already a high level Medicine Master. A person like him, how can he appear from such a small clan? Who gave him the medicine canon?

These were all a mystery!

"Go to the Fei Clan?"

Feng Hao wrinkled his eyebrows, looking at the hope in the eyes of Fei er; he hesitated a little and ultimately gave up on the little girl, "Alright!"

Being already involved, he was unafraid of creating a relations.h.i.+p with the Fei Clan. In addition, it would be a good development for the Feng Clan to have a relations.h.i.+p.

Being able to be one of the three big clans in a big city, this Fei Clan surely had a strong Martial Spirit stage warrior!

"Good! Good!"

Housekeeper Fei too was excited and repeatedly uttered those words.

"Heehee, big brother Hao is the best."

Fei Fei er's eyes curved into like crescent moons as she cheerfully pulled at Feng hao's arms.

The group arrived in front of a manor gate, on a mahogany board was written. Feng Mansion. On the gate, a little servant saw Fei er drag in a youth quickly going in.

In the manor, there were a lot of trees providing shade, a mountain structure that was decorated, the place had a distinct style.

"Fei er!"

A square jawed dignified-looking middle aged man with two youths beside him called out.

It was the clan master of the Fei Clan, Fei Wenjie; and beside him were his two sons, Fei Wei and Fei Wu.


The little girl's eyes were watery and she threw herself into the bosom of Fei Wenjie.

"Clan Master, this old slave did not disgrace your honor!"

Housekeeper Fei also bowed his head and respectfully spoke.

"Good! Good!"

The face of Fei Wenjie was also quite excited, "This time it has been hard on the housekeeper."

"Housekeeper has worked hard!"

Fei Wei and Fei Wu both cupped their hands one after the other.

Feng Hao stood there looking at the heartwarming reunion of a father and daughter, this caused his emotions to stir.

"This is…?"

At this time, Fei Wenjie saw Feng Hao standing at the side, he asked.

"This is older brother Hao!"

Little Fei er jumped down from his bosom and pulled at Feng hao arms, it was very intimate.

"Meeting Clan Master Fei!"

Feng Hao cupped his hand in greeting.

He knew that this man was a genuine strong Martial Spirit warrior, and he was afraid his level wasn't low either.

"Hehe, alright, let's go inside and talk."

Fei Wenjie gave a friendly smile, under his lead they all entered a hall.

After chatting and eating all kinds of food, it has already reached the night. A servant guided Feng Hao to a guest room where he would stay.

Very late at night, the breeze of air was cold.


Fei Wenjie stood in front of a window looking at the night sky, he spoke softly.

"This old slave is present!

Housekeeper Fei respectfully stood behind him.

"During the journey, was it peaceful?"

Fei Wenjie turned around and looked straight at him.

"It was not peaceful."

The face of housekeeper Fei showed a wry smile.

"Oh, what kind of strong warrior did the opposing side deploy?"

Fei Wenjie seemed to have already expected it.

"Poison Master!"

"Poison Master?"

Fei Wenjie's eyelids shook and his body s.h.i.+vered.

The reputation of a Poison Master was resounding. In a place with no Medicine Master, the Poison Master would be an overwhelming overlord!

"Clan Master, with little brother Feng Hao's help, I'm afraid this old slave and the miss would have not been able to leave the Hundred Thief Domain!"

Then, housekeeper Fei began to recount everything that happened while they were in the Hundred Thief Domain.

"Hu… fortunately, the heavens favored Fei er ah!"

Fei Wenjie kept silent for a while, then he said, "Housekeeper Fei, according then to your story, that little boy must be already at the low level black ranked Medicine Master?"

Black ranked Medicine Master, in the whole West Mist Country there were not many ah. In the Red Sun City, their were only two, and they were already part of the Medicine Master guild. As for the Fei Clan, they merely possessed one high level yellow ranked Medicine Master nothing more.

"That's good!"

Housekeeper Fei also nodded earnestly.

"Magnolia City? Feng Clan?"

Fei Wenjie was had some suspicion, "A small city like Magnolia City unexpectedly gave birth to a black ranked Medicine Master, this is incredible."

"Truly ah."

Housekeeper Fei also became deeply moved.

Coming out with a black ranked Medicine Master, this Feng Clan would surely rise.

"Housekeeper Fei, this matter you have to do well. Create a good relations.h.i.+p with the Feng Clan and do your best to help them rise!"

Fei Wenjie soon came to a decision.


Pausing for a bit, housekeeper Fei asked: "Clan Master, what is the matter?"


Fei Wenjie coldly snorted, "To employ a Poison Master, who in the Red Sun City would have such the ability? The Pu clan is already desolate, leaving only the Jiu Clan. This Jiu Clan has been fighting out Fei Clan for the strongest position, commiting all manner of crimes. They wanted to kidnap Fei er to threaten me. Unfortunately for them ah, the heavens are siding with our Fei Clan. The incoming battle for City Master, the Jiu Clan will surely be troublesome!

Speaking loudly, a surge of momentum burst out from his body causing his clothes and hair to fly. His pair of cold eyes moved as his state of mind changed.

Martial Inverse Chapter 58

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