Martial Inverse Chapter 60

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Chapter 60 – Registering

As a medicine canon can be pa.s.sed on, all high level medicine canons started from a low level!

All medicine canons first begin from one spirit medicine. After that, it gradually increases the amount of types of spirit medicines it can record, thus allowing for a stronger medicine essence. As a result, all Medicine Masters want to increase the medicine essence on their medicine canons, which is done generation after generation; so that the medicine dan condensed in the future would be stronger.


Seeing Feng Hao's att.i.tude, the woman immediately stomped her foot, her pair of eyes filled with resentment.

Such an ordinary youth unexpectedly dare look down on her. As she was always arrogant and proud, she couldn't bare it.

"Alright little girl."

The old man came over and gave a little glance to Feng Hao. He did not say anything and pulled the girl into the Medicine Master Guild in front of the reverent eyes of the two.

"Zeze, truly amazing. This young lady Jiu Lin is only 15 years old but already has condensed a medicine dan. I heard that the Jiu Clan gave her an apex level yellow ranked medicine canon in preparation. Unexpectedly in just one year, the Jiu Clan already has gathered all the necessary spirit medicines so she can condense a true dan. Young lady jiu Lan indeed has the chance to be promoted to the black ranked Medicine Master ah!"

"Truly truly, for the contention of City Master, young lady Jiu Lin reaching the apex yellow ranked Medicine Master would increase the chance of the Jiu Clan's success ah!"

After the two walked in, the two men stood there talking.

"Red Sun City Master contention?"

Having heard what was said, Feng Hao cl.u.s.tered his eyebrows.

"Little younger brother, you better get out of here. You really can't enter!"

Working in the Medicine Master Guild, the two big people had very good temper. This was because they were unsure if the youth in front of them was really a Medicine Master or not.

If it was truly the case that he was indeed a Medicine Master, not only will they lose their jobs, they would offend the wrong person.

"As I said, I am here to qualify as a Medicine Master."

Feng Hao helplessly spread out his hands.

"This is."

The two guys glanced at each other and shook their heads.

Apparently they did not fully believe what Feng Hao has said.

"Just now that young lady was not wearing a Medicine Master's robe, how come you let her in?"

Feng Hao raised his chin and asked.

""Young lady Jiu Lin is different, not only is she the eldest daughter of the Jiu Clan, she's also a possesses an apex yellow ranked medicine canon in her body. Did you not hear of her?"

Listening to the question of Feng Hao, the big man looked at him as if he was an idiot.

Helplessly sighing, Feng Hao slowly stretched out his hand.

"What are you thinking of doing?"

Seeing the movement of Feng Hao, their expressions changed as they quickly reached over their waist.

Not paying any attention to the two, Feng Hao mobilized the void dan above the Shen Nong Medicine Canon and medicine essence like a white fog appeared from his fingertips.

"Forming medicine essence?! Black ranked Medicine master?!"

The voice of terror came from the mouth of the two big men. They often guarded the Medicine Master Union's entrance, naturally they knew that to be able to release form medicine essence, only a black ranked Medicine Master can do this. But… if the person in front of them was n.o.ble clothed person or and old man, they can still calm down a bit. However the person in front of them was a youth wearing common clothes!

"Can I go in now?"

The glances all over went in their direction. Due to the shout of the two, the attention of the people around came over and some even pointed. Then seeing the white mist on Feng Hao's hand, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air and the outside of the Medicine Master Guild became noisy.

Looking at the two still not coming to their senses, Feng Hao shook his head and swung his hand sending the white mist to the two: "Can I now go in?"

"You can, can, little brot..oh, no, senior, please enter!"

Glancing at each other, the two guards hurriedly bent down showing respect.

Having such troublesome matters just entering the door, Feng Hao in his heart had a wry smile. With a sigh of relief, he slowly entered the building of the highest profession in the city!

After he entered, the two guards almost collapsed to the ground. In their heart they were secretly grateful that fortunately they did not offend him.

The weight of a black ranked Medicine Master, as guards of the Medicine Master they naturally had an idea.

At the same time, some people at the distance saw what happened stood talking about the matter. A few figures also silently disappeared not leaving a trace.

Entering the Medicine Master Union, there was a thick medicine fragrance causing the people to be relaxed and happy.

Inside the hall, there were little staff and few people present quietly did their own thing. Seemingly hearing footsteps. Some people looked up and saw a handsome young man. After their eyes had a flash of doubt, they once again immersed on what they were doing. They believed that no one would dare make trouble within the Medicine Master Guild.

Standing in the slightly deserted hall, Feng Hao helplessly shook his head. All he wanted was to find a person that can tell him the procedure of getting his Medicine Master ident.i.ty. There was a female wearing a light blue dress, however he was in a hurry so he quickly walked over.

"This.. young master, your appearance is unfamiliar. Is this your first time in the Red Sun City Medicine Master Guild?"

The blue dressed woman was before Feng Hao with a smile, she moved her eyes around examining him before talking.

To be able to enter here, the blue clothed woman had no doubt that this ordinary looking youth was certainly a Medicine Master.


Eyeing the blue clothed woman in front, he looked to have a very bright appearance which provoked love from others. On Feng Hao's face was a faint smiling expression: "This truly is my first time, I came here to take the test and be certified as a Medicine Master."

"Oh, sir is here to be a certified Medicine master?"

Having heard what was said, the blue clothed woman was slightly startled and swept her eyes once again across Feng Hao.


Feng Hao nodded, "Can you tell me the procedures for a.s.sessment?"

"This was please sir."

Even with the simple question, the blue dressed woman did not lose any hint of respect and came behind the counter, she smiled to Feng Hao.

From behind the counter she took out a rather flat animal hide paper, the blue dressed woman elegantly held on the brush, "This young master, can I respectfully ask to register your age and name."

"Feng Hao, age 13."

Feng Hao pondered slightly then smiled.

Martial Inverse Chapter 60

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