Martial World Chapter 1021

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Chapter 1021 – heh

The different types of phoenix blood that the three masters put forth floated in the air. The blood would be used when Lin Ming was crossing Life Destruction and his body was completely disintegrated, where they would be able to completely fuse into his bloodline.

Transforming the bloodline also had to proceed in an ordered manner. Through this fusion, it would create a better foundation for Lin Ming’s bloodline to withstand absorbing the phoenix blood essence and the baptism that followed it in the future.

At this time, on Phoenix Cry Palace’s side, Sun Cyprestar suddenly remembered something as he watched all of this. He glanced over at Chu Redcloud and smiled very widely as he said, “Fairy Chu, I remember that you made a bet and also owe me a drop of phoenix heart blood. That drop of phoenix heart blood was originally for Lin Ming, and since Lin Ming is crossing Life Destruction right now, it is the best moment to make up for his faint bloodline. You might as well take that drop of phoenix heart blood out right now.”

Sun Cyprestar’s words grated on Chu Redcloud’s ears like nails on chalk!

Chu Redcloud’s body shook and her complexion became extremely ugly. The truth was that there was still a year before her bet with Sun Cyprestar came to a close, and it was far too early. Even so, even if Chu Redcloud was absolutely unwilling to acknowledge it, she also realized that it was likely impossible for Yan Littlemoon to ever catch up to Lin Ming.

She had completely lost the bet. Not only had she lost the arctic ice immortal stamen and a drop of phoenix heart blood, but she lost her honor.

“Sun Cyprestar, our bet still isn’t over yet, so what are you in such a hurry for!”

“Hehe, I know that, but isn’t the result already obvious?” Sun Cyprestar was not some kind-hearted man. After being bullied by Chu Redcloud without the ability to retaliate, a fire had long been smoldering in his heart. Now that Chu Redcloud had suffered a bout of misfortune, why wouldn’t he take this chance to stomp on her a bit? “If you think that Yan Littlemoon can still catch up to Lin Ming after a year, then I’ll wait. Even so, how about you take out that drop of phoenix heart blood right now, and a year later, if Yan Littlemoon can catch up to Lin Ming, I’ll compensate you with 10 drops instead? That is if you believe in yourself so much!”

Martial World Chapter 1021

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