Martial World Chapter 1023

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Within the long history of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, there had indeed been geniuses that were able to form an origin energy cloud before they reached Ninefall. But, that only happened at Eightfall. For someone to condense an origin energy cloud at Sevenfall, that was almost impossible to imagine!

After Monarch Sweetyfox and Duke Golden Sword realized what happened, the other young disciples all began to catch on. It had to be known that most of the disciples present hadn’t been able to achieve the ninth stage of Life Destruction. They had only reached the eighth stage of Life Destruction before stepping into the Divine Sea realm.

To reach Ninefall and form the lowest level of origin energy clouds was a dream that many of these disciples wished for, much less forming an origin energy cloud at Sevenfall.

This meant that in the future when Lin Ming stepped into the eighth and ninth stages of Life Destruction, the origin energy clouds he formed would be far greater, and the baptism of Laws he would bathe in would be that much more intense!

To an ordinary disciple, being able to undertake a baptism of Laws was an unbelievable luxury, much less being able to do so three times. That was a feat that others simply couldn’t compete with.

As the surging origin energy clouds reflected in Yan Littlemoon’s bright pupils, she sighed again and again. She had a faint premonition in her heart that Lin Ming was destined to shine in radiant glory within the Ancient Phoenix Clan. He would take that as his foundation, and move towards the greater stage of the Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds…

Martial World Chapter 1023

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