Martial World Chapter 1125

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Chapter 1125 – its never over

Starlight shined from the heavens. Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear, his long hair recklessly fluttering in the wind as blood vitality surged within him!

From all around, the Elders of Carefree Palace fell into a deep silence. Lin Ming had really crossed the five element grand tribulation. He had done so by relying on his powerful vitality as well as his enduring willpower!

Now, his blood and flesh began to regenerate as his wounds slowly healed over.

“He’s crossed the five element grand tribulation. Although Lin Ming was seriously injured, once he recovers his benefits will be enormous! This is truly incredible. For Lin Ming to arrive at this step is not just a perfect Ninefall, but something that exists even beyond Ninefall, giving him more and more benefits.”

Mo Riverbliss’s voice shivered as she spoke. This was just like an imperial civil service examination of the mortal world. Lin Ming had crossed Ninefall and had reached 33 Layered Heavens; this could be considered a perfect score. This was enough to become the number one scholar of the land. But, above a perfect score were additional subjects. The five element tribulation that Lin Ming passed could be considered equal to these additional subjects.

For Lin Ming to reach this step could be said to be serendipity. This was not something that a genius could do if they wished it. One needed countless lucky chances aligning together to produce this opportunity. It was not an event that could be repeated.

The Magic Cube, two sets of transcendent divine mights, and a dual body and energy cultivation with the first six of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates opened. Each step Lin Ming took could be called perfection. Only by having all of these together was he able to galvanize the heavenly tribulation against him.

From the time that Lin Ming was at the Houtian realm, the resources he had consumed were several boundaries above what the average martial artist at his realm should have needed. When he was at the Body Training boundary he used the Revolving Core realm’s Shattered Demon Heart Crystal, when he was at the Houtian realm he used the Life Destruction realm’s Nirvana Dragon Root, when he was at the Xiantian realm he used the Divine Sea realm’s heaven-step Demon God Bone, when he was at the Revolving Core realm he used up a massive volume of resources that even a Divine Kingdom would find hard to withstand, and now at the Life Destruction realm, he used the phoenix blood essence and Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree that would move a Holy Lord, and there was also the supreme dragon bone that would drive a World King powerhouse insane with jealousy.

All of those lucky chances had accumulated along the way, and now they had all exploded together, leading to Lin Ming’s current achievement!

“World seed, world seed…” Lin Ming closed his eyes, casting his sense through his body. He didn’t find the world seed, but he did discover that in withstanding the five element tribulation, his willpower had risen to another level. Unknowingly, his elementary gold battle spirit seemed as if it would break through its shackles and reach the small success gold level.

“My world seed…” Lin Ming faintly frowned. Then, he looked up at the sky, seeming to realize something. Dark clouds surged above him, the energy still gathering as before.

“This is… it’s still not over!?”

Martial World Chapter 1125

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