Martial World Chapter 930

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Chapter 930 – 000000

In a great and empty hall, fifteen individuals were sitting around a long table. There were men and women, each one of them had an extremely deep aura; all of them were Divine Sea powerhouses.

Within the Sky Spill Continent, there were just over a hundred Divine Sea powerhouses. For the last several hundred years no Divine Sea powerhouse was born. On the contrary, the old Divine Sea powerhouses began falling from the skies. Now there were only 90 Divine Sea powerhouses left. In this grand hall, one sixth of the remaining Divine Sea powerhouses were gathered.

Sitting around this table, many people had worried and anxious expressions.

“I wonder just what reason this Yang Yun has to have summoned us here today.” At the end of the table, a white-clothed woman was lightly rubbing her forehead, her voice uneasy and filled with doubt.

She was the White Clan’s Fairy Snow Gale.

In these past years, Yang Yun had become increasingly strong. In particular, he managed to unite the deep sea race powerhouses of the Fog Sea under his name, and now there were over 20 Emperor level powerhouses who pledged their lives to him. When this was combined with the deterrence of the two top powerhouses in him and Whitedemon, this made it so that no one dared to resist him.

“No matter what it is, we should just do it and get it over with. We still have Yang Yun’s battle spirit tracing mark on our bodies; we can only erase these marks if the force of our will approaches his. Now, whatever he says is law, how can we possibly defy him?” Beside Fairy Snow Gale, a blue-clothed middle-aged man hesitantly said.

Since ancient times, even if one was the highest under the heavens, they had rarely managed to take complete control of the continent in their hands like Yang Yun. The reason Yang Yun was able to accomplish this was because of his battle spirit. If anyone dared to defy his orders, he would be able to hunt them down across the world.

Martial World Chapter 930

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