Martial World Chapter 933

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Chapter 933 – suck it in

The fist-sized thunderball appeared serene and listless. But as Lin Ming approached, he could feel the hairs on his body stand up. The energy within the thunderball was too dense; it had formed an energy field around it.

This energy field actually caused the nearby space to twist together. As Lin Ming closed in, his heartbeat, his breathing, everything got affected by it.

Facing this thunderball which was likely left behind by an Empyrean rank master, Lin Ming didn’t dare to be the least bit sloppy in his actions, even though he had the Heretical God Sprout supporting him.

Although the Heretical God Force was a potent ability, it wasn’t infallible. As for what rank martial arts cultivation method it was, Lin Ming wasn’t sure. But no matter how powerful it was, it shouldn’t surpass a transcendent divine might rank cultivation method.

One could approximate how powerful a transcendent divine might was just from observing the Heavenly Demon martial intent. The Heavenly Demon martial intent was only a Heavenly Demon martial intent, but it was able to instantly kill a Divine Sea powerhouse and allow Lin Ming to jump ranks to battle.

Empyrean rank masters might even possess more than one transcendent divine might. If this thunder ball in front of him was formed by a transcendent divine might rank cultivation method, it’d be difficult for Lin Ming’s not yet fully grown Heretical God Sprout to suppress it.

Lin Ming’s concentration was completely focused on the Heretical God Sprout. He slowly reached his hand out and began to suck out the thunder ball’s energy through his fingertip.

Martial World Chapter 933

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