Martial World Chapter 935

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Chapter 935 – ccc

“Kill? You want to go and kill Yang Yun now?” Li Yuxiao stammered, his eyes wide open. He never expected that Lin Ming would have this idea. If an ordinary person were to learn of Yang Yun’s plans, they would subconsciously think of escaping. Yang Yun had arranged a wide network of transmission arrays, but no matter how great it was it still wouldn’t be enough to cover the vast and endless sea. As long as Lin Ming hid deep enough in the deep sea, somewhere that was several dozen million miles beyond the nearest transmission array, Yang Yun would have to run his legs off if he wanted to find him.

Lin Ming actually didn’t think of running away. Instead, he decided to take this chance to kill Yang Yun. This was really bewildering.

“Little Brother Lin, don’t you think this might be a bit reckless?” Shibai asked, a bit unsure. He felt that Lin Ming’s idea was too crazy, but it was also consistent with Lin Ming’s usual style. He had always been like this. At just the late Revolving Core realm, Lin Ming dared to risk his life to cross into Life Destruction and challenge every Destiny Decree master of the Asura Divine Kingdom by himself. Moreover, he had obtained victory in the end. This was a valor and determination that couldn’t be possessed by the average person.

“After closing up, Yang Yun should be more powerful than Whitedemon. Even if his supernatural powers haven’t been completed, he still has the qualifications to be the highest under the heavens.” Fairy Snow Gale pressed her eyebrows together. She didn’t try to persuade Lin Ming, instead only stating this fact. She didn’t know about the battle between Lin Ming and Whitedemon, so she could only guess just how strong Lin Ming was.

However, according to the choices and actions Lin Ming took in the past, he wouldn’t make such an insane decision unless he had confidence in himself.

“Highest under the heavens? That is only the Sky Spill Continent’s highest under the heavens.”

Lin Ming’s words left everyone speechless.


Martial World Chapter 935

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