Martial World Chapter 959

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Chapter 959 – sad

“Sir Huang, would you like to try taking a high-grade saint artifact? Saint Artifact Pavilion has many high-grade saint artifacts that are of a very high quality. Although they cannot compare to the nine top grade saint artifacts, they are still quite formidable. With Sir Huang’s strength, taking a high-grade saint artifact should be no problem at all!” Song Baifeng improvised some advice on the spot as he saw Huang Yuegong’s face being swept all over the ground.

A high-grade saint artifact and a top grade saint artifact were different in terms of value by over a hundred times; they were on two completely different levels. Huang Yuegong certainly didn’t want to take a high-grade saint artifact, but taking a top grade saint artifact was easier said than done. What Saint Artifact Pavilion tested was talent and potential; these two factors normally wouldn’t change much no matter how high a martial artist’s cultivation grew. If there wasn’t some great lucky chance, then even if Huang Yuegong cultivated to the Divine Transformation realm and returned to attempt taking a top grade saint artifact again, the result would likely more or less be the same.

He thought of this, then glanced at Jun Yunrue. He stood up and said, “Okay, as a disciple of Phoenix Hall, I can take two saint artifacts from Saint Artifact Pavilion. Since I haven’t taken any before, I can take a high-grade saint artifact as my first and the Sunpierce Sword as my second!”

Since it was far too difficult to obtain a top grade saint artifact at this time, he might as well take a high-grade saint artifact to recover some of the face he lost here. Otherwise, as a chosen pride of the heavens who had an unfathomable image to his junior-apprentice brothers and sisters and as someone who was revered and respected by so many, if his only memory of this place were to be being flung to the ground almost vomiting blood after failing to retrieve a saint artifact, then that really would be too shameful.

He decided to try a second time. In Saint Artifact Pavilion, every attempt was 1000 phoenix cry seal marks. Of course, with his status, Song Baifeng wouldn’t pursue this matter at all.

Martial World Chapter 959

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