Master Devil Don't Kiss Me Chapter 241-242

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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 241 Loathing the Servants for Gossiping

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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Several black business cars line outside the Han house. Ling Hanyu and several of his men wearing police uniforms take the luggage from the Han maids' hands to the back of the business cars.

Originally, An Chuxia planned on bringing just a few changes of clothes. However, that only resulted in Jiang Yuan's insistence on bringing her whole wardrobe. Ma would rather die than let An Chuxia wear clothes from the Ling family. Only she can prepare her clothes for her. An Chuxia cannot do anything but agree with Jiang Yuan.

"Strange, I still haven't received my laptop." An Chuxia looks puzzled as she looks toward the direction of the hall, wondering why the maid hasn't brought it yet when she specifically ordered her to do so. It was already embarrassing to stay at the Ling's; it would be even more so if she had to use the Ling's computer to write her online novel.

After hearing Chuxia's complaint, Ling Hanyu stands beside her and says, "I say, miss, are you regarding the Ling's house poorly? Laptop? I'll have my people purchase several for you play with. Get in the car. We still have to head home."

She takes a quick glance at the impatient Ling Hanyu. She is tempted to snatch the comic book from his hand. Instead, she leans close and whispers evilly, "Boss, daren, if you continue to expedite, I'll let everyone know you're gay."

His face distorts unconsciously. This idiot really believes he's gay? F**k! He hadn't ever been sullen in his life. He was about to retort when he suddenly spots the maid running toward them, carrying the laptop. She had an aggrieved expression, and her eyes were a bit damp.

An Chuxia isn't a heartless person. A glace on the maid made the difference. After the maid hands the laptop to Ling Hanyu's man, Chuxia pulls the maid over and asks, "What's wrong? It looks like someone bullied you. Was steward Han scolding you?"

The maid shakes her head quickly, but tears as big as pearls stream down her face. She really dreads An Chuxia's departure because it means she has to mend her relationship with the arrogant Basa Li.

"What's going on here?" Jiang Yuan loves to take care of the servants. Albeit it looks like she's random and unattached, she's actually concerned. After making sure Chuxia has all she needs, she approaches maid Xiaoxia, who looks like she's about to cry.

"Madame, young mistress, it's because… it has to do with Miss Basa Li." Xiaoxia's words catch Jiang Yuan's attention. She quickly strides over to Xiaoxia and asks in anger, "What happened? Did she hit you?"

Xiaoxia shakes her head again. She inhaled through her nostrils before continuing. "I was about to bring over the young mistress' laptop when miss Basa Li asked me to pour her milk. But since I chose the young mistress, she took a hold of the young mistress' laptop and threw it on the floor. Fortunately, it didn't break. Moreover, miss Basa Li scolded steward Han. I'm upset for what she's done to steward Han, and wronging the young mistress. What gives her the right to do this when she has just recently arrived?"

"Enough!" Han Qilu's voice stops the maid from continuing. "This matter should end at once. As I've said it before, I really hate servants who gossip behind people's backs."

Jiang Yuan's mood changes after Han Qilu scolds. She puts both hands on her hips and creases her brows. "Can't you differentiate between gossiping and telling the truth? Steward Han has worked here for so many years even I won't fuss with him. And yet, she dares to… ."

"Madame… ."

CHAPTER 242 Leaving the Han House

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

T/N: * 一如既往地混得风生水起吧 To continue as always after mingling with smut and rise again.

I changed the context in the chapter for flow, but I thought the statement used is quite poetic.

Master Devil Don't Kiss Me Chapter 241-242

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