Master Devil Don't Kiss Me Chapter 243-244

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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 243 Leave, Basa Li

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"Wait! I've not gotten in! Han Qilu!" It takes a moment for Basa Li to wake up from her stupor and catch up. However, the Bentley's shadow has long been gone.

Damn! She stomps her one foot fiercely. Jiang Yuan smiles. She sees tears on her cheeks but no sadness in those eyes. "What's wrong, Miss Basa Li? My son didn't wait for you?"

Basa's mouth thins. Jiang Yuan makes arrangements for a car to take the guest to school. When Basa leaves, the matron's lips flatten. "Madame, why did you give instructions for the car to be driven to the opposite direction? Wouldn't it be better for her to go directly to school?"

Jiang Yuan rolls her eyes. She resents herself for failing. Red clouds already circle in her head. "Don't you think I know that? What else can I do? What would people think if they see her coming from the Han residence? I fear we're already perceived as being petty!"

Xiaoxia nods in agreement, but she's still unhappy. She prepares to help Jiang Yuan when, suddenly, Jiang Yuan drapes her arm over her. "Xiaoxia, do you know Basa Li isn't fond of eating anything?"

"What? Madame, don't you like Basa Li? Why not? Oh, that hurts!" Xiaoxia says, grimacing. "Why did you hit me in the head?"

Jiang Yuan rolls her eyes at Xiaoxia, and says in a depressed voice, "I mean, she doesn't like to eat. What are we to do about lunch and dinner?"

Blinking, Xiaoxia wakes up from her stupor and pats her head. "Look at my wooden head! I'll try to find out what she would eat… secretly."

Satisfied with herself, Xiaoxia walks out the Han's door. Jiang Yuan realizes wanting a daughter-in-law is hard! Humph! She must send Basa Li away and retrieve An Chuxia from the Lings immediately.

* * * * * * * *

 Inside the Car

"Why did they suddenly change the exam time? There's a greater probability of presumption." She's worried the sudden change would make her classmates more anxious about the test. They were looking forward to this exam with high hopes. They've put in a lot of effort into studying for it. What can she do if the results weren't what they expected?

Losing face is a trivial matter if they perform poorly and lose their passion for learning. If that's the case, she might as well be a sinner for eternity.

She repeatedly looks up the School News on her mobile device. Eventually, she hears an angry pop. She throws the phone aside. Long, shapely eyebrows knit together. Ling Hanyu looks up from his comic book and glances at her. "They say it is okay to defeat the devil especially if the young Han Qilu is taken down by a beautiful warrior. What's up? Are you upset the exam dates have moved to an earlier time?"

Ling Hanyu naturally raises his hand, afraid he's about to get hit. "Who won't feel a bit defeated if a test is moved up, you fool!"

The temperature suddenly drops inside the car and she sees Kuni's eyes looking at her from the rear-view mirror. Her heart skips a beat, and she hurriedly rubs Hanyu's head. "I'm sorry, laoda! Did I hurt you?"

His eyes jump. Ling Hanyu glances quickly at his comic book and away from her. He quietly asks himself: Gee, how did I get to take home such a violent girl? He should've taken that into consideration!


Prospective Young Lady of the Ling House

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

T/N: 视线 (line of sight or life)

准少奶奶 young lady of Ling house could also be interpreted as the wife of the young master (in that case that is Ling Hanyu)

Awhile later, he suddenly remarks. "If my eyes didn't betray me, it seems you're also afraid of death!" He can just use Kuni to threaten her if necessary… or borrow his AK-47.

An Chuxia's smiling expression is replaced by loneliness and despair.

"What's wrong? You're upset after I said you're afraid of death?" This is why girls are troublesome! They can't take a joke. If he's to choose between An Chuxia and his comic books, he'd choose the latter. Wait, wait… does that mean he likes her? Who is he kidding? He must just be playing around, thinking An Chuxia is amusing to tease, and is a bit interesting.

He was only bluffing when he teased Han Qilu about taking An Chuxia away. How can he like her? That would be hilarious!

"It's true, I'm really afraid of death." An Chuxia unknowingly raises her head and gazes outside. "The day mama left this world, I decided to live by following mama's dreams. This is also the reason why I haven't faltered from the path of working hard to live."

Ling Hanyu's heart was so moved, that he couldn't look directly at her. He's aware An Chuxia's mom died from cancer, but at the same time, she unexpectedly saved Han bofu. He also knows that An Chuxia's dad abandoned her mom and her at a very young age. But hearing An Chuxia say this made him think of his own mom. He couldn't help but be stunned.

He, too, had once experienced good memories. His kindest grandmother was a comic artist. When she was living — she completed drawing a comic book with a female protagonist named Chuxia. Since he witnessed how Xiang Mankuai betrayed Han Qilu, he doesn't believe in love. He hates girls. As for how he is unfathomably attracted to An Chuxia is probably because of the name similarity?

"I apologize, it seems that I stirred up some unpleasant memories." He tries to make his tone more relaxing. She laughs immediately, but he can see her indifference.

It was her mother's dream she has persisted in life. But since Han Qilu entered her life, her world has changed, and diverted her from her mother's dream. For that reason, she has resisted Qilu so much she has even become afraid of him.

The scenery outside the car window rapidly race past them. The leaves on the trees appear greener. All signs point to summer approaching soon.

The car quickly stops outside the Ling house's front door. Grandfather Ling and a thousand servants welcome her. Each person is dressed in military uniform and treats her with respect. Even the maid from the other day has an extremely respectful appearance. Her suspicions are confirmed when the Grandfather Ling and Ling Hanyu lead her to her room.

Naturally, she wouldn't know why, but the reason is quite simple. Prior to An Chuxia's arrival, Lao Ling instructed everyone to treat her like they'd treat the young master. After all, she will become the young lady* of the Ling house.

Her room is right next to Ling Hanyu's. This is probably specifically planned by Grandfather Ling. After glancing around the room, Ling Hanyu reminds her they need to leave soon so she can get to her exam on time.

Once the fleet of cars leave, Grandfather Ling directs his gaze to the maid standing next to him. "About Ling Shu's situation, is there any news of him coming back from overseas?"

Master Devil Don't Kiss Me Chapter 243-244

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