Master Devil Don't Kiss Me Chapter 323-324

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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 323. Diarrhea? Completely Over With It…

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

That night, An Chuxia and Han Qilu stayed in the Central Square for a long time, only for him to send her back to the Lings.

The next morning, Han Qilu flies out to the United States… .

As soon as An Chuxia gets to cla.s.s, the cla.s.s teacher asks her to head to the office.

She thinks: Is the teacher angry because she missed last night's celebration?

No, ah. Didn't Meng Xiaonan cover for her?

"Come in, An Chuxia." The teacher greets and beckons her. Obediently, she stands next to the teacher's desk, eyeing her in confusion.

The teacher opens the drawer, and pulls out a box with an English trademark and secretly hands it to An Chuxia.

"What's this, teacher?" An Chuxia asks without opening the case.

Her heart is tortured. The teacher didn't say anything about the foreigner. Why?

The teacher's next words almost crushes her chest impulsively.

"These gastrointestinal drugs are from the United States, and they are very potent. Yesterday, Jiangnan said you still have diarrhea, and it's why you weren't able to attend the celebration. Since you still haven't recovered, it means you have it bad. Try this."

An Chuxia is rendered speechless.

This diarrhea lie needs to be put to rest!!!

An Chuxia is very angry, but she has to bite the bullet and take the foreign medication. She says her thanks, and leaves the teacher's office.

As soon as she's outside the office, her face is black again.

d.a.m.n, every time, diarrhea! Can't they change [the lie]?

She's mute until she gets to cla.s.s. Meng Xiaonan rushes over, and nervously asks, "Laoda, did the teacher find you? I didn't embarra.s.s you, did I?"

An Chuxia looks at Meng Xiaonan before shoving the gastrointestinal drugs into her hands.

"Why diarrhea? It's so disgusting!" She rolls her eyes.

"Hey, this is the best reason I can come up with since you were sick with it a few days before, and I can't really tell her the truth!" Meng Xiaonan hands the box back to her before clapping in excitement.

"What truth?" An Chuxia asks curiously.

Meng Xiaonan turns back to her. "Hey!" She laughs and says, "Your stomach is really bad."

An Chuxia is dumbfounded.

"Leave!" She kicks Xiaonan's behind.

She is mad.

"Laoda, don't do this!" Meng Xiaonan touches her injured behind, aggrieved.

An Chuxia ignores her.

Despite a long day, it peacefully.

Then, the teacher announces Basa Li has transferred due to health reasons, and all they have to say is… cool!

She didn't think Basa Li would leave because she was scared.

Then, her phone rings.

Jiang Yuan is calling her.

"An Chuxia, do you want mommy?" Jiang Yuan asks the moment she picks up her phone.

Every time she hears her voice, her heart becomes warm.

"Ah, I would like to." An Chuxia says honestly.

"Then, little baby Chuxia, return quickly. The house has been rid of disgusting things. Come home, and tonight, we will celebrate with fireworks!" Jiang Yuan is extremely excited over the phone.

G.o.d knows, when Jiang Yuan watched Bath take Basa Li away immediately, she wanted to shout for joy.

Can't she be happy that she's finally gone?

CHAPTER 324. Baby Girl, Come Home Quickly

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"Uh…," An Chuxia doesn't know what to say.

Basa Li has left the Hans… .

"What's wrong, An Chuxia? You can't be so heartless. Mommy misses you. I always hoped the stars and the moon would rid us of that disgusting thing so you can come back, and now you don't want to come back? Do you want to lose Mommy? An Chuxia, don't be so cruel… ."

An Chuxia can't say anything. Jiang Yuan is so excited, but she is still anxious.

Indeed,the ghosts were set up to scare Basa Li to avenge her, and to let her know she's not someone she can trifle with. She was scared when she left the Hans.

She has left the Hans, now she's returning?

The problem is more complex.

"Mommy, it's not that … ."

"Xiao Xia, no matter what, you surely have to come back! After school, I'm picking you up from the Lings. You're my little daughter-in-law, and I want you back. The Hans are your family!" Jiang Yuan says firmly.

An Chuxia is genuinely sad.

Moreover, Jiang Yuan has identified her as her daughter-in-law to other people. How far will this go?

Family… ?

The words stun An Chuxia.

Since her mother left, where is her home?

Upon arrival at the Hans, Jiang Yuan has been good to her, good enough that her heart started beating again, felt loved, but alas, this still wasn't home.

Home… what is that concept?

Suddenly, all she wants is her mother.

Why is she feeling a sting up her nose?

She raises her stubborn head, she doesn't even cover up her grief.

"Mommy, I'll pack up and come back tomorrow." An Chuxia agrees.

In fact… in her heart, she wants to go back, right?

"Tomorrow?! Why tomorrow?" Jiang Yuan cried out. "Come back tonight. I can't wait until tomorrow. I can't wait for a while."

"But… Mommy, I would like to, but it will be late when I'm done at school," An Chuxia says, helplessly.

Thank your treasured baby Han Qilu!

Despite leaving for the United States, he has enslaved her, making her the basketball team manager. They will be looking for her today, and she has to do something special in the basketball club lounge!


d.a.m.n this group of animals.

"Why?! Never mind. I will go to the Lings and wait for you to come back. It's been decided. Bye." Done with the conversation, Jiang Yuan hangs up and immediately puts her phone away, not allowing An Chuxia to respond.

An Chuxia looks helplessly at her phone. She wants to think of something to say, but she's angry!

Curse you, Han Qilu!

The thought of the basketball team waiting for her is starting to give her a headache!

She packs up and heads for the lounge, waiting to be abused!

"Meng Xiaonan, the Party Central Committee needs you to complete a difficult task!" An Chuxia summons her friend by patting her on the shoulders. Her tone is serious.

Meng Xiaonan's eyes widen, and she only has one thought, and that is… run!!!

"You come back, and then you try to run away? I'll kick you to death!" An Chuxia grabs Meng Xiaonan as she tries to run away.

Didn't she say, "Run!"?

Master Devil Don't Kiss Me Chapter 323-324

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