Master of the Stars Chapter 130: Inhuman (Part 2/2)

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Chapter 130: Inhuman (Part 2/2)

Translator: Strivon

Fairchild did not utter a single word, while he maintained a purely defensive guard. Baze had broke his Shield of Truth, so he no longer possessed a near-absolute defense ability. Baze had forcefully broken the limits of his defenses. His fists were more terrifying than any ax or hammer; they shredded Fairchild's robes and flesh endlessly and created a thin layer of bloody mist.

Though Baze possessed such an impetus, he still failed to fell Fairchild so far. Though the power of chaos endlessly battered and eroded against Fairchild, there existed a fundamental order to him all this time. There was not a tangible form that could match it.

Baze sent another fist that exploded down and forcefully blasted Fairchild's guarding arm open. The fist’s power pierced through his chest and entered his lungs. The crushing blow was so powerful that Fairchild's chest appeared a bit caved in.

However, Fairchild did not shirk or flee. He used a flexible arm to put Baze into a joint lock, and the two instantly entered a skin-to-skin close melee that was more dangerous than ever before.

Their two skulls smashed together, which instantly covered their faces with flowing blood. During this process, Fairchild smashed Baze’s sinister teeth in.

Fairchild still had Baze's elbow in a joint lock. He used the power of Baze's momentum to forcefully pull the latter into a twisting throw and smashed Baze hard onto the rubble. But not even a second later, Baze flipped Fairchild into the air with his inexhaustible brute force.

These two people were beasts in human form. Their powers were just that terrifying. The floor of the ruins could not handle the strength of their clash, and it caved in. This force even brought along the steel support beams. 

Their two figures fell, and the rubble pelted their faces from above. However, even within the narrowest of spaces, they did not stop at all. They continued to pummel each other's face, chest, and ribs.

The shockwaves from their clashes blew the rubble and steel beams away, and the two did not get buried. However, they had already spat out blood before they could fall to the ground. 

Fairchild disregarded the extent of his injuries, as he remained as callous as steel from start to finish. He bided his time and waited for an opportunity. Finally, the moment came when Baze let out two bombardments without the slightest reservations.

Fairchild endured another heavy blow to his injured chest. He paid this price to capture the interval when Baze overexerted his strength. Then, Fairchild utilized his joint-manipulation skills. He forcefully dislocated Baze's left elbow and used a heavy headbutt to smash Baze's right shoulder. 

After all this, both of Baze’s arms were broken.

Though Baze was in this condition, he was still like a crazed tiger. He completely ignored his shattered shoulder and dislocated joints, as he pounced up to continue this deadly engagement.

However, his movements rapidly declined. He could no longer manage moving as he did before. Fairchild pulled some distance between them and let loose a chain of punches. He connected with Baze's chin, ears, and other vital points to shake Baze's brain in its skull. While he was dazed, Fairchild let loose a heavy kick to Baze's stomach and knocked the wind out of his body. 


Baze flew backward and smashed a warped and deformed pillar in half. A lot of rubble fell down and covered his entire body. In the end, he struggled up with great difficulty, roaring and snarling as usual. The pure savagery of chaos had enveloped this man—the physically strongest of Xia City—and it tortured him to the point of inhumanity.

Fairchild took a bit of time to gasp for breath and adjust his breathing. Then, he said, "Help!"

His voice was deep and low and was unable to reach far. When he spoke, shadow clouds saturated the air around him in a twenty meter radius. There was no one alive in the area aside from Baze.

Fairchild's voice hung in the air for a mere two seconds before his chest lit with a faint glow. The tetrahedron of the Format Pyramid was half embedded in his chest. It helped to restore Fairchild’s blood and energy, and it relieved the pain of his injuries.  

Fairchild used his hand to reset the broken ribs inside his body. He started to bleed because some of the ribs had pierced his internal organs. However, such injuries were far from fatal to him. He was powerful; a step away from being an Extraordinary. After he reset his broken bones, his internal organs’ self-regeneration ability started. He could now maintain at least fifty to sixty percent of his combat power. 

Of course, the standard used was one without the blessing of the Shield of Truth.

"Him as well." Fairchild pointed at Baze.

"Are you sure?" Luo Nan's consciousness cut through from the mental plane. Just now, Fairchild had used the impression of order he received from Luo Nan back when they had demonstrated their abilities to each other. This allowed them to make contact and also showed that Luo Nan's existence in the Logic World was not a mystery to the powerful such as Fairchild.

"He can still be saved," Fairchild responded indifferently. "I believe you can do it."

Okaay, all the pressure was tossed on Luo Nan in a mere sentence. Of course, Fairchild knew that his answer was unsatisfactory. He said in follow up, "Within the Order of Xia City, there are a few members with promise aside from An Weng. They are none other than him and Zheng Xiao... They need to be left with a bit of energy."

Uh, that's right. Luo Nan had nearly forgotten, and he would have if Fairchild did not mention it. Fairchild was a member of the Order of Justice. Though he was an executioner of the truth side, and was incompatible with the secular side like fire and water, he was a mad believer of the Order. 

The situation was disastrous with the Order of Justice suffering heavy casualties. It was hard to figure out Fairchild's current feelings. However, when one thought about it, Fairchild was probably far from happy.

"What about An Weng…?"

Luo Nan's mind grew clear before he finished his words. Now was not the time to deliberate over 'leaving them with a bit of energy'.

The shadow pillar rose endlessly. An Weng's plot and methods were abundantly clear. The demon in the background was far too powerful. It seemed that the Scales of Truth and the holy space together could truly allow An Weng to create a miracle and control the demon. When that happened, everyone in the Logic World would be purged clean.

"You're overthinking it." Fairchild's response was simple. "The battle between Extraordinaries won't ever enter your hands."

This big truth was quite normal, which made Luo Nan speechless. He silently sighed and no longer wasted time on words as he gave Baze the Format Pyramid blessing.

Things did not go as smoothly for Baze as they did with Fairchild. The effects were not instantaneous, as this dark and muscular man’s body was a gigantic mess inside. External and internal injuries were second to what was truly troublesome—his body had been forcefully injected with the chaos element.

This was a rough exchange of power. It was simply like taking the chaotic nature of the Human-Faced Arachnid and forcefully shoving it into the human body to replace all its functions.

Just the fact that Baze had not exploded on the spot showed the incredible strength of his body.

Knowing the cause was useless. After the series of crazed attacks, the chaotic nature had already fused deeply with Baze. He was like a cup of water contaminated with ink. He would not return to his original state no matter how much Luo Nan cleansed him.

Moreover, the amount of ink exceeded the cup of water itself.

To call this a terminal illness would be quite apt.

Luo Nan switched to his clairvoyance type sensing. He observed Baze with his Life Sketch method. It was already impossible to draw a constellation of Baze. If Luo Nan had to draw, he could only make out the umbra of a dark cloud like that of the Human-Faced Arachnid.

In a certain sense, Baze could no longer be considered human. He was more like a demon, as he possessed a chaotic nature. Moreover, this nature continued to penetrate and replace Baze's original functions.

He should have died much earlier, but he was still alive for some reason.

His powerful fleshly body had fused together with the utterly collapsed foundation within to form this extremely special case.

However, he was doomed. It would be difficult for him to last long.

Master of the Stars Chapter 130: Inhuman (Part 2/2)

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