Master of the Stars Chapter 131: Not Really A Demon (Part 2/2)

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Chapter 131: Not Really a Demon (Part 2/2)

Translator: Strivon

A light vibration rang through space. Luo Nan had the living case of the Human-Faced Arachnid before him. It was impossible for Luo Nan to not make the mental connection with his dark chains.

A dozen or so days ago, Luo Nan had established his format and entered the level of 'My heart’s a prison'. Since then, Luo Nan had made rapid progress, and even he felt that this speed was incredible. However, he deeply understood that the embodiment of his greatest abilities had always been the Format Pyramid and the dark chains. 

This was the precious treasure that his grandfather left to him. Everything and everything had developed from here.

Luo Nan had yet to understand all the mysteries within even now. He could only describe himself as having dispelled his doubts over some fundamental principles.

This was truly a frame!

The changes in the altar frame proved this. The so-called dark chains were very much like an instantiation of some high-level order frame.

Luo Nan could not understand it. How did his grandfather transform this order frame into drugs, breathing, and visualizations? How could this order frame be branded into the practitioner's body in this manner, and allow them to master this high level technique?

However, the application was the most important thing right now.

Luo Nan had the feeling that the directional nature of his dark chains was in no way inferior to what An Weng possessed. It seemed that Luo Nan could still dive deeper and follow An Weng for some more. 

But was that necessary? He thought back to when Bai Xinyan and the others had ridiculed him and when Fairchild had admonished him. He also remembered all the previous lessons from his rash behavior time and time again... Was he making a mistake?

He stopped overthinking things, and the dark chains manifested. They pierced from the depths of the void to penetrate Baze's forehead.

This was not the first time that Luo Nan had used the dark chains to bring someone back to life, but it was certainly the first time he had a clear target of order. Luo Nan paid no attention to the concrete circulation of blood and energy. Instead, he solely focused on the order frame that acted on the chaotic nature within. 

Though the order frame could be described as acting on the chaotic nature, this was an elevated description.

Interfering with the material plane had never been Luo Nan's area of expertise. His current developmental path was already shifting toward pure observation. He had largely given up on trying to affect the material plane. In exchange, he gained an outstanding performance in mental sensing.

It was impossible for Luo Nan to turn Baze into a marionette he could control. It was also impossible for Luo Nan to force Baze onto a new path of order.

He merely guided Baze through the fog of chaos. He clearly saw just how much the chaos element had ravaged Baze. So, Luo Nan used the higher level of the new order to comb through the structure of Baze's body and soul. This procedure thereby mitigated the damage from the chaos.

The problem was that Baze had lost basic control over himself. Even if Luo Nan placed a clearcut solution before him, it was hard for him to follow it. Luo Nan had anticipated this early on and led Baze.

Now they reached the final fork in the road.

Luo Nan gave Fairchild a final reminder. "This is my order frame... Mine!"

Fairchild definitely understood the deeper meaning behind Luo Nan's words. However, Fairchild did not speak. He simply knelt down and struck Baze's chest with a heavy blow.

Baze spat out a mouthful of blood that splashed onto Fairchild’s entire face. Fairchild appeared unaffected, as he sent out another blow. This time the paralyzed Baze, who was on the ground, straightened up on his own accord. He cut off Fairchild's fist halfway with his chest.

The two locked eyes at this moment and Fairchild tilted his chin slightly upward. "Follow him if you want to live."

Baze gasped for breath. The erosion from and the symbiosis with the chaos element continued to bring him pain. It twisted each vein in his body inside out. Every muscle was spasming. Within this sheet of chaos, nothing remained of the accustomed functional order of the human body. It was impossible to restore. 

If he wanted to live, he would need to find a new order that would allow life to continue on within this sheet of ruin. He could not possibly accomplish this in a short period of time... However, Luo Nan was demonstrating some possibility of life for him.

Baze had no choice but to obey.

He closed his eyes and his breathing grew even more chaotic at first. Then, his breathing suddenly broke off. It took a few seconds before he continued breathing again. And so, this process repeated. At the same time, the muscles, bones, veins, and internal organs of his body were all squirming in a frenzy. They matched his breathing tempo.

This repeated itself five times. That is, it failed five times before Baze roared crazily. The back of his head struck the floor of the ruins madly, and loud bangs rang out. His body was struggling and spasming like crazy. His veins were bulging all over his skin.  This all formed an ugly and hideous scene.

Seconds ticked by and the shadow pillar spurred the dark clouds of turbid mist and ravaged the building layer by layer. Portions of the structure collapsed from time to time, and the large building grew all the more unstable.

Some of the dark clouds of turbid mist came rolling in. Obviously, it could not harm Fairchild, and it could not do anything to Luo Nan. However, it was inexplicably attracted to Baze; it pounced on his body, as he roared madly. It permeated in and out of his nostrils and mouth, as if some kind of exchange was taking place.

Fairchild did not move at all. He calmly watched everything unfold.


Baze drew in an audible long breath. He exerted himself and breathed in all the mist that surrounded his body in two short seconds. He struggled in pain and swelled a bit; suddenly, the size of his body was fixed. Then, he fell paralyzed again on the ground and gasped for breath. His chest was clearly moving up and down, his breathing entering the rate of normal people.

This represented that Baze had found a new life order within the chaos and disorder.

Although, this outcome might not be a satisfactory one.

Baze opened his eyes and his ice-cold eyes looked toward the night sky without focus. His malevolent and fierce intent was like a flame beneath a layer of ice. It was weak, but it existed tenaciously.

Luo Nan knew that this dude's gaze was directed toward him. But what could he do about it?

An interesting change had appeared in the Format Pyramid structure. Baze's figure quietly appeared on the 'office worker' level. This was the result of reconstructing Baze's body and soul structure according to order with the aid of the dark chains.

Luo Nan had already stated this clearly to Fairchild by saying that this was 'his' order frame.

Fairchild had agreed tacitly, but Baze did not necessarily accept it... Fine, he was certain that Baze was seriously rejecting it.

Luo Nah had placed Baze at the office worker level within the Format Pyramid, so he was under a binding power. Luo Nan did not have many examples of this, but he could make weak comparisons. The Wraith Sign was in the technician level, and it was very obedient. Cat Eyes was in the student level, and she was unruly and obstinate. As for Baze on the office worker level...

The dark chains suddenly shook with life. Baze's body suddenly convulsed within the rattling vibrations. A certain 'hook', which had long since warped and deformed, shattered with a bang.

In an instant, obscure waves penetrated space and came over. This event shocked and startled Luo Nan, but he was in no position to cry out with his mind. He absolutely could not react in time. This was An Weng's consciousness and it came slashing across space. It was like a longsword recently pulled out of the forge. It brought along an intense burning sensation.

The 'hook' was certainly the means An Weng used to control Oblatum Knights such as Baze. Even if An Weng had abandoned Baze, it was hard for An Weng to not be disturbed in the face of this change.

However, An Weng's intense reaction was not as simple as that of 'losing a single Baze'.

Luo Nan had realized a 'control' over Baze. He had erected a binding order upon Baze's chaotic nature. In a certain sense, this was tantamount to controlling a portion of the power of the demon in the background. Though An Weng had abandoned this portion, An Weng felt threatened.

He could liken this to An Weng trying to control the mainland. An Weng’s attempts had turned everything on its head, but he had yet to obtain his desired outcome. Luo Nan was to the side. However, Luo Nan was able to control a small island detached from the mainland due to a volcanic earthquake first.

This was probably in the same vein.

Analogies could be used to describe reality, but they could not replace reality in the end. Luo Nan and An Weng's relationship were not that of an island and its mainland. There was not a vast body of water between them; there was not an ocean. There was only the distance of their senses, which was neither far nor near.

It was far too dangerous! If Luo Nan was An Weng, he would have probably thought this.

Moreover, there was another element that seeped into the fray. 

The dark chains rang with their rattle, ringing non-stop.

Master of the Stars Chapter 131: Not Really A Demon (Part 2/2)

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