Master of the Stars Chapter 132: Perhaps Of The Truth (Part 1/2)

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Chapter 132: Perhaps of the Truth (Part 1/2)

Translator: Strivon

Luo Nan had grown accustomed to the sound of the vibrating dark chains. Of course, this was just his interpretation. There were no sounds on the mental plane. There was just the corresponding energy and information.

Before, the dark chains would spend most of their time hidden in the extreme depths of the mental plane. There was only a finite amount of time for outsiders to know of its existence. However, An Weng's current depth on the mental plane was in no way inferior to Luo Nan's. An Weng could sense the corresponding energy and information just as clearly.

Yes. An Weng must have heard it.

First, there was Baze; then, the vibrations came. It was unknown how An Weng interpreted this series of changes. However, Luo Nan had confirmed that An Weng paid extreme attention to these events. An Weng even temporarily halted his attempt to control the demon!

The heart of the holy space—the cocoon of light—was astonishingly calm. All movements had ceased. In accordance, An Weng's thoughts cleaved over once again in Luo Nan's direction. As the person involved, Luo Nan felt the burning sensation of the red-hot longsword. However,  Fairchild felt it as well.

"Withdraw your senses! Don't provoke him!" Fairchild's logical decision made Luo Nan's speechless. However, Fairchild quickly recognized his mistake and frowned. He cast his gaze toward the shadow pillar, which was pulling up and leaving the sky. 

No one was able to surmise An Weng's actions. As for the demon, though it was still wild, the chaotic energy and information it brought with it could be observed as background noise. This energy and information warped the depths of space but was relatively easy to filter out. Because of this, things became much easier in an instant. For a time, all that remained was the faint ringing of the dark chains. The rung grew clearer and resonated more. 

Luo Nan felt a bit of pressure. He discovered that the source of the energy and information of the chains' cry seemed to come from more than one place, so it was not only himself. The dark chains shook within the warped depths of space and evoked a reverberation!

The energy and information were transmitted in a form completely different to sound waves and the like. They were ethereal. If one wanted to trace back to the source, one could only analyze the energy and information layer by layer to find clues and differentiate the direction.

Thinking about it, An Weng had discovered this point. So, that was why he had stopped his previous actions. He wanted to lessen the disturbances. But no matter the strength of the interference, it was still far too difficult from Luo Nan's perspective. His analytical abilities were far from reaching this degree. Luo Nan was at a loss for a time.

Uh, hold on, I'm an idiot!

Luo Nan cursed to himself. This cascaded series of unforeseen events had made his brain stupid. In reality, analyzing the energy and information was not that troublesome. The crucial information could completely be seen using the dark chains.

Luo Nan's refocused his attention on the dark chains. In a short few seconds, a light bulb lit up in his mind. He had called it a 'reverberation' just now, but this judgment was wrong.

The sound in the depths of space was not reverberating. It was resonating.

Let's borrow concepts from physics. The current state of the dark chains could be said to be vibrating at the same frequency of some object somewhere.

The chains influenced the object, and the object influenced the chains. The waves started off with a tiny amplitude but suddenly expanded. It made it so that the dark chains could not hide, but it also made clues appear about the thing hidden in deeper space.


The demon roared. Ever since the dark chains reverberated on this level, the powerful demon clearly grew extremely furious. Its power, which was on the verge of leaving the Logic World, let loose an explosive blast as if it was venting its anger. All the buildings in the area crumbled and collapsed one after another and shrapnel flew through the air. Spectators like Fairchild, Baze, and Zheng Xiao all had to rush to take shelter to avoid being part of the disaster. 

The attack of the demon naturally involved the mental plane. The corresponding blast there was also extremely powerful. If the demon could do it, it would certainly crush all these little fleas inside and outside its domain completely to death. Then, it would chew them up and swallow them.

However, it was not easy for the demon to do this.

Luo Nan was no longer a newbie that had trembled with fear when he faced the Human-Faced Arachnid's Siege Hammer attack. Right now, he could display a marvelous superiority in his sensing-mode of pure observation. By not mixing interference with the physical plane, Luo Nan was able to have his mental senses diffuse into the atmosphere. They were incorporeal and ethereal. They were everywhere at once. The demon's mental attack descended like a storm. Though it might have been warped and deformed for a time, the whiplash that Luo Nan received was minimal. He barely felt it.

In this situation, it did not matter if the buildings of the Logic World were destroyed or not. In the end, the Logic World was nothing more than a paper-cut silhouette that stood between the virtual and reality. The biggest problem was, just how much could the Logic World endure? 

As the demon's power continued to blast out, a clear shaking appeared within the night sky. The frequency of its corresponding ripples distorted with an upheaval. The power was enough to potentially cause the Logic World to collapse.

When the buildings collapsed, Fairchild and Baze moved agilely. The injuries did not affect them, and they were able to avoid being caught in the fallout quite easily. However, when Fairchild saw the ripples in the void, his expression changed a bit.

"Withdraw," told Fairchild Luo Nan. However, neither Luo Nan or Baze moved.

After the construction of the Logic World, regardless of mental senses being able to enter at will, a living person whose body was on the material plane would not find it easy to leave the Logic World. They would need to obtain the permission of Ouyang Chen, who built it. Or they could forcefully break through the barrier of this space. This option would undoubtedly shake up the foundations of the Logic World and rapidly lead to the world’s collapse. 

This was exactly what the demon was doing.

Normally, if Fairchild wanted to leave, he would send his greetings to Ouyang Chen and things would be fine. However, it was unknown just how much control Ouyang Chen had over his Logic World right now... The degree of damage that the Logic World had suffered already far exceeded its normal limits. It was like a scrapped machine. It did not matter how great its performance was in the past, once the key parts were damaged, it would be extremely difficult to start it up anew.

Alas, this point might not have been something Ouyang Chen had kept in mind when he started all this.

Luo Nan did not respond to Fairchild's call. He did not retreat. It was not Luo Nan being disobedient. Rather, it was because Luo Nan did not dare. Fairchild viewed the limits of the material plane, whereas Luo Nan saw the mental plane becoming even more chaotic.

In the material plane of the Logic World, the warped structure of space was still useable. However, in the mental plane, this sort of crucial structure had already begun to collapse. Warped curtains hung from the material plane and locked out one after another. They disconnected from each other and fluttered with elasticity, as they intertwined. They took the mental plane, especially its deep regions, and made it one tangled mess. 

Luo Nan really did not dare to venture in there. From his clairvoyance, he could see that the stability of the Logic World had received irreversible damage from the demon's attacks. The attacks completely reduced the curtain structure of the mental plane into a labyrinth trap. It was like over a thousand tape lines had been pulled to the limits and interwoven together to form many bizarre loops.

If a soul body wanted to enter and exit, one mistake and the soul would be lost in the endless abyss of space. Even if one made it out alive, it would be unknown what godforsaken place they would appear at. 

Of course, it would be fortunate if it were only hundreds of kilometers away. But what if it was ten-thousand kilometers? What if one emerged in the bottom of the ocean? In the vastness of outer space?

This was no laughing matter!

Master of the Stars Chapter 132: Perhaps Of The Truth (Part 1/2)

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