Master of the Stars Chapter 134: The Limits Of The Fleshly Body (Part 2/2)

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Chapter 134: The Limits of the Fleshly Body (Part 2/2)

Translator: Strivon

Bai Xinyan asked him with all smiles, "Aren't you familiar with all the teachers?"

Her guess was a bit godlike. Bai Xinyan certainly could not see the information on the Psychic Wave Network. How was she able to guess correctly?

Bai Xinyan winked, as she locked with Luo Nan's rarely seen startled gaze. "It's easy to guess. You're great at causing trouble. It will be easier for you to accept lessons from people who you have met before."


"I'm just kidding. The truth is that you've made an impression in the hearts of many. The Society isn't certain in their confidentiality, so they made this relatively closed circle of people for you. Unfortunately, you're such a troublemaker that I don't believe the Society's actions will be useful."

Luo Nan was embarrassed, but he was also secretly scared. This was mainly because of the word 'closed'. He subconsciously rummaged through the lesson table. It was certainly great to learn things, but to be closed off in this small circle was something he absolutely did not want.

In total, he had already spent two weeks holed up in the hospital. Sure, he could endure time in solitude, but to do research and be researched on were two different situations altogether.

He Yueyin seemed to have read his mind. "Taking the fact that Mr. Luo needs to go to school and has his studies, his training time should be primarily arranged at night. There won't be any conflicts."

When it came to it, He Yueyin's words were also a refutation to Bai Xinyan's 'closed' talk.

This was a wake-up call for Luo Nan. That's right, he had nearly forgotten about school. It was already the middle of October. The prime of his high-school life was actually going to be half dedicated to the hospital. It looked very likely that he was going to have to repeat a year or two...

He consulted Bai Xinyan, "According to my situation, when can I go back to school?"

"As long as you can keep going through the Frost River Waterway exercise ten times in the morning and evening, you can go back to school anytime." Bai Xinyan's answer was brisk and to the point, but she added a jab in the end, "I thought you deliberately feigned ignorance and that’s why you didn't mention it."

Luo Nan swore to himself that he would no longer speak with Bai Xinyan for the night.

He Yueyin looked at the time. "We can start now if it's convenient for Mr. Luo, is that fine?"

"Up to you guys."

"No problem."

Luo Nan and Bai Xinyan spoke over each other. They could not help but give each other dark looks, as they rolled eyes.

"You all get to it then." Bai Xinyan smiled. as she gathered up her equipment. After everything was tidied up, she waved goodbye. What a lithe and graceful action. Luo Nan maintained his guard against her in every way possible, but he was still forced to admit that her actions had a very feminine charm to them. They were quite pleasing to the eye.

Unexpectedly, in his moment of daze, Bai Xinyan's fine and slender fingers brushed against Luo Nan cheek. "Pay attention to the lesson. Don't get distracted... Oh right, it would be best if you wash up first."

Bai Xinyan walked out of the door; she twirled her fingers and laughed all the way.

Luo Nan lips were pulled back and his face was a bit red. He also had a headache. Then, He Yueyin's gaze came over, and he felt even more embarrassed and blurted,

"I'm going to go wash up now."

He wanted to smack his own mouth when the words left it.

He Yueyin was as calm as ever before. She softly said, "It's too obvious that you're wary."

Suddenly, Luo Nan froze.

"The more nervous you are, the more White Salt wants to tease you. That is just her personality. She's your standard cat."

This was the first time Luo Nan saw He Yueyin describing a person behind their back. In any case, was He Yueyin admonishing him or was she giving him emotional support?

"Everyone has their secrets, secrets only they would know... Mr. Luo's attitude is a correct one, it's just that there's room for adjustment. I hope that this period of training will bring about a change in you."

Having said this, He Yueyin raised her hand slightly and indicated to Luo Nan that he was free to go.

It seemed that He Yueyin was wary of Bai Xinyan as well.

After getting the okay, Luo Nan let out a hidden breath of relief. He thought about the lesson He Yueyin gave him, as he rushed into the shower. He scrubbed quickly and changed into normal clothes. After he refreshed himself, he obediently returned to listen to He Yueyin's lecture.

"We will start with the applications of the HexaEar."

Imparting knowledge covering the HexaEar and Psychic Wave Network was something that He Yueyin promised to do two weeks ago.

Before, Luo Nan had only obtained some basic knowledge from Zhang Yingying. He Yueyin's course was far more complete and rigorous. It might not be as fun, but practically speaking, it was far more effective than a so-called happy education. 

As such, Luo Nan gained a clearer understanding of the six layers of communication with the HexaEar in a short period of time. He also did some intensive exercises of functions commonly used by members of the Society.

Of course, this was far from He Yueyin's teaching objective. This was evident from the name of her course. It was quite a holistic topic. The HexaEar and the Psychic Wave Network were just starting points. He needed to get to the end of the course to be able to truly use them. 

He Yueyin's ability to grasp time was absolutely first class. The first lesson in the course took about forty minutes, ending just when the family visitation time was about to begin.

Luo Nan could see that tonight was quite a lively night, as he looked through the communication screen. His aunt, Ms. Luo Shuqing, was a woman who nothing could deter. She came to see him every day, and this time Xue Lei came along as well.

"And so we conclude here for today."

He Yueyin gave Luo Nan a nod and prepared to leave.

Luo Nan hesitated for a moment, but he still spoke, "Sister He."

"Yes?" He Yueyin stood beneath the last thread of light from the setting sun. It was hard to make out her face, which made her usual ramrod straight posture of confidence much more prominent to the eyes. 

Luo Nan had suddenly realized that He Yueyin was in a context outside of official business; he could not imagine it. But the words had already left his mouth and retracting them would not be an easy thing to do. He could only summon the courage and say, "Sister He. Since my aunt and Xue Lei are both here, how about we all go out for dinner?"

Luo Nan was not just being polite. This was the matter that Luo Nan had pondered over for a long time—how to develop a personal relationship with He Yueyin... Uh, of course, he did not have those intentions. He just wanted to get closer to her.

In the end, it did not matter what the plans of the Society were or what He Yueyin's own conjecture was. Her family background was out of the ordinary, and she was quite capable and outstanding herself, being a retired military officer. Ever since Luo Nan met He Yueyin, He Yueyin brought out an attitude of a secretary and had helped him out. 

This was by no means normal.

No matter how dark or bright Luo Nan's mood was, the rational part of his brain immediately warned him. "You must not get carried away!"

It was because Luo Nan felt this insecurity that he was trying to get him and He Yueyin to understand each other a bit more. At least they could be friends?

"There will be other chances in the future." He Yueyin made a predictable and polite response. Her expression was just as calm and unperturbed as usual. There were no visible traces of delight or anger.

She walked out of the hospital ward under Luo Nan's gaze and just so happened to meet Luo Shuqing head on.

Xue Lei, who had been cautiously talking with Luo Shuqing, was startled into a jump. This woman, who could kill in less than ten paces, had left a deep impression on him. After the matter at Frost River Reality, he had asked the master of his gym about her, and the master had acted very strangely.

Though he did not quite understand what part of He Yueyin made him feel this way, a bit of reverence always existed in his heart. He instinctively bowed.

"Secretary He."

He did not know the appropriate title to call her, but he had seen Zhang Yingying and the others call her this, so he just blurted it out.

He Yueyin did not mind. She gave a slight nod and bowed toward Luo Shuqing. "Mrs. Luo."

Luo Shuqing and He Yueyin had met each other a few times over this past week. All Luo Shuqing knew of He Yueyin was that she was a government employee from the police department. She was in charge of the investigation and forensics of Frost River Reality. Luo Shuqing smiled and greeted He Yueyin. Then, she politely created some distance. After all, nobody wanted their child repeatedly questioned. It was like turning from a victim into a suspect. 

He Yueyin had no intention to chat with them. She simply took her leave.

Master of the Stars Chapter 134: The Limits Of The Fleshly Body (Part 2/2)

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