Mechanical God Emperor Chapter 133

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133 – Surrounding Israel (III)

Yang Feng put away the Neins Soul Elixir. He revealed his greedy nature by continuing overbearingly: “This little bit is not enough compensation. I want a complete corpse of a Great Warlock rank extraordinary life form. At the very least, it should contain its core and skeleton. If it has blood-meridian essence, then that’s even better.”

Israel’s eyes flickered with a fierce glimmer, but he suppressed his rage and instead said coldly. “A complete corpse of a Great Warlock rank extraordinary life form! Are you joking? It’s such a precious treasure! Even if you add up your entire Steel City, it still wouldn’t be worth as much.”

The corpse of a Great Warlock rank extraordinary life form was of astonis.h.i.+ng worth, with everything about it being a treasure. Extraordinary life forms from who’s blood blood-meridian essence could be extracted; their skeleton, fur and core were precious alchemy materials that could be refined into Legend rank secret treasures.

The corpses of Great Warlock rank extraordinary life forms were precious treasures for which there was demand but no supply. Once such a corpse appeared in an auction house, it would attract a lot of Great Warlocks to compete for it.

Yang Feng said with a smile: “That’s right, I was just thinking about refining a Legend rank secret treasure and offer it to Steel City’s City Lord, Yang Ye. But I’m currently short on materials. Hand over a complete corpse of a Grand Warlock rank extraordinary life form and I’ll put this matter to rest.”

Israel’s eyes flashed with a touch of cold killing intent, before he said coldly: “Yang Tie, you even dare threaten me? You’ve got guts! Don’t you know that your life is in my hands? If I want to kill you, then even those many mechanical golems won’t be able to protect you!

Israel was a demon Great Warlock rank expert disguised as the Bear of Flames’ Master, Joyman. He was a big shot high above the and his words were of tremendous weight. But now he was actually being threatened by a level-1 Warlock; therefore, it’s only natural for him to have killing intent towards the other.

Yang Feng swept Israel with a glance, his eyes flas.h.i.+ng with a touch of contempt, before saying with a sneer: “Joyman, Your Highness, such a big shot like yourself being so meek and mild, to the point of apologizing to myself, it surely must be because there’s an item in that valley that you must have. You could kill me, but my mechanical legion would definitely rush into the valley and seize everything within. The alchemy of Steel City’s City Master is peerless in the entire world. Steel City still has at least three more mechanical legions of like this, are you sure that you can take care of several such mechanical legions by yourself?”

Israel’s eyes instantly surged with endless rage, but he forced himself to calm down. With his strength, killing someone inside this mechanical legion and then escaping was really easy. But to destroy the mechanical legion made up of one hundred thousand level-8 primary battle robots, that would be very difficult.

Great Warlocks were truly the strongest beings on Turandot Subcontinent. But as long as the enemies’ strength reached a certain extent, then human wave attacks could also be used to overrun a Great Warlock.

Israel was silent for a moment; following which, he casually waved his hand and immediately sent an up to five meters long corpse of a direwolf covered in blue fur flying towards Yang Feng: “This is the corpse of a Blue Docfen Demonic Ice Wolf, the core and blood-meridian essence are included. Take it and leave!”

Yang Feng received the corpse of the Blue Docfen Demonic Ice Wolf and took a careful look at it, his eyes flas.h.i.+ng with a touch of satisfaction.

Although the Blue Docfen Demonic Ice Wolf was one of the weakest level-4 extraordinary life forms and it’s strength was far from that of formidable beings such as human Great Warlocks and dragons, but it was still a level-4 extraordinary life form and it’s battle prowess were extremely frightening; it was a being capable of tearing the majority of pinnacle level-3 Warlocks to shreds. As long as it was modulated in the Portable Fortified Stronghold; then before long, a new mechanical battle beast comparable to a level-4 extraordinary life form would appear.

Yang Feng waved his hand and kept the corpse of the Blue Docfen Demonic Ice Wolf inside a Dimensional Crest, before casually throwing the Dimensional Crest towards a level-8 Should-troop. That level-8 s.h.i.+eld-troop immediately retreated into the crowd of primary battle robots.

Israel’s eyes surged with to killing intent. He suppressed his anger, forced out a trace of a smile and said: “Please leave.”

Yang Feng stared at Israel as if looking at an idiot and said with a chuckle: “Joyman, are you really that stupid? Did you really believe that I would keep my word? Since even you are tempted by the treasure inside the valley, then how can I let it slip past me?!”

Practically at the same time, all the Gunner-troops and Artillery-troops opened fire, with countless gauss shooting towards Israel.

The countless horrifying gauss instantly destroyed Israel’s life force cover, before directly bombarding his body, piercing trough his flesh and cras.h.i.+ng him into the valley

Endless sh.e.l.lfire, practically without respite, locked onto Israel and madly bombarded him.

“Yang Tie, I’ll kill you!! There’s no one in the entire subcontinent that can save you! I’ll not only to kill you, but also everyone else from Steel City!!”

A flame storm instantly took shape and formed a barrier, easily withstanding the bombardment of Yang Feng’s flame storm barrier.

Israel stood loftily in the center of the flame storm. Like a flame fiendG.o.d, his eyes emitted two streams of flames; deep within his eyes, there was a raging fury. He had never been so duped before; but today, this trifling ant of a level-1 Warlock did it, making his fury rise to the limit.

“There’s no elixir for stupidity! You’re so stupid that you can’t help not being duped, but I’m here to help you. Now that you were cheated once, later on, you’ll have your psychological defenses up and your human behavior will benefit greatly; therefore, you should be thankful. But instead, you want to kill me? That’s truly biting the hand that feeds you.”

Yang Feng’s figure suddenly retreated and entered the area protected by level-8 s.h.i.+eld-troops, greatly contrasting with his cynical remarks.

“Very well. I’ll thank you properly and repay your kindness by cutting you into pieces!” Israel’s eyes spurted furious flames with every word he said.

After finis.h.i.+ng speaking, Israel’s figure shook and at once nine flame arrows detached from him, frantically shooting towards the mechanical legion.

Those nine flame arrows at once arrived before the mechanical legion.

Every level-8 primary battle robot was equipped with level-2 or higher protective covers. It the nick of time, the entire mechanical legion flared with a large protective cover.

The nine flame arrows. .h.i.t the mechanical legion and pierced trough more than ninety Bladed-troops, incinerating them in the process.

Israel’s expression was somewhat unsightly as he watched the more than ninety Bladed-troops turning into cinders. With his current strength, he could only release the level-4 spell Nine Flame Arrows ten times a day. In other words, if he continued to cast such a spell like Nine Flame Arrows, then he would at most be able to destroy more than nine hundred Bladed-troops before depleting his spirit force. Even if he continuously drank precious elixirs to recover his spirit force, destroying two thousand primary battle robots in one day would already be his limit.

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Mechanical God Emperor Chapter 133

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