Mechanical God Emperor Chapter 134

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134 – Surrounding Israel (IV)

In Turandot Subcontinent, level-2 Warlocks were already the Masters of many small princ.i.p.alities. Even in Warlock College Antalya, level-2 Warlocks were elders of the council of elders with sky-high statuses. On the whole, there were less than two thousand level-2 Warlocks in Warlock College Antalya.

Being capable of killing two thousand level-2 Warlocks in a day, Israel’s strength was extremely terrifying. But he came across such a freak of a mechanical legion, only like this would he appear somewhat helpless.

Yang Feng hiding within the mechanical legion sneered: “Joyman, Your Highness, this little bit of power isn’t enough to kill me! Could it be that as a Great Warlock, you’re only capable of this much? That’s truly too weak.”

“You’ll know of what I’m capable after I’ll tear you into pieces!”

Israel was so angry that he instead started smiling. His figure shook, countless flames shot into the sky and turned into the level-4 extraordinary life form Byron Demonic Flame Bear. It was up to six meters tall with raging flames all over.

Level-4 extraordinary life form Byron Demonic Flame Bears were second only to dragon-type extraordinary life forms of the same rank. If they had the ability to fly, then they would be able to even contend against dragons.

The figure of the Byron Demonic Flame Bear shook and like a terrifying tank, it swiftly shot towards the mechanical legion.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

When the Byron Demonic Flame Bear morphed Israel shot into the mechanical legion, he brandished his huge bear paws and slapped the mechanical legion’s primary battle robots.

Whether it was a Bladed-troop or a s.h.i.+eld-troop with the strongest defensive strength, their protective covers were like thin sheets of paper before Israel’s bear paws, unable to withstand a single strike.

Spare parts spattering everywhere as the primary battle robots blocking in front of Israel were all flung back with a single slap. They simply couldn’t withstand a single one of Israel’s mighty strikes.

Within just a few breaths, Israel had torn to shreds more that one hundred of the mechanical legion’s primary battle robots and killed his way right before Yang Feng.

“Amazing! So fierce, worthy of a Great Warlock rank expert!!”

Even though he was protected by countless primary battle robots, Yang Feng still didn’t felt the least bit secure, as if he could only depend on his own power to withstand Israel.

The hundred level-8 s.h.i.+eld-troops in front Yang Feng had already formed a defensive array. They lifted their s.h.i.+elds and started their level-3 protective covers, superimposing them, to block in front of Yang Feng.

“Although I don’t have a way of killing those one hundred thousand mechanical golems, but now that I want to kill you, there’s no one in Turandot Subcontinent that can save you!!”

Israel uttered a proud beast-like growl and forcefully shattered layers upon layers of the level-3 protective covers with each slap, before crus.h.i.+ng a level-8 s.h.i.+eld-troop in front of him.

Within a few breaths, the level-8 s.h.i.+eld-troops blocking in front of Israel were one by one sent flying. A huge hole was torn in the defensive array, exposing Yang Tie.

“Lowly ant, to actually dare play me for a fool, a honorable Great Warlock; for that, you’ll have to use your life to atone for your sin!” Israel’s eyes flashed with a touch of ruthlessness, he extended his claw towards Yang Feng’s head and as if pinching a bugs head, pinched fiercely.

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with a touch of peculiarity, before revealing a trace of a smile: “To burst in so readily, I don’t know if you’re just a fool or think too highly of yourself!”

Israel saw Yang Feng revealing a trace of a smile and he suddenly had a feeling of extreme danger surging within.

In an instant, they eyes of 50,000 level-8 primary battle robots flickered red and they detonated the bombs within them.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The terrifying shock wave from the fifty thousand level-8 primary battle robots exploding shrouded a surrounding area of several kilometers in radius. A huge mushroom shot into the sky, with countless spare parts and stones spattering everywhere.

Suddenly, a violent hurricane burst out from the mushroom cloud, blowing away countless ash and smoke.

With one of his arms blown, his face bruised and traces of scorched black all over his body. With a frantic expression, Israel came out from the explosion site; he felt fear and anger within: “That lunatic! To actually detonate so many mechanical golems! Such a madman! The value of this mechanical golem legion is much higher than a legendary secret treasure’s.”

After all, the destructive force from those fifty thousand level-8 primary battle robots detonating wasn’t gathered in a single point; therefore, merely heavily injuring Israel. If the destructive force from those fifty thousand level-8 primary battle robots detonating were to be gathered in a single point, then the explosion would tear Israel to shreds. Nonetheless, those fifty thousand level-8 primary battle robots detonating still cost Israel his right arm.

Israel had just left the smoke resulting from the explosion, when the eight meter tall Mechanical Demonic Polar Bear drilled out of the ground behind him, before fiercely swinging it’s paw at him.

“Mofen Demonic Polar Bear!!” Israel’s expression changed greatly. He raised his left paw and collided with Mechanical Demonic Polar Bear’s right paw.

With their power of earth manipulation, Mofen Demonic Polar Bears were terrifying extraordinary life forms on the same general level as dragons. It’s all-out strike once more injured heavily the originally heavily wounded Israel.

Israel was enraged. He spat out and a cl.u.s.ter of magic flames instantly pounced at the Mechanical Demonic Polar Bear.

The Mechanical Demonic Polar Bear flickered with an earth-yellow radiance. Instantly, a layer of thick rock armor appeared on it. Simultaneously, it once more swung it’s paw violently at Israel, sending him flying.

When Israel was sent flying, he suddenly felt pain from his back. Instantly, more than a dozen long blade cuts appeared on his back, with large amounts of blood spurting from them.

“Invisible freaks! f.u.c.k!!”

Israel’s battle experience was very abundant. He slapped with the back of his paw towards an empty place, crus.h.i.+ng more than a dozen Phantom Hunters.

The Mechanical Demonic Polar Bear once more approached, taking advantage of the split second when Israel was distracted, it slapped him, breaking the bones of his chest in several dozen places.

After he suffered heavy damage from the Mechanical Demonic Polar Bear’s strike, Israel spat a mouthful of blood, recovered his human form, turned into a cl.u.s.ter of flames and shot towards the sky, escaping northwards.

The reason why human Great Warlocks were terrifying was because it was very difficult to kill them as they had many means, with countless escaping spells among them.

A fierce gale sprang up in the middle of the sky. The Mechanical Black Dragon, that had been hiding amidst the clouds, abruptly flew out form within the clouds. As swift as a clap of thunder, it dropped from the sky and pierced trough Israel’s heart with its claw, before digging out his demon core.

“Motherf.u.c.ker!” Israel gave a cry full of indignation and grief.

The Mechanical Black Dragon slapped Israel with it’s claw, crus.h.i.+ng his viscera and sending him flying towards the ground.

Mechanical God Emperor Chapter 134

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