Mechanical God Emperor Chapter 154

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154 – Gaining Control Of Rose Garden

“If you want to be that way, then go to h.e.l.l!”

Ramona gave a faint sigh, her figure disappeared strangely, and she suddenly reappeared on the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear’s bosom, and then sent a claw to grab at its c.o.c.kpit.

Ramona had very rich battle experience. At a glance, she identified that the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear’s greatest weak point was Yang Feng and the others in the c.o.c.kpit.

“So fast!!”

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed in astonishment. With the battle experience of a level-1 Warlock, he simply couldn’t react.

At that critical juncture, the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear’s battle instincts quickly took over. It erupted with a tremendous magical radiance that swiftly gathered earth elemental particles into a heavy rock armor above the c.o.c.kpit.

Ramona’s body twisted, she floated lightly and strangely appeared above the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear’s head, before kicking it in the head.


With an earth-shattering blare, the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear’s head suddenly had a great chunk of it cave in, while two large crevices appeared on the ground below its feet.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ramona’s speed swiftly reached the limit. Shadows surrounded the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear, kicking it time and again.

Within a short breath, the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear had already been kicked several dozen times by Ramona, with countless rocks splas.h.i.+ng everywhere.

A row of warnings were swiftly transmitted into Yang Feng’s eyes.

Although the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear was a Great Warlock rank extraordinary life form, but after it died and was remodeled into a mechanical battle beast by Yang Feng, its battle prowess were greatly weakened. Additionally, Yang Feng had no data on Ramona in his optical computer’s database; therefore, he couldn’t infer her next move and display the terrifying foresight-like ability. He could just rely on the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear’s battle instincts to fight while being greatly disadvantaged, and wait to be subdued by Ramona who was a genuine Great Warlock.

Carolina suddenly warned: “She’s a Body-Tempering Warlock, don’t let her come near you. Use spells to deal with her.”

Body-Tempering Warlocks were a branch of Warlocks. They were different from other Warlocks who practiced both magical and physical cultivation. The spells that Body-Tempering Warlocks constructed in their spirit seas were all for the purpose of upgrading their physical const.i.tutions; spells like the level-1 spell Physical Const.i.tution Strengthening.

Body-Tempering Warlocks were by far inferior to other Warlocks in terms of long-range means. But once they were close, they were the most horrifying meat s.h.i.+elds and military weapons. The best way to deal with them was to use all kinds of weird spells so that they couldn’t get close and deal with them from a distance.

“Even if I know that she’s a Body-Tempering Warlock, I still don’t have appropriate spells to deal with her!” While inside the c.o.c.kpit of the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear, Yang Feng said with a bitter smile.

The Mofen Demonic Polar Bear was naturally proficient in earth attribute spells. It was a darling of the land. It’s spells were relatively simple, and it was very difficult to hit Ramona with them, who was sticking to it like a piece of gum.

“It looks like I have no other choice but to reveal a few other trumps!”

Yang Feng’s mind moved; the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear gave a furious roar, and cast the level-4 earth attribute defensive spell Spiked Giant Rock-Barrier.

The ground wriggled, countless sharp rock spikes frantically stabbed in every direction.

While drifting in the air, Ramona distanced herself. Like a phantom, she avoided the countless sharp rock spikes, until she briskly retreated beyond the range of the rock spikes.

In a split second, there seemed to have appeared a hedgehog in the middle of the grand arena. The giant rock-barrier with countless sharp rock spikes covered the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear.

“Idiot, if a spell doesn’t hit the opponent, then it will only deplete your power in vain! The might of a level-4 spell is great, but the depletion is equally great. How many level-4 spell can you still cast?”

Ramona sneered, her figure shook, turned into more than a dozen shadows, and shot until in front of the hedgehog-like giant rock-barrier, before striking at it. Under her attacks, the huge rock spikes were being sent flying.

Within a breath, Yang Feng had had depleted 10% of the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear’s energy stock on maintaining the giant rock-barrier that was being wrecked by Ramona.


All of a sudden, the giant rock-barrier burst open, with countless rock fragments splas.h.i.+ng everywhere akin to shrapnel from an explosion.

Ramona was slightly startled, her figure retreated briskly until a distance of 100 meters, and then stared in the direction of the giant rock barrier.

Only to see a Blue Docfen Demonic Ice Wolf appear next to the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear.

Ramona’s beautiful eyes flickered with incredulity and she exclaimed: “Blue Docfen Demonic Ice Wolf!! You actually have 2 level-4 alchemical golems. Steel City’s Alchemy had even reached this point?”

The Warlocks in the spectator seats were also dumbstruck, with some even doubting their eyes.

A single Great Warlock rank alchemical golem would already shock countless great forces in the world. It was a terrifying power capable of altering the balance between two great forces. In Turandot Subcontinent, perhaps only the six great Warlock groups would have such precious alchemical golems stored away in their treasuries to act as their foundation.

Yang Feng gave a long sigh and said: “Ramona, you still haw a way out! If you keep fighting me, then only death will await you. On account of the both of us being humans, I can give you a path to survival.”

“Giggle. What path to survival? You can’t kill me.” Ramona covered her mouth and said with a smile: “With those 2 alchemical golems, just to defeat me would be very difficult. As for killing me, that’s impossible! You’re but a trifling level-1 Warlock, do’t make me laugh.”

Ramona was a Great Warlock who went through countless fights in the under world, and even had the deaths of a few Great Warlock rank experts under her belt. With her ma.s.sively rich battle experience, she could see through Yang Feng’s bluff at a glance.

“Indeed, the Blue Docfen Demonic Ice Wolf is still not quite enough. But how about adding them into the equation?”

The c.o.c.kpit of the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear opened slightly. With the flicker of radiances, level-8 Bladed-troops, Gunner-troops, s.h.i.+eld-troops, Artillery-troops and other primary battle robots appeared in the grand arena one after another.

In a mere few breaths, more than 1,000 primary battle robots appeared in the arena; pairs of electronic eyes flickered with red light as they were firmly locked onto Ramona.

Ramona’s pretty face finally changed slightly. With her strength, she could sieve through those level-8 primary battle-troops as she pleased. But once she destroyed the 1,000 primary battle robots, her strength would be greatly depleted. What’s more, the 2 Great Warlock rank alchemical golems would take advantage of her weakened state to attack her. Like this, even someone as tyrannical as her could fall.

Ramona suddenly said with a smile: “So the rumors were true! Steel City’s mechanical legion truly deserves its reputation. Yang Feng, Israel was taken care of by Steel City, right?”

Yang Feng was slightly startled, before stubbornly denying: “Who’s Israel? Never heard of such a person!”

“There’s no use denying it. Israel had been chasing Snow White Madam by himself. This matter was kept secret, but there were still some people in the know. And now, Snow White Madam had joined Steel City, while Israel had been killed. Therefore, the one that got rid of him is most certainly Steel City. You’re quite interesting. On account of the both of us being humans, I’ll leave you with a warning. The under world’s allied forces had already been eyeing Steel City. Be careful.”

Ramona said a few sentences with a smile, then grabbed Cobham directly; her figure shook and she shot outside the amphitheater.

“Fortunately, I wasn’t forced to reveal my final trump card.” After seeing Ramona being scared off by him, only then did Yang Feng heaved a log sigh in relief.

Great Warlock rank powerhouses were indeed scary. With his mechanical legion at his back, although Yang Feng was certain of his victory, but he had no a.s.surance that he could kill Ramona. With her strength, Ramona could come and go as she pleases; she was very difficult to deal with.

The reason why Yang Feng was able to kill Israel was because Israel was already heavily injured. Ramona was cunning, the moment she felt that something was amiss, she immediately escaped far away; Yang Feng had no way to catch her.

As soon as Ramona was gone, silence reined in the grand arena, with a strange atmosphere pervading it.

The Mofen Demonic Polar Bear operated by Yang Feng turn around, it’s electronic eyes moving back and forth between Cordelia, Carolina and Clarissa who were reputed as Turandot Subcontinent’s most beautiful Three Roses.

Cordelia’s beautiful eyes moved around coquettishly as she said in a lovely and pitiful voice: “Yang Feng, save me. As long as you save me, I’ll marry you and help you take control of Rose Garden. What’s more, I still can help you with Carolina and Clarissa, and let you wantonly ravage Turandot Subcontinent’s Two Roses.”

Carolina snapped: “Yang Feng, Don’t believe her! Kill her and I’ll marry Angelina to you as well as let you become Rose Empire’s first Emperor. Apart from myself and Clarissa, anyone in Rose Garden whom you fancy, I’ll let them serve you. Additionally, with my support, you’ll definitely be promoted to a level-3 Warlock within a century.”

At this moment in the grand arena, Yang Feng was in control of the situation, and what he said went.

The chunk of ice that had icebound Dephilia shattered. She casually stepped out of it, went next to Yang Feng, and asked lightly: “What are you going to do now?”

Yang Feng smiled and sent mentally: “This is a G.o.dsend opportunity, of course I’m going to grab it and swallow Rose Garden whole.”

If there were no accidents, then even if Steel City mobilized everything it had and came to attack Rose Garden, the outcome would still be 50-50. Yang Feng definitely wouldn’t take a risk to storm Rose Garden. But now that Rose Garden’s three Great Warlocks were poisoned and seriously injured, he naturally wouldn’t miss such a great opportunity.

A radiance shot out from the c.o.c.kpit of the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear and fell on the ground, revealing a level-5 humanoid primary battle robot with a syringe in its hand. While taking large strides, the level-5 humanoid robot arrived before Cordelia.

Yang Feng said lightly: “Cordelia, don’t resist; I’ll save you!”

Cordelia stared at the level-5 humanoid robot, then sighed faintly, and didn’t resist. With her current strength, if she gave it her all, she could still kill a level-3 Warlock. But Yang Feng was hiding in the c.o.c.kpit of the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear, she had no solution to that.

The level-5 humanoid robot took the syringe and ruthlessly p.r.i.c.ked Cordelia’s lily-white arm, injecting her with the Liquid Nano-Robots.

Cordelia’s body automatically erupted with a powerful force, killing about one tenth of the Liquid Nano-Robots, but the rest a.s.similated with every nook and cranny of her body.

The level-5 humanoid robot grabbed the Twilight Dagger inserted in Cordelia’s abdomen and pulled it out.

A large amount of black blood was spurted out of Cordelia’s abdomen.

Countless Liquid Nano-Robots swiftly condensed into blood vessels and skin, and patched Cordelia’s abdomen up. Simultaneously all of her aperturepoints were stimulated, before she erupted with formidable life force and forcibly crushed countless curses.

“Yang Feng, I’m really grateful.”

Cordelia gasped, then gave Yang Feng a lovely smile, before her eyes fell on Carolina and Clarissa. Her eyes surged with killing intent, and her body instantly erupted with formidable life force. She wanted to get rid of those two women and cover up her tracks.

Yang Feng snapped his fingers.

Cordelia felt bursts of pain and itch akin to being gnawed by ten thousand ants. She tumbled to the ground as she struggled and howled in pain.

Next, the level-5 humanoid robot came before Carolina, and grabbed her lily-white arm.

Carolina’s beautiful eyes flashed with dismay as she shrieked out loud: “Stop! Yang Feng, don’t do it! I can give you all of Rose Garden’s treasures, just let me off!”

After seeing Cordelia’s horrible plight, Carolina realized that the injected liquid wasn’t anything good.

Yang Feng said with a light smile: “If there’s something in Rose Garden that I want, I’ll just take it myself. Anyway, from now on, everything in Rose Garden, including yourself, is mine.”

The level-5 humanoid robot grabbed the weak and powerless Carolina, and injected her with the Liquid Nano-Robot Elixir. Immediately after, it crushed Clarissa’s somewhat powerless resistance, and also injected her with the elixir.

Carolina and Clarissa, the two experts were afflicted by a strange poison, and were so weakened, that their immune system was basically incapable of doing anything to the Liquid Nano-Robots and could only let them merge with their bodies.


Mechanical God Emperor Chapter 154

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