Mechanical God Emperor Chapter 155

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155 – Strange Movements

Yang Feng’s mind moved, those Liquid Nano-Robots which had merged with the two great experts Carolina and Clarissa mobilized, they stimulated their hidden aperturepoints, and excited their already formidable life forces.

Terrifying life forces instantly erupted from the two women. They opened their mouths and spat out two pitch-black lumps of the strange poison which exuded a nauseating stench.

When Carolina recovered her strength, her gaze fell on the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear piloted by Yang Feng, her beautiful eyes flashed with killing intent, and she erupted with a formidable life force. Her goal was to cast a spell and turn the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear into dregs along with Yang Feng.

Inside Rose Garden, by drawing support from it, Carolina could even fight against a Starry Sky Warlock, and may even suppress or kill the opponent. It was such a horrifying power that even Yang Feng feared it.

The moment Carolina released her killing intent, she felt unbearable pain and itch all over her body. Bursts of pain and itch came from her bone marrow and spread throughout her entire body. Under that much pain, even the usually proud Carolina couldn’t help from issuing painful and mournful shrieks, collapse on the ground and roll around.

When Clarissa saw this, her beautiful eyes flashed with fear.

“I forgot to tell you. This is the G.o.d Eradicating Elixir refined by Steel City. Even G.o.d rank powerhouses, if they were to be injected with this G.o.d Eradicating Elixir, once they fell out of my favor, then they would be in for a world of pain, where death would be sweeter than life. What’s more, it would be up to me to decide whether they lived or died, without them even having the right to commit suicide.”

Yang Feng’s voice drifted in the grand arena.

“The G.o.d Eradicating Elixir? He he!” When Dephilia heard that magnificent name, her face twisted slightly, and she nearly felt like laughing.

Currently, the Liquid Nano Robot Elixir could at most control only Great Warlock rank powerhouses. It might not even be capable of controlling Starry Sky Warlocks much less G.o.d rank experts. When Dephilia heard Yang Feng, she realized that he was just bragging and trying to deceive the three women.

Clarissa saw the battered state of the once proud, beautiful, and imposing Carolina and couldn’t take it anymore, before pleading with Yang Feng: “Yang Feng, stop bullying big sister Carolina. I beg you in her stead, please let her off!!”

Yang Feng snapped his fingers.

Carolina felt the pain fade away. While dripping with sweat, she stood up, glared at Yang Feng and said through greeted teeth: “You fiend!”

Yang smiled faintly: “Thank you for your praise!”

With a smile as enchanting as a flower, Cordelia threw a charming glance at Yang Feng; along with a hint of fragrance, she went next to Yang Feng: “Ha ha! Little sister Carolina, I hadn’t expected that you would also fall under Master’s control. Master, I, Cordelia, am willing to pledge my allegiance to You. Your wish is my command, oh~!”

Carolina glared at Cordelia. Hatred flickered in her beautiful eyes, and she said through gnashed teeth: “Yang Feng, kill her! As long as you kill her, then I’ll give you Rose Garden in its entirety! Even if you want myself, then I’ll be yours!”

If not for Cordelia suddenly rebelling and plotting against Carolina, then Carolina would never have surrender to Yang Feng. She was infinitesimally close to a peerless powerhouse of the Starry Sky Warlock rank; what’s more, she was Rose Garden’s Master and had its entire power under her command. When in Rose Garden, she could even suppress a Star Sky Warlock.

The once proud and arrogant Carolina surprisingly fell under Yang Feng’s control; she really wished she could chop Cordelia into ten thousand pieces.

When Cordelia heard that, her tender body stiffened slightly, her beautiful eyes flashed with fear and she looked towards Yang Feng. Her fate could be decided by a single thought from Yang Feng. Carolina had surpa.s.sed her in every which aspect; if Yang Feng gave her up and she fell into Carolina’s hands, then she’d be as good as dead.

Yang Feng said with a light smile: “Hence forth, you three will be good sisters and get along. Cordelia, do not worry, I’ve already given them the order not to harm you. As long as they do anything dubious, then they would be in for a world of pain, where death would be sweeter than life. At the same time, you also can’t harm them, or the same fate will await you.”

The Liquid Nano-Robot Elixir couldn’t control a person’s mind; therefore, Yang Feng needed to place a thorn in Rose Garden so that it wouldn’t be united as one. Only like this could he truly take hold of Rose Garden.

Cordelia had already greatly offended Carolina and Clarissa; therefore, her only path to survival was by following Yang Feng. With Cordelia in Rose Garden, Carolina and Clarissa wouldn’t have any other choice but to rely on Yang Feng. With this countermeasure, Yang Feng would be the one truly in power.

“Thank you, Master!” Cordelia was overjoyed. Her lovely body went soft, and like a sweet and helpless bird, fell into Yang Feng’s embrace.

Carolina’s eyes spurted flames of rage as she said in a chilly tone: “Cordelia, you’re a Great Warlock of Rose Garden, to be so servile towards a man, don’t you have any shame?”

Cordelia retorted: “Carolina, there’s no need for you to act so pure and holy. As of today, we both are but Master’s prey. One day, we might even find ourselves together naked on a bed.”

Carolina’s pretty face was flushed with anger and she said loudly: “Can you even get more shameless?!”

Cordelia said with a bright smile: “You’re the shameless one! I’m just saying it how it is.”

Yang Feng said lightly: “That’s enough, stop being so noisy!”

“Yes! Master.” Cordelia looked very obedient as she respectfully agreed.

Carolina still wanted to say more, but then she looked at all the Warlocks lying limply in the grand arena and became silent. She was unwilling to continue disgracing herself in front of those low-level Warlocks.

Carolina swept the surroundings with a glance, a peculiar glint flashed in the depths of her beautiful eyes, and she said solemnly: “How do you intend to deal with the people here?”

In the grand arena, there were 200,000 odd Warlocks, with more than half of them being elites from Rose Empire. Carolina was somewhat worried that Yang Feng would carelessly kill people and hurt Rose Empire’s vigor.

Yang Feng said lightly: “First detain them, then inject them with the G.o.d Eradicating Elixir, and finally let them go.”

The Liquid Nano-Robot Elixir was a high-end product, and Yang Feng only carried 1,000 vials with him; therefore, he had no choice but to prioritize Warlocks who were either geniuses or had tyrannical strength and inject them with the elixir first.

“Now open the Rose Divine Pool, I want to go practice cultivation.” After everything was properly arranged, Yang Feng said to Carolina.

Carolina said lightly: “You still feel like practicing cultivation? Didn’t you hear what Ramona had said? The powerhouses from under world’s allied forces might have already gathered in your Steel City.”

Yang Feng smiled lightly: “If the experts form the under world’s allied forces don’t go to Steel City’s headquarters, Black City, then that’s that. But if they go, then that’s precisely what I’m hoping for as the corpses of Great Warlock rank powerhouses are excellent alchemical materials.”

Among Great Warlock rank experts – apart from Wizards, Magi, and other beings with exceptionally powerful spirit forces but weak bodies – the majority had tyrannical bodies which were also excellent alchemical materials.

Israel’s corpse had also been refined into a Great Warlock rank alchemical golem by Yang Feng. But the alchemical golem refined from his corpse was still fairly weak as his body was no match to that of a genuine level-4 extraordinary life form.

“Speak of the devil. There’s even someone reckless enough to dare come to my Steel City, interesting. Carolina, I’ll let you see for yourself the strength of my Steel City’s headquarters.”

Yang Feng’s body suddenly trembled slightly, he revealed a trace of a smile, and swiftly led Clarissa, Cordelia, Carolina, Dephilia and several other women into a room, before casually pressing a b.u.t.ton. In a flash, a holographic projector appeared, it flickered with countless radiances, and then projected Black City’s surroundings in the air.

“Is this an alchemical product of Steel City? It’s truly extraordinary! Steel City’s City Master, Yang Ye, sure is a prodigy Alchemist.”

When Carolina, Clarissa and Cordelia, saw the holographic projection, they s.h.i.+vered slightly within, and their contempt for Steel City was reduced by a bit.

Although Carolina had coincidentally fallen into Yang Feng’s hands, but she still hadn’t thought highly of Steel City. She believed Steel City to be at most a Warlock force on the same level as Fire Tower. Now that she saw the holographic projection, her evaluation of Steel City had changed somewhat.

10 kilometers outside of Black City, on the main road, there was a small check point. Only those who pa.s.sed the check point could advance to the second and third check points, before proceeding into the city.

As Steel City’s revealed base, Yang Feng had invested large amounts of resources into Black City to remodel it into a huge military fortress with a very tight defense and very strict checks. These years, most of the or spies who attempted to infiltrate Black City and cause trouble were turned into broken corpses.

In light of the tight defense, the various forces became even more convinced that Black City was the base where Steel City’s City Master, Yang Ye, dwelt.

A caravan filled with goods was slowly moving towards Black City.

As the capital of Steel City, Black City was extremely prosperous. Every day, it would consume large amounts of supplies, while caravans would come and go in an endless stream


A squad of level-5 humanoid robots holding gauss rifles stopped the caravan, and shouted loudly.

The caravan immediately stopped, no one dared to move.

Those humanoid robots had no trace of human qualities, and only knew how to strictly follow their program. Those who dared to try and bribe them would all be riddled with holes.

A round-faced and somewhat chubby middle-aged man came out of the crowd of people, and said deferentially: “Sir, I’m the of this caravan. May I ask what’s the problem? We, the Doris Caravan, have always paid sufficient taxes every time we did business, and have never committed tax evasion.”


Mechanical God Emperor Chapter 155

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