Mechanical God Emperor Chapter 178

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Chapter 178

178 – Nuclear Explosion, Breaching The City

Seeing this scene, the pretty complexions of Shayenna and the dark elven experts changed slightly.

Shayenna had an unsightly expression as she whispered: “That’s Behemoth Claw Konrath, the leader of Savage Claw.”

There were already countless experts from Warlock College Antalya and Black Dragon Tower inside St. Kaulin City, protecting it. Now that the munitions factories in the rear had been taken down by Savage Claw, Yang Feng was in a dilemma. As long as he took the wrong step, it would be his undoing.

“As for your reinforcements!” Aldrich gave a faint smile, reached out, and the image above the magic screen changed.

The magic screen displayed 500 odd level-4 battle robots torn into countless pieces. Next to the battle robots stood a handsome golden-haired and blue-eyed middle-aged man with a tall and sturdy figure.

Shayenna’s pretty countenance changed and she exclaimed: “That’s Steel White Elephant Haris, White Elephant’s Ivory’s Tower Master!”

Haris turned towards Yang Feng and said with a smile: “Yang Feng, all your reinforcements are being intercepted by me! I’ll lead all of White Elephant’s Ivory’s Warlocks and attack you from the rear after wiping out all of your reinforcements. Without backup, you’re destined to die here.”

The image in the magic screen above St. Kaulin City kept swiveling, displaying the remains of level-4 battle robots as well as the remains of various munitions factories.

Regardless of status, the peak Warlocks from Savage Claw and White Elephant’s Ivory were destroying the mechanical legion reinforcements and the munitions factories all over.

Aldrich had only given Yang Feng two days time, he didn’t want for the mechanical legion to gather in its entirety. Through this method, the experts from Savage Claw and White Elephant’s Ivory could now easily wipe out Yang Feng’s reinforcements and severe his logistics.

To weaken one’s opponent through a variety of means, to seek success regardless of means, that was Starlight Aldrich’s style.

Shayenna’s pretty face changed slightly, and she reminded: “Sir, Lets call it a day! Our preparation are not adequate. Lets

retreat to Steel City. We should wait until the time is ripe to once more send our troops, settling them in one go. You’ve already done enough for Eunice and Judy. If You’re defeated here, then there will be no one to take revenge for them.”

Dephilia also sighed faintly, and a touch of unwillingness flashed past her pretty eyes: “Yang Feng, I also agree with Shayenna’s proposal. If it cannot be done, then don’t deplete your power needlessly.”

“Yeah! There is a proverb in the east of the World of Warlocks, he who has health has hope. Sir, let’s withdraw first!”

“That’s right. We should retreat first, bide our time a few years until our army is powerful enough, and then use all our forces to get rid of them.”

“Women, how many of them do You want? Sir, we, dark elves, have no shortage of beautiful women. As long as You want to, then everyone is willing to service You. But let’s withdraw first!”


The dark elven upper echelons had wavering expressions as they persuaded Yang Feng, they didn’t want to die here.

A resolute glint flashed past Yang Feng’s eyes, and he said solemnly: “There’s no need to say more, I’ve already decided! We need to breach Warlock College Antalya by today! As long as Warlock College Antalya is breached, then all our problems will be solved.”

The people standing beside Yang Feng looked at each other, traces of disapproval flashing past their eyes. Warlock College Antalya’s base was built by the ancient Warlocks, how could it be so easily conquered?

Dephilia was pleased to hear that, but she felt also puzzled. Complex feelings interwove within her beautiful eyes.

Yang Feng suddenly gave an order: “Pass my order, everyone is to immediately retreat 30 kilometers!”

After hearing the order, the battle robots quickly retreated.

“Are they retreating? Or luring the enemy?”

Aldrich was full of doubts when he saw this, yet he didn’t sent people to chase. Warlock College Antalya could not defeat Yang Feng’s mechanical legion in an open field; and even if Great Warlocks were dispatched, it was not like Yang

Yang Feng had no Great Warlock rank experts of his own.

“They are retreating? This seals my fate!” Hopelessness flashed past Eunice’s beautiful eyes, and she gave a faint sight.

As per Yang Feng’s orders, the mechanical legion withdrew until a distance of 30 kilometers from Warlock College Antalya before stopping.

Everyone was somewhat at a loss regarding Yang Feng’s order, and some dark elven upper echelons’ eyes even revealed glints of disdain as they looked at Yang Feng. Dark elves only respected the strong; therefore, Yang Feng’s decisive retreat made most of them look down on him.

Yang Feng took out a pair of sunglasses, put them on, then looked in the direction of the distant Warlock College Antalya, and ordered faintly: “Detonate!”


The nuclear warheads mounted by Phantom Assassins below St. Kaulin City’s 9 Warlock Towers instantly exploded, before an endless amount of light and heat engulfed St. Kaulin City’s 9 Warlock Towers in a flash.

A horrifying shock wave instantly devastated St. Kaulin City.

All hell had broken loose. The more than 1 million Southern States Coalition’s Knight rank experts were engulfed by the terrifying shock waves above St. Kaulin City’s city wall, they were turned into ashes by the endless amount of light and heat.

The 300 magic artilleries and the more than 300 Black Dragon Tower’s level-3 Warlocks guarding in front of them were also directly vaporized and turned into ashes.


Aldrich’s cry of dismay came from the sky.

The magic screen above St. Kaulin City had collapsed in a flash.

Warlock College Antalya’s inner court, inside the seven-story-tall Warlock Tower.


The Great Warlock Holden’s eyes suddenly widened from anger, and he issued a heart-wrenching roar, before his body instantly exploded – turning into countless fragments of scattered earth.

Inside the seven-story-tall Warlock Tower, in the moment when Holden’s body had exploded, all the other Warlocks also had their bodies blow apart.

The weakening spell comparable to divine power covering the entire St. Kaulin City was managed by the Warlocks inside the seven-story-tall Warlock Tower. Immediately after the spell was

spell was destroyed, the Warlocks inside the Warlock Tower had suffered a backlash.

The Ancient Energy Absorbing Tree was also affected. A lot of the branches had fallen down from the huge tree; clearly, it had also suffered heavy injuries.

The Colossus Heavy-Duty Bombers in the sky were also shrouded by the aftermath of the the nuclear explosion. As if raindrops, they fell to the ground, before bursting into flames.

The Lightning Supersonic Fighters were also affected. They dropped from the sky, and then exploded.

Tyrannical Black Dragon Anthony morphed black dragon, who was in a high from the killing in the sky, was also affected by the shock waves from the nuclear explosion – he spat out a big mouthful of blood.

Motionless just like a stone, the Mechanical Black Dragon hidden in the clouds suddenly opened its eyes, an ominous glint flickering in its electronic eyes. It dropped from the sky, opened its bloody maw, and fiercely bit at the Tyrannical Black Dragon Anthony morphed black dragon’s neck, before vigorously tearing off a large chunk of flesh.

“Fuck! Stinking golem, break for me!” Anthony gave a furious roar, and ferociously whipped at the Mechanical Black Dragon with his tail, sending the strongest mechanical battle beast under Yang Feng’s control flying for more than a dozen meters.

After the Mechanical Black Dragon was sent flying for more than a dozen meters, it flapped its wings, and flew towards Anthony.

“Aldrich, you good-for-nothing!!”

Anthony looked down below, at the place where the 9 Warlock Towers and the 300 Black Dragon Tower’s level-3 Warlocks used to be yet were no mere, then faced the sky and gave a roar full of grief and indignation. He cast a spell, turned into a black light, and quickly fled in the direction of Black Dragon Tower.

“This Anthony is quite the resolute one! This old ghost is really difficult to kill!”

In the clouds, the space distorted; following which, Carolina emerged slowly. She looked at the fleeing Anthony in the distance, and sighed faintly.

According to Yang faintly.

According to Yang Feng’s plan, Carolina should have appeared when Anthony and Aldrich were battered, reaping Anthony’s life in one fell swoop. But Anthony was extremely cunning, he immediately escaped after seeing that things were going awry.

Carolina didn’t have the ability to make Anthony stay behind when he wanted to leave.

Carolina looked down at St. Kaulin City, and fear flashed past her beautiful eyes: “St. Kaulin City was actually breached! The power of those weapons is truly terrifying!”

St. Kaulin City’s defensive strength was exceedingly terrifying. Even if it was Carolina who wanted to destroy the 9 Warlock Towers located above the city wall, she would still find it exceedingly challenging. Unless there was a mole; otherwise, it was practically impossible to breach the city.

However, St. Kaulin City, which was renowned for being unconquerable, was actually breached by Yang Feng. Carolina had mixed feelings about it, because it meant that even St. Rose City might not withstand the offensive from Yang Feng’s mechanical legion.

“What is this power?”

“It’s too terrifying! Is this the power of the gods?”

“It’s too scary! Such destructive strength, it’s just too scary.”


The dark elven experts where dumbstruck when they saw this scene, not daring to believe their eyes. Their ears were hurting badly because of the shock wave. Where it not for the level-8 Shield-troops opening their defensive covers to protect them, then by now, they would definitely be seriously injured.

Shayenna was gobsmacked, her pretty eyes full of reverence as she looked at Yang Feng: “It’s too scary!! Such a destructive might, perhaps only when giving their all might gods be capable of accomplishing the same.”

Shock flashed past Dephilia’s beautiful eyes: “Such terrifying weapons! Such weapons are simply too scary. No wonder 18 Great Warlock rank experts had fallen in Black City.”

Joana was equally gobsmacked, her pretty eyes brimming with shock and fear: “Fortunately, I had chosen to surrender. Otherwise, once he used those weapons, an untold amount of dark elves would have died. The entire City of Dark Elves would not enough to kill him.”

Mechanical God Emperor Chapter 178

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