Mechanical God Emperor Chapter 186

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186 – Absorbing Divinity

Regardless of the being, once they were promoted to a true G.o.d, their longevity would have a mad increase – at the very least reaching millions of years.

The most powerful Warlocks walking the Warlock path, such as 1st Warlock Dynasty's Time Emperor, 2nd Warlock Dynasty's Taboo Emperor, 3rd Warlock Dynasty's Demonic Divine Emperor, 4th Warlock Dynasty's Star Emperor, 5th Warlock Dynasty's Death Emperor, 6th Warlock Dynasty's Golem Emperor, 7th Warlock Dynasty's Magic Note Emperor, and 8th Warlock Dynasty's Dawn Emperor, were the Cangzhi Plane's 8 most powerful human Warlocks. They had founded 8 Great Warlock Dynasties, and suppressed and conquered a number of planes. However, they still couldn't withstand the erosion of time. With their longevity depleted, they died and turned into a pile of dirt.

While a lot of G.o.ds who were from the Time Emperor's era had yet to die. The gap in longevity between the two parties was enough to make a lot of humans Warlocks go crazy.

The spear that impaled Rareet was the most powerful secret treasure refined by 1st Warlock Dynasty's Time Emperor, it had killed numerous G.o.ds and Cangzhi Plane's ancient G.o.ds - the G.o.d Murdering Spear.

After the fall of the Time Emperor, any being that were to ignite their G.o.dfire in Cangzhi Plane would be directly killed by the G.o.d Murdering Spear. No matter how powerful a Warlock was after igniting their G.o.dfire, they still could not withstand a strike from the G.o.d Murdering Spear.

In Turandot Subcontinent, this secret was known by only a small number of people, and the dark elven Great Matriarch Shayenna was among them.

The way dark elves practiced cultivation and the human Warlock path were very different. If Shayenna wanted to break through to the Legend boundary, then she would have to do it by promoting to a demiG.o.d. However, once one promoted to a demiG.o.d in the Cangzhi Plane, they would be killed by the G.o.d Murdering Spear; therefore, she had researched this issue in depth and had come up with a method to break trough this bottleneck. Basically, she had to coerce other people to ignite their G.o.dfire and become a demiG.o.d, s.n.a.t.c.h the broken G.o.dfire of the dead demiG.o.d, absorb the divinity within, and transform into a divine life form.

“No!!” After Rareet issued a final wail, his body collapsed and then directly absorbed by the G.o.d Murdering Spear.

3 golden divinity specks fell from the remains of Rareet.

Yang Feng’s figure shook and he rushed towards the 3 golden divinity specks.


“Go to h.e.l.l!”

The figures of the 25 high-ranked kindred flickered, they turned into light rays, and rushed towards the 3 golden divinity specks. They knew instinctively that the 3 golden divinity specks were something good.

“Overconfident! Get rid of them!” Yang Feng sneered and ordered.

“Yes! Sire!”

Shayenna came out of Yang Feng’s shadow, smiled sweetly, pointed at the 25 high-ranked kindred, and said frigidly: “Ordeal!”

The level-4 divine spell Ordeal burst out in a flesh. From Shayenna’s lily-white finger. black light rays br.i.m.m.i.n.g with divine power shot towards the 25 high-ranked kindred.

Once the 25 high-ranked kindred were hit by the black light rays, they immediately issued extremely mournful wails. Suddenly, blood flames burst out of their bodies and enveloped them, resisting the judgement of the Ordeal.

The Mechanical Mofen Demonic Polar Bear suddenly drilled out from below the ground and rushed into the midst of the kindred. While waving its gigantic claws around, it slapped the kindred and Vampires into mincemeat.

Dephilia waved her lily-white hand. Suddenly, an enormous ice phoenix gathered, and pounced at the kindred and Vampires, leaving ice and snow in its wake. The kindred and Vampires were frozen into ice statues.

The mechanical legion, which had been lying in wait in the surroundings of Palmer City, was also mobilized, hastening towards the city.

At this time, Yang Feng reached out with his hand and grabbed the 3 divinity specks.

When the 3 divinity specks fell into Yang Feng’s hand, they directly entered his body. An endless amount of information poured into Yang Feng’s mind as he felt like his brain was on the verge of exploding.

The 3 divinity specks were the divinity of ma.s.sacre, the divinity of blood energy, and the divinity of fear, respectively containing a trace of knowledge about ma.s.sacre, blood energy, and fear.

Even the slightest knowledge of laws was immeasurably great to Yang Feng, pus.h.i.+ng his brain to the verge of explosion. However, Yang Feng had already promoted to a level-2 Warlock and his physical const.i.tution had reached a new high, so he forcibly received the tremendous amount of information.

At the same time as the 3 divinity specks entered Yang Feng’s sea of knowledge, they released 3 types of formidable energies – the divine energy of ma.s.sacre, the divine energy of blood, and the divine energy of fear – before slowly transforming Yang Feng’s body in the direction of a divine being.

The divine energy of ma.s.sacre could upgrade Yang Feng’s ma.s.sacre instinct, the divine energy of blood could enable him to freely manipulate his and even that of his enemies’ blood, and the divine energy of fear, when battling enemies, would give rise to fear in their minds, weakening their fighting strength.

With his current strength of a level-2 Warlock, once Yang Feng ran into an ordinary army, he could give rise to fear in the people’s minds and make the army collapse just by unleas.h.i.+ng the power of the divine energy of fear.

The 200,000 level-8 battle robots lying in wait in the surroundings of Palmer City killed their way into the city, then with an att.i.tude of sweeping away all obstacles, routed all the kindred and Vampires in their way, leaving rivers of blood in their wake.

“A scent of divinity, someone had just gotten their divinity!”

A black light ray fell from the sky and Cartman suddenly appeared in front of Yang Feng. His gaze fell on Yang Feng.

When Yang Feng was looked at by Cartman, it was as if a frog ran into a world of venomous snakes and was being stared at by countless venomous snakes, he instinctively felt great fear.

At this moment, the image of a dragon inside the soul seed in his spirit sea suddenly snarled. His blood surged, and he erupted with pride and unyielding determination in a flash, dispelling the fear of Cartman.

The divine energy of fear erupted inside Yang Feng, absorbing the remnant fear and transforming it into his power.

“Where you the one who had absorbed divinity? A trifling level-2 Warlock had absorbed divinity, what a waste. After killing you, I should be capable of extracting your divinity, even tough there will be some loss but there is no other way around it.”

Cartman carelessly swept Yang Feng with a glance and reached out. A pitch black demonic qi suddenly appeared on his hand as he grabbed at Yang Feng.

“Starry Sky Warlock! How come there’s a Starry Sky Warlock here?” Although Yang Feng managed to restrain the fear of Cartman, but against Cartman’s offensive, he still felt a sense of helplessness.

Among ordinary people, level-2 Warlocks were already exceedingly powerful, but when facing a Starry Sky Warlock, they were still as weak as ants.

A blue light screen suddenly appeared in front of Yang Feng; the level-4 spell Sky Flower Water Curtain was unleashed and countless water elemental particles had gathered into light screen to protect him. When the hand covered in black demonic qi hit the Sky Flower Water Curtain, it immediately collapsed.

“A Starry Sky Warlock, this guy is a Starry Sky Warlock!!” Yang Feng gave a furious roar and pressed the Dimensional Crest on his chest. His trump card, the Mechanical Black Dragon, appeared in a flash, slapped its wings, and frantically rushed towards Cartman.

The Mechanical Black Dragon was refined by Yang Feng from the body of the ancient black dragon Veidarnia, it was his strongest battle beast and its fighting strength was infinitesimally close to the Starry Sky Warlock rank. It was his trump card.

As soon as the Mechanical Black Dragon appeared, as if bearing down with the weight of a mountain, it swept with its tail towards Cartman.

“A bit interesting! The fighting strength of this alchemical golem is infinitesimally close the Starry Sky Warlock rank, but sadly, your opponent is me!”

A fanatical glint flashed past Cartman’s eyes, he gave a piercing howl, his figure flashed, and he launched a fist at the Mechanical Black Dragon’s tail.


With a terrifying blare, the dragon scales on the Mechanical Black Dragon’s tail were blown apart and a number of shrapnel flew about.

Under the terrifying impact, Cartman was also sent flying backwards by tens of meters. A thread of blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth.

Yang Feng acted promptly and tore apart a teleportation scroll. An incomparably formidable s.p.a.cial fluctuations shrouded him in a flash.

“It’s useless! In front of a Demon Emperor, s.p.a.ce-attributed spells are nothing more but hot air!”

Cartman sneered and pointed at Yang Feng. The spatial fluctuations shrouding Yang Feng dispersed in a flash. The scroll in his hands was also decimated, turning into countless fragments and scattering to the ground.


Hearing Yang Feng’s shout, the Great Warlock rank experts, who had been slaughtering kindred, rushed over. Without demur, Shayenna directly cast the level-4 divine spell Ordeal.

Black divine power gathered into black divine light, before shooting madly at Cartman.

“Ordeal? Pretty powerful! Woman, you’re pretty good looking, rather feet to become my breeding sow.”

Cartman gave a faint smile. Boundless demonic qi burst out of his body and gathered into a protective cower. Streams of divine light shone onto the protective cover, issuing sizzling noises, yet the Ordeal had no way to pa.s.s through.

Shayenna’s figure shook and she appeared beside Yang Feng. She looked at Cartman, a glint of bewilderment and uncertainty flas.h.i.+ng past her eyes: “You are not Eyes of Justice’s Acheson, who are you?”

Dephilia’s figure shook and she also appeared beside Yang Feng. She gazed at Cartman, a trace of graveness flas.h.i.+ng through her eyes. She could feel the terrifying life force being exuded from Cartman, the legendary Starry Sky Warlock rank life force.

Cartman swept the empty s.p.a.ce with a glance and announced proudly, “I’m the Demonest Plane’s Demon Emperor Cartman! Lowly humans, submit to me and I will leave you with a path to survival! Otherwise, you won’t leave this place alive! Including the few women hiding around!"

Mechanical God Emperor Chapter 186

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