Mechanical God Emperor Chapter 81

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81 – Plane Path

After having a taste of the terrifying Nano-Robot Elixir, Reigns became then very quickly obedient and told Yang Feng everything that he knew about Black Dragon Pagoda’s secret methods.

The best secret method of Black Dragon Pagoda was the one that Reigns was practicing cultivation with, the Black Dragon Morph. That was a kind of secret method that could only be practiced when one possessed a Black Dragon’s blood-meridians. Once one practiced it successfully, then one could attain the realm of a Great Warlock. Those who practiced it could then employ a type of terrifying art. They could morph into an adult Black Dragon for a short moment. They possessed terrifying defensive strength and extremely formidable powers. They could employ an all-conquering dragon breath and they wielded Dragon Language Magic capable of razing cities and wiping out states.

Reigns was the only son that Anthony conceived after promoting to a Great Warlock, thus, his Black Dragon’s blood-meridians were very concentrated. Although he was a silk pants, without spending to much time and energy on cultivation, he was still easily promoted to an official level-1 Warlock.

After settling Reigns, Yang Feng once more put on the helmet, he then controlled a Bladed-troop within Gloom Cave to fetch the Dimensional Crystal.

After extracting the Dimensional Crystal, the space inside the Warlock Pagoda quickly warped, shrinking by several tens of times. At the same time, the chains that locked the Black Dragon Veirdarnia broke apart.

After all of the chains had broken apart, the huge bronze gate gradually emerged behind Veirdarnia.

Along with loud clicking sounds, the huge bronze gate begun to slowly open. It revealed a deep and bottomless passageway that was continuously distorting, it was formed from countless strange symbols, merely allowing the entry of one person.

As soon as Eunice saw the passageway formed from the countless strange symbols, she turned pale and blurted out: “Plane Path, a path that leads to an other plane. Gloom Cave was even able of creating such a legendary treasure as the Plane Path, that’s too unreasonable.”

Yang Feng was curious and asked: “Plane Path, what is it? Is it precious?”

Regarding the variety of knowledge and experience, Yang Feng simply couldn’t compare with such a genius Warlock like Eunice.

“The Plane Path is a passageway that allows a Warlock’s body to move to a different plane. There are many ways to cross the barrier between planes and enter another plane. Such as: projections, possessions, reverse summons, etc. But projections, possessions, reverse summons, etc – such ways to descend to an other plane have different weaknesses and the power of one’s body basically can’t be expressed. Its very easy for others to think up countermeasures and kill one. These ways are a far cry in terms of safety for when one moves to an other plane via the Plane Path.”

“In order to practice cultivation, we Warlocks require a great deal of knowledge and endless resources. Many resources come from other planes. The secret method, Magic Note’s Titan Method, that Master is practicing, it requires titan’s blood-meridians from the Giant’s Plane. A lot of methods and arts cannot be practiced without some special resources.”

“A plane with life forms is a tremendous treasure. As long as we conquer such a plane, than we’d get the resources and riches from said plain. Reportedly, every great power at the main continent has one or even several planes as their foundation.”

“This Plane Path represents an unknown plane. Gloom Cave spending a great price to open up this Plane Path, from this one can tell that the plane to where this Plane Path leads to is definitely a plane with life forms and tremendous resources. If we could take control of this plane, then we might obtain reaches of a comparable value to that of the entire Turandot Subcontinent. This Plane Path might be the only one in the entire Turandot Subcontinent.”

Eunice looked at the bronze gate, her beautiful eyes flashing with excitement as she spoke with agitation.

“An other plane!!”

Yang Feng’s eyes also flashed with a touch of incandescence, he fixedly stared at the flashing bronze gate, feeling somewhat excited within.

Most resources in Turandot Subcontinent were under the control of large and small Warlock groups, those large and small Warlock groups formed a tremendous network of relationships.

Yang Feng, in his identity as Steel Lord Yang Ye, wrestling away several city’s and towns from Fernandro Principality was already his limit. If he were to continue, then Warlock College Antalya would definitely intervene.

The emergence of a new plane meant that Yang Feng would have more space to grow. Additionally, if he could get that new plane’s knowledge and specialties, that would spell great riches.

Eunice said: “However, its not so simple to maintain a Plane Path. Each time a Plane Path is opened, it would require the consumption of large amounts of Magic Stones. Gloom Cave sealing that Ancient Black Dragon here, it should be for the purpose of power supply. Now that the Ancient Black Dragon was killed by you, this Plane Path won’t be able to be maintained for long. Next time, you will need to use Magic Stones to open it.”

There were 36 sockets above the bronze gate, each socket’s size matched that of a superior Magic Stone. This meant that 36 superior Magic Stones were required for the Plane Path to open next time.

“36 superior Magic Stones! I’m so poor.” Yang Feng looked at the 36 sockets as he sighed.

The 36 superior Magic Stones were worth more than 500,000 inferior Magic Stones. Steel City currently wasn’t able fork out such a terrifying fortune.

Actually, crossing planes had its own risks, it wasn’t something that ordinary Warlocks could afford to play with. Only peak experts such as Great Warlocks and above would cross planes in order to seek opportunities and riches that could aid them in their cultivation.

After hesitating for a moment, Yang Feng still took a step into that whirlpool formed by the countless strange symbols.

“Chaotic space!”

“Currently in the process of a space jump!”

“Scanning jump coordinates!”

A series of information constantly flashed within Yang Feng’s eyeglasses.

Yang Feng’s eyes suddenly blurred and he appeared in an extremely wide space.

Yang Feng swept the surroundings with his gaze, his eyes emitting a trace of ecstasy: “It seems like I’ve got rich!!”

In that extremely wide space, countless gold bars were arranged tidily. Night pearls were embedded in the walls, turning that space into a dazzling sight.

At the end of that mountain-like pile of golden bars stood a small crystal altar, a black box was placed in the center of that crystal altar.

Just as Yang Feng took a look at this space, the Plane Path formed from countless strange symbols begun to somewhat blur and warp.

“Fucking low-quality product, that’s too shabby!”

Yang Feng scolded softly and extended his hands, the liquid-metal congregated into metal tentacles and instantly shot forward. The tentacles twisted around the black box in the center of the crystal altar and pulled it towards Yang Feng. Only then did Yang Feng stepped into the Plane Path.

Mechanical God Emperor Chapter 81

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