Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott Volume V Part 25

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He gave him then to understand, He'd have the Midwife hold her hand; But he was answered by the maid, "My Mistress is delivered."


At one o'clock that very morn, A lovely infant there was born; It was indeed a charming boy, Which brought the man and wife much joy.


The Lord was generous, kind, and free, And proffered Godfather to be; The Goodman thanked him heartily For his goodwill and courtesy.

{p.297} 13

A parson was sent for with speed, For to baptize the child indeed; And after that, as I heard say, In mirth and joy they spent the day.


This Lord did noble presents give, Which all the servants did receive.

They prayed God to enrich his store, For they never had so much before.


And likewise to the child he gave A present noble, rich, and brave; It was a charming cabinet, That was with pearls and jewels set.


And within it was a chain of gold, Would dazzle eyes for to behold; A richer gift, as I may say, Was not beheld this many a day.


He charged his father faithfully, That he himself would keep the key, Until the child could write and read-- And then to give him it indeed;--


"Pray do not open it at all Whatever should on you befall; For it may do my godson good, If it be rightly understood."


This Lord did not declare his name, Nor yet the place from whence he came, But secretly he did depart, And left them grieved to the heart.



The second part I now unfold, As true a story as e'er was told, {p.298} Concerning of a lovely child, Who was obedient, sweet, and mild.


This child did take his learning so, If you the truth of all would know, At eleven years of age indeed, Both Greek and Latin he could read.


Then thinking of his cabinet, That was with pearls and jewels set, He asked his father for the key, Which he gave him right speedily;


And when he did the same unlock, He was with great amazement struck When he the riches did behold, And likewise saw the chain of gold.


But searching farther he did find A paper which disturbed his mind, That was within the cabinet, In Greek and Latin it was writ.


_My child, serve God that is on high, And pray to him incessantly; Obey your parents, love your king, That nothing may your conscience sting._


_At seven years hence your fate will be, You must be hanged upon a tree; Then pray to God both night and day, To let that hour pass away._


When he these woeful lines did read, He with a sigh did say indeed, "If hanging be my destiny, My parents shall not see me die;


"For I will wander to and fro, I'll go where I no one do know; But first I'll ask my parents' leave, In hopes their blessing to receive."

{p.299} 10

Then locking up his cabinet, He went from his own chamber straight Unto his only parents dear, Beseeching them with many a tear


That they would grant what he would have-- "But first your blessing I do crave, And beg you'll let me go away, 'T will do me good another day."


"And if I live I will return, When seven years are past and gone."


Both man and wife did then reply, "I fear, my son, that we shall die; If we should yield to let you go, Our aged hearts would break with woe."


But he entreated eagerly, While they were forced to comply, And give consent to let him go, But where, alas! they did not know.

Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott Volume V Part 25

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Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott Volume V Part 25 summary

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