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Chapter 182: Too Sly

Feng Jiu looked at him as she put the same kind of herbs in the same pile and said: "Captured and sent here."

"Captured? Are you a Medical cultivator?" The youth asked in surprise.

"Why do you say that?" Feng Jiu arched up an eyebrow.

The youth cast a quick glance inside and then hushed his voice to a whisper: "After a certain interval of time, someone is always captured and brought in here but those who were captured are all Medical cultivators. There, they're all in that tower. Those of us out here can only be considered to be Medical apprentices and are tasked with menial work."

"If they're all inside, how do you know they are all Medical cultivators?"

"It was due to a man who kicked up a big fuss the last time and that is how all of us here came to know about it."

"Oh." Feng Jiu nodded and did not probe any further but just thought to herself in her mind: [This Hell's Palace made themselves a Medical Tower like this here and abducted so many Medical cultivators to squeeze them all inside. What could they be hoping to achieve?]

— The Other Side, Principal Compound, Study —

"My Lord, the others are already waiting in the main hall." Grey Wolf reported respectfully.

Seated at his table and dealing with his tasks, the Hell's Lord glanced at Grey Wolf and asked: "Has the arrangements for him been made?"

Hearing that, Grey Wolf could not help but lift his head to glance up at the Hell's Lord, to meet with that highly chilling and commanding gaze as he quickly lowered his head once more to answer: "Yes, your subordinate has brought that kid to the Medical Tower and handed him over to Old Lin."

The brush in the Hell's Lord's hand paused and a powerful oppressive aura flared out. His voice was chilling as he said: "His abilities at concocting medicine is significant. The medicines coming out from the black market in the recent months had all come from him. I seem to believe that I have told all of you about this before."

Feeling the oppressive aura flaring out in assault upon his body, the air within the entire room seemed to become colder. Grey Wolf was startled and he fell to one knee: "I beg for my Lord to quell his anger. Your subordinate… your subordinate merely wanted that kid to suffer a little first. Your subordinate will immediately go have him transferred into the tower."

Grey Wolf had thought that since the Lord had only said to bring the kid to the Medical Tower but had not specifically said to put him in the tower, he had wanted to exploit that little loophole to deflate that kid's spirited arrogance, never expected the Lord to actually ask about the kid.

"You have followed by my side for many years and it should be very clear to you that I abhor people who pulls petty tricks. If this happens once more, you can go back to the Black Hell and get some training!"

Hearing that highly sinister and chilling voice reach his ears, Grey Wolf immediately broke in a bout of cold sweat and he hastily answered: "Yes my Lord! Your subordinate will bear it in mind to never commit such deeds again!" Black Hell, that was a truly hellish place and he would never want to return there ever again.

The Hell's Lord then retracted his aura and he leaned his body back, his piercing gaze sweeping over Grey Wolf who was kneeling upon the floor. He paused a moment before he said: "That youth is indeed a rather sly character. Putting him inside the tower can wait a few days."

"Yes, my Lord!" Grey Wolf answered, not even daring to sigh in relief.

By the time night fell, Feng Jiu and the other workers came to a courtyard allocated to them to get some rest and when she saw the long rows of large beds, she was immediately shocked.

"We….. We sleep here tonight?"

[Gawds! This can't be! Asking her to sleep huddled together with an entire bunch of men here? Her Father and Grandfather would surely be hopping mad if they knew about this!]

"Are you then expecting individual rooms for each of us?"

A large brawny man glanced over at Feng Jiu and he began to disrobe as he said: "It's good enough that they even allow you to sleep."

Seeing over ten or twenty men disrobing and some taking off their shoes, with some even going to sleep completely topless, Feng Jiu's brows creased up and she turned to walk out from there.

[What a joke! Dumping her here for her to sleep? She wasn't going to sleep like this!]

Coming out from that room with the communal beds, she glanced around the yard. She saw that there were guards outside the courtyard and she would not be able to go outside. Hence, her gaze swung around and her eyes immediately shone brightly when they fell upon a large tree within the compound.

"That's it!"

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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 182

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