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Chapter 183: Thinking of The Hell's Lord

The black robed guards watching the courtyard heard the noises behind them and they turned around to look. They saw that youth climbing up the tree with his hands and legs and one of them shouted: "What are you doing? Come down now!"

Feg Jiu glanced at the two of them and said: "You guys just stay in your position and not meddle in my affairs."

"You!" The black robed man was just about to rush forward when he was held back by the man beside him.

"That kid is highly jinxed. You'd better not bother with him. Anyway, he's not running around all over the place, just let him do what he wants."

The black robed guard saw Feng Jiu finding herself a comfortable spot in the tree as she leaned back to go to sleep and he could not help but to admonish: "Giving up on a perfectly proper bed inside and running to go sleep in a tree instead? I think this kid is rather sick!"

Feng Jiu could not be bothered with them as she had not been able to have a good rest since she was brought here. Although it was just a little chill out here, it was better than squeezing herself in there with those ten to twenty men.

Having muddled around in the yard for two days, she had roughly grasped the rules in the Medical Tower. Only Medical cultivators were allowed to enter the tower and according to rank, Medical cultivators who were able to concoct higher grade medicines would enjoy a higher position and be treated better in the Hell's Palace.

Moreover, though quite a number of them were captured to come in here, because of how they were treated, they all gave up on harbouring thoughts of escape, conscientiously remaining inside the Medical Tower. It was said that as long as one was able to produce medicines that were highly valued, besides the rewards that were duly accorded to them, they could also go to the Tower of Beauties to find themselves a beauty to enjoy a night of merriment and revelry. And as long as they sincerely paid allegiance to the Hell's Palace, at certain intervals, they were also allowed to return home for a period.

As for the Tower of Beauties, it was said that it was an information network that the Hell's Palace had groomed and developed. The Hell's Palace had their Towers of Beauties everywhere, much like brothels throughout, the Towers of Beauties were beauties gathered from various parts of the lands, all of them with curvy and seductive bodies, and peerlessly ravishing countenances.

Even when these stoic and highly old fashioned Medical cultivators have gone in there only once, they would be intoxicated by the soft caressing fragrance of the beauties, unable to extricate themselves from the allure.

That was then Feng Jiu became curious about the Hell's Lord for the first time. Just what kind of a person was the Hell's Lord?

"What's on your mind?"

A deep and highly magnetic low voice suddenly rang out beside her ear. That had led Feng Jiu who was deeply immersed in her own thoughts to answer without thinking as she said: "I'm thinking what kind of a man the Hell's Lord really is."

The instant her words came out, a Shadow Guard who was guarding the Medical Tower from within the shadows immediately felt a twitch tugging at a corner of his mouth as he thought: [This kid was even dreaming of their Lord when it's still so bright out! ? That's some guts the kid's got!]

The bustling yard suddenly turned strangely quiet as all the pairs of eyes gazed queerly at the kid. When their eyes then saw the stern man standing next to the kid, everyone then quickly retracted their astonished gazes and continued with their own tasks.


Feng Jiu finally came back to her senses and when she turned to look at the man standing next to her, her eyes lit up and she broke into a sheepish grin. "Heh heh heh. Oh, it's the Hell's Lord himself! Haven't seen you for just a few days and you seem to have grown even more good looking."

The Hell's Lord's piercing gaze fell upon Feng Jiu's badly scarred face to see that smile that felt to be tinged with utmost insincerity. His eyes flashed briefly as his deep voice said: "Come with me inside!" And the Hell's Lord then walked inside the tower with his hands behind his back.
Seeing that, Feng Jiu quickly caught up with his steps. As she opened up her stride and she caught sight of Grey Wolf looking distraught behind, the corners of Feng Jiu's lips curled up subconsciously, to turn up in a smile.

Grey Wolf who was behind seemed not to have heard Feng Jiu's words at all. The expression on his face looked highly flustered, his eyes hiding anxiety and worry. Below those eyes were dark rings, the pallor of his face a rather ugly shade.

Seeing that his Lord had gone inside the building, Grey Wolf quickly followed, thinking to himself that though it was hard to bring up, he had to find an opportunity to find the healers within the Medical Tower what was going on with the situation he was going through.

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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 183

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