Miracle Throne Chapter 235

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Chapter 235: Confiscate their possessions!  Confiscate their possessions!

The counterattack of the three great families was not an impulse, but a well thought out sinister plan.

However, the three great families had underestimated Chu Tian!

With the support of the Giant Shark Gang, not only was Miracle Commerce's Headquarters not destroyed, they also did not lose any core members.  They used this strength to wipe out the three great families, becoming the final winners in this ward.

Chu Tian asked, "What are the casualties?"

Meng Qingwu replied, "The Miracle Commerce Restaurant has been burnt down, two magnetic sound towers were destroyed, and several factories were also destroyed.  There were over a thousand staff casualties and several research institutes in the headquarters were attack, with several pieces of core research missing, but we are working hard to get them back."

"Damn!"  Chu Tian grinded his teeth in anger, "The three great families are truly ruthless, so we can't be polite with them at all.  Prepare some beast carriages, we will now confiscate their possessions!"

For a riots and conflicts of this scale, it was impossible for them to be not affected at all, that would be too ideal.  However, Miracle Commerce did not receive any damage to their foundation, which could be considered a beautiful victory!

The three great families had lasted over a hundred years, which meant that they had to be quite rich!

It was unknown how much loot they would gain this time!

Chu Tian was already feeling impatient.  Who told these fools to fight me, now it was time to collect on this debt and to take some interest!

"You're going to confiscate their possessions?"  Yun Tianhe quickly ran over and said, "Too reckless!  The Central State Four Great Families have balanced each other for over a hundred years, not only because it kept each other in check, but most importantly because it benefited the Imperial City.  With three great families being exterminated, this will affect the Imperial City.  If we don't report the three great families' wealth and take it for ourselves, the people in Imperial City will become jealous."

There was no way of guessing what reactions Imperial City would have.

Chu Tian did not care about this at all, "Let them be jealous, Miracle Commerce never cared about giving others face.  In a small place like Central State, I am the biggest person!"

"That's right!"

"Confiscate their possessions!"

"We'll steal all of the three great families' things!"

Nangong Yun and Meng Yingying expressed their support, while Meng Qingwu said nothing.  If this thinking was logical, then Yun Tianhe would not try to persuade him, but what profound background did the Four Great Families have?  They were families that existed for over a hundred years without being swallowed.  It was possible their discord was created by Imperial City because if a single family could control this area, then they might be able to influence the central power of the kingdom.

The kingdom needed an area that was powerful, but was still split between different powers.

Chu Tian had destroyed the three families, breaking the discord between them, letting Miracle Commerce become the only power in charge of Central State City, going against what the Imperial City wanted.  If they obtained the wealth the three great families left behind and they controlled the resources of the three great families, would the kingdom agree to this?

This was simply asking for trouble!

However, Meng Qingwu agreed that this was very exciting because this was a shocking amount of wealth.  Miracle Commerce worked hard to eliminate the three great families, did they have to give this up to someone else?  So Meng Qingwu did not give an opinion and just chose to support Chu Tian.

Chu Tian did not change his mind, "Everyone come with me to confiscate their possessions!"

Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun's face turned red with excitement, immediately looking for beast carts to bring with them to the three great families.  Meng Qingwu also went along with them.

This brat really did not listen to the advice of others!

Yun Tianhe had no other methods since it had been decided, so he went along with them!

Chu Tian first chose to go to the Luo Family, taking a large amount of one billion and two hundred million gold coins, as well as materials worth several hundred million gold coins.  They also took twenty nine store and factory deeds, as well as eleven copper and iron mines outside the city.

This was truly shocking!

This was a buried treasure!

They really were worthy of being one of the biggest families in Central State City!

"This Jade Hoofed Deer Golden Carriage is worth several tens of millions.  Not only is it very smooth, if there is danger, it has a defensive mechanism to it, so I'll give it to the young miss!"  Chu Tian pulled out one of the best carriages to give to Meng Qingwu, "Only a cart like this is suited to the young miss' status!"

The Jade Hoofed Deer Golden Carriage was really too beautiful.

In front of the other woman's envious gazes, she received Chu Tian's gift with pleasure.

"This pair of Nine Lion and Tigers Bracers can be considered a top grade Soul Item, being able to attack and defend with quite a bit of power, but there's no one particularly skilled in fist techniques among us."  Chu Tian gave it to Chen Bingyu, "Chen Bingyu will take them first.  I'll give you some close combat martial arts tomorrow."

The Nine Lion and Tigers Bracers was one of the strongest weapons of the Luo Family, so Chen Bingyu also happily accepted them.

There were many treasures in the Luo Family.  Chu Tian picked some out to give to people which made them all pleasantly surprised.

Next was the Ye Family!

The harvest from the Ye Family was just as shocking.

The Ye Family was a mercenary family.  The mercenary industry was very scattered, so they didn't have much money, but they did have a lot of resources.  They had obtained several large scale taming fields which money could not buy, helping make Miracle Commerce even fatter.

The locations left behind by the Luo Family, such as the stores in Central State City and their laboratories and testing grounds were all integrated into Miracle Commerce.

The resources of the Ye Family's mercenary group, such as their giant wolf breeding farms, their demon beast domestication fields, military goods factories, and etc. were all given to the Underworld Mercenary Group to manage.

As for how he would deal with the surrender of the Luo and Ye Families?

Chu Tian kept his promise to not kill them, but Central State City could not accommodate them, so an order was given to chase them away.  As for the Chu Family…..

Chu Tian had also gone to confiscate their possessions.

He took the Chu Family's money and resources first.

The direct descendants of Chu Shi and Chu Shanhe were all chased out of Central State.

The other captives were brought to the Chu Family main hall where Chu Tian wanted to personally take care of them!

At this moment, several hundred Chu Family swordsmen were kneeling on the ground, all of them revealing a look of fear and worry.  This person that no one cared about, that had been considered waste by the family several years ago, one that everyone looked down on and bullied.  

What happened in just a few years?

This person had returned in triumph to the Chu Family.  From the elders to the youths of the Chu Family, everyone's lives were in his hands.

Chu Tian sat in the Chu Family Head's throne and the five Giant Shark Gang leaders and Chen Bingyu were standing right behind him, looking down on the Chu Family with cold gazes.  The True Soul Realm pressure made it hard for them to breathe, but the person they feared the most was the young man sitting in the throne.

"I won't waste words, I'll lay everything on the table today."

When they heard Chu Tian's voice, their hearts turned cold.

"Although I, Chu Tian have a deep grudge with you, I am still surnamed Chu in the end.  Although the Chu Family has not been kind to me, I am not willing to let this hundred year old family disappear like the Luo and Ye Families, so I will give you two choices right now."

The Chu Family members looked at each other in blank dismay.

"First, you will receive an amount of money and go far away, leaving Central State city, perhaps even leaving the Southern Summer Country.  I don't care where you go, I will not chase you down for revenge."

The Chu Family members let out a long sigh.

It was good that they weren't going to be completely eliminated, they could at least keep their lives.

The Chu Family was formed from many family fights, so everyone knew the cruelties of family competitions.  If a family lost, they would be completely eliminated, not even a single baby would be released, not letting a single thing be missed.

If a single person was allowed to live, who knows if this person would use this opportunity to exact their revenge or not.  Wouldn't this be creating trouble for the family?  Although this was a small possibility, it was still a possibility, so a cruel leader would not allow it to happen.

Chu Tian was not that ruthless.

One on hand, the three great families had caused their own destruction.  From the beginning fights to the end, it was all caused by the three great families.  Causing one's own destruction or being invaded by a strong enemy had two different meanings.  The first brought unwillingness, humiliation, and hatred.  The second brought regrets and fear.

On the other hand, Chu Tian was confident enough to allow this to happen.  They couldn't beat him now, so they couldn't beat him in the future.  Central State was only a small stop for Chu Tian and he would leave this place before long to go to wider world, so those that have been defeated will never be able to catch up to him.

Chu Tian gave the Chu Family members enough time to think before continuing on, "The second choice is to stay here and continue working for the Chu Family.  I will use the Chu Family to establish the Chu Sect, letting the Chu Family's power remain in Central State City!"

Everyone began to tremble.

Chu Tian wanted to manage the Chu Family?

No one had thought of this ending before.

But in terms of status, Chu Tian had come from the Chu Family and killed his way into being the Chu Family Head, then the nature of this fight would change.  It would no longer be a foreign invasion, but rather an internal fight for the rights to lead the family.

Chu Tian had already defeated Chu Xinghe!

So that meant Chu Tian was even more outstanding than Chu Xinghe!

Chu Tian currently had the power in his hand and no family could fight against him in Central State.  Although the Chu Family suffered heavy losses in the fight, only their elites had been injured and their roots had not been pulled out.  With the Chu Family's hundred year old history, as long as they had time to rest, they would still have the chance to recover.

After all, the Chu Family had many retainers in Central State, so the Chu Family had talents like clouds.

Once the Chu Family fell, the retainers would all scatter.  Right now, if someone continued to hold the Chu Family's flag and retained all this power, then they could guarantee the Chu Family's power remaining in Central State.

Chu Tian finished speaking, "Whether you go or stay, it is up to you!"

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.

The descendents of Chu Shi and Chu Shanhe had been sent into exile by Chu Tian.  The remaining members of the Chu Family were all branch members.  Moreover, Chu Tian seemed to like this Chu Family banner.

The Chu Family was different compared to the other families.

The most precious thing in the Chu Family were their retainers.  Retainers were outsiders that submitted to them and could not cause trouble even if they remained.  If they could work for Chu Tian, then that would be for the best.

The Chu Family members all made their decisions.

20% of the people chose to leave.

The rest of them chose to remain in the Chu Family, giving their loyalty to Chu Tian and working for him.

Chu Tian became the new head of the Chu Family, taking over all the businesses and influence the Chu Family had.  The Chu Family had businesses in several cities, over three hundred retainers, and also over a thousand swordsmen.

The various Chu Family members were all called back and came together to form the new power, the "Chu Sect"!

Chu Tian did not have them do anything right now, only having them become a police force along with the Underworld Mercenaries.  As for the businesses left behind by the Chu Family, Chu Tian sent people from Miracle Commerce out to integrate them into Miracle Commerce businesses.

In the end.

For the three great families, what should be taken was taken, what should be exiled was exiled, and what should be swallowed was swallowed.

Miracle Commerce had gained three billion and two hundred million gold coins from this and countless previous resources.  As for the mines and resource fields left by the three great families, they would all be used by Miracle Commerce.

Chu Tian did not keep everything for himself.

First he took out five hundred million for the Giant Shark Gang!

He had pledged to invest one billion into the Giant Shark Gang after a year, but now it was changed to six months.

The fleets and docks the three great families had and the resources near the Four States Lake, were all given to the Giant Shark Gang to manage!

Chu Tian also had Meng Qingwu take out five hundred million gold coins.  This large amount of money was used to clean up the aftermath.  For example, the innocent of the families that cooperate with Miracle Commerce, they were all given a generous recompense.  There was also recompense given to the citizens that had been affected by the riot.

There were two armour factories and one military goods factory taken from the Ye Family and given to the Xiong Family.

There was also a giant wealth and resources gift given to the Yun Family, being worth around five hundred million gold coins.

The Xiong and Yun Families had helped Chu Tian quite a bit.  The Xiong Family happily took this large piece of meat.  As for the Yun Family, they took the gift that Chu Tian gave them and reinvested it into the Yun Sect managed by both of them.

Why was there a need to please the Imperial City?

Chu Tian's idea was very simple.  Instead of pleasing the greedy people in the Imperial City, why shouldn't he just divide it with everyone?  Once Central State City had come together, who could still make a move against Miracle Commerce?

Everyone was happy on this point!

The chaos in Central State had finally been subdued!

Miracle Throne Chapter 235

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