Miracle Throne Chapter 318

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Chapter 318: Sudden situation

Over the next few days.

The Southern Summer King began the inspection.

In the frontline fortress, there were over six hundred thousand soldiers stationed there with one hundred thousand being cavalry soldiers.  Every single person that was stationed in the frontline fortress was an elite of the Southern Summer Country.

The Southern Summer King's personal inspection quickly filled the soldiers with cheers.  The Southern Summer King had been very generous this time, giving out large amounts of money, meat, and wine, as well as presenting rewards to the various officers.  This was to promote morale in preparation for the future northern expedition.

Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu were both busy at work.

The Magnetic Sound Tower, the Magnetic Image Tower, and the Ultra Wave Signal Transfer Tower took a single week to finish.  Since this place was not far from Imperial City, once the three towers were created, the signal could already be transmitted.

While everyone was busy, the little fox was feeling very bored, so it went around by itself.

It slipped up onto the highest watchtower, sitting on the high up peak, licking its fur.  It curled itself up into a ball as it looked into the distance with immense boredom.

The fox felt that this place was too boring.  There was nothing to eat or play with. It did not know why its master had brought it here, but it was a good thing that it had stored a lot of food in its stomach.

The little fox rubbed its stomach to spit out a pill bottle which was filled with Sacred Grade Pills.  It just ate them while lazing around, swallowing them like jelly beans. It threw those Sacred Pills that couldn't even be bought with money into its mouth and enjoyed the bourgeois life that belonged to this little fox.

If Chu Tian were to see this scene, it was impossible for him not to beat him.  This was simply a wastrel!

The little fox finished off the bottle of Sacred Pills and only felt half full, but he did not continue eating.  Its master had not provided food for it in a long time and although it had a lot stored in its stomach, it had to save some for later or else it would end up with an empty stomach.

The little fox thought of something and spat out a round object, holding it in both claws as it examined it.  This thing looked to be a top grade white jade ball the colour of lamb fat, very smooth and clear, while also releasing waves of a mysterious energy.  When the little fox turned the jade ball over, a jet black pupil appeared in front of it, like it had been staring at it the entire time.

Instantly an immense pressure was released which was enough to break the spirit of normal beings!

This was an eyeball, but more accurately, the eyeball of an ancient G.o.d!

The little fox had risked its life in Central State's Trial Tower swallowing it.  In the past few months, the little fox had been swallowing its energy, using it for its own growth.  The majority of the power had been used to refine it.

The eyeball was several times larger than the little fox at first, but now it was only a third of the size of the little fox, but it was still two-three times bigger than a normal person's eyeball.

This d.a.m.n eyeball had actually consumed that much energy.  If that energy was used by the little fox to grow, it would have had the ability to instantly kill its master already.

It hoped that this item was easy to use!

The little fox held the eyeball high up as it blew onto it.  This eyeball seemed like it was being controlled by an ancient clan's secret technique and instantly flew up, flying dozens of meters into the air.  The little fox closed its eyes and connected its Divine Sense into the eyeball. It saw the ancient G.o.d's eyeball that had already been glazed over suddenly recover as the pupil came into focus.

When the little fox inserted its Divine Sense into the eyeball and had it released once again, it was like sound going into a loudspeaker, being amplified several tens of thousands of times.  In an instant, the image of the entire iron wall fortress appeared in the little fox's mind.

This field of view was a "G.o.d's view" or it could be called a "3D view".  A more popular method of addressing it was Divine Sense view which was not something the naked eye could compare to.  The entire complex structure of the iron fortress had appeared inside the little fox's mind.

Every secret room, every warehouse, every soldier, and every corner.

All matters big and small appeared in full view.  The secret weapons stored in the secret rooms, the delicious items in the warehouses, the positions of the soldiers and secret sentries, and even the nets set up in the corners, they were all clearly seen by the little fox.

The little fox revealed a grin.

This eyeball was very easy to use.  With it, it would no longer need to fear finding delicious things.

The little fox decided to test out the eyeball's distance, so it looked north because of this.  A wave of Divine Sense was released, crossing a distance of several hundred miles, falling onto a position in the prairies.

The little fox realized the special point of this divine eyeball, it functioned just like a searchlight.  It could cross several hundred miles of distance, but only the area within its range would be illuminated.  This also meant that other than this area, whether it was front, back, or to the sides, they were all blind spots.

The only way to illuminate an area was to change the field of view.

The further the distance, the smaller the view range and the more blurrier the things inside are.  For example, looking at the prairie several hundred miles away, whether it was the range or the clarity, they were all far from when it used the eyeball on the iron fortress.

This was probably related to the strength of its Divine Sense.

The little fox's Divine Sense was not strong enough.  If it could raise the level of its Divine Sense, even if it looked at something tens of thousands of miles away, the little fox would be able to clearly see it.

Easy to use!

Not bad!

The little fox was very satisfied with the effects of the divine eyeball.  It moved the range and looked over the prairies. Those flying and walking beast moving on the prairies were all clearly seen by the little fox, but they were not aware of it at all.

The little fox played for a while before feeling a bit tired.  It should be because it used too much Divine Sense. When it was prepared to put away the divine eyeball.


The little fox stood up.

Yi, what is this!

In the little fox's line of sight, a large group suddenly appeared that was black and dense as lake water.  It was of an enormous scale with rhinos running, giant shapes within, and flags waving. Although this formation was chaotic, the scale was still gigantic.

This is bad!

The little fox put away the eyeball and suddenly turned into gray mist.  After several lightning fast teleportations, it arrived on Chu Tian's shoulder in an instant.  It used its claws to grab Chu Tian's clothes, using its claws to draw out the scene it had just saw.

Meng Qingwu was by Chu Tian's side.  She had rarely ever seen the little fox with this kind of appearance, "What does it want to say?"

Chu Tian knit his brows and spoke in an uncertain voice, "It said that it had discovered a large scale army that is currently charging in our direction."

"War Hounds army?"

"It should be!"

"Are you sure you didn't see wrong?"  Chu Tian carefully asked the little fox again, "How many enemies are there?"

The little fox gave a strong nod and used its claw to vigorously draw a circle, showing that the formation was very, very big.  Then it pointed south, signifying that they should escape!

Meng Qingwu's nerves became very tense, "Chu Tian, what do you think?"

"This little fellow usually isn't reliable, but it wouldn't lie in crucial situations."  Chu Tian's face turned serious, "I'm afraid it's true!"

Meng Qingwu was shocked and nervous.

This was completely unreasonable!

The War Hounds Tribe had already sent a four hundred thousand large army into Cang State!

To the various tribes of the War Hounds Tribes, this four hundred thousand large army was already a hard to muster army.  How could they possibly send another one into the Imperial Region? It had to be known, the Imperial Region's defenses were several times stronger than Cang State, so it was very difficult for the War Hounds to penetrate into the Imperial Region!

Could the War Hounds have already been unified?

Even if several tribes unite as one, it would be hard to cross these large city walls.  After sending four hundred thousand soldiers to Cang State, how many people could they still send to attack the Imperial Region?  Moveover, since they want to attack the Imperial Region, why did they need to send a portion to Cang State? Wouldn't it be better to attack together?

Even if Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu did not understand war, they still had basic knowledge.  The five frontline fortresses had six hundred thousand soldiers who were all elites of the Southern Summer Country.  The War Hounds Tribe needed to send a higher amount of elites to even threaten the situation here.

The War Hounds Tribe were in a precarious situation.  The War Hounds did not store many grains, so it was impossible for them to raise an army of a million!

No matter what, the matter of the War Hounds sudden surprise attack was a fact and this matter needed to be reported to the Southern Summer King and Dongfang Zhan.  The frontline fortress had to prepare themselves ahead of time.

Chu Tian immediately went to find the Southern Summer King.


The Southern Summer King had just finished inspecting the five fortresses and was currently drinking tea in Dongfang Zhan's office.  When he heard this news, the teacup immediately fell down and shattered.

"The War Hounds want to surprise attack the Imperial Region?"  The Southern Summer King was enraged, "Good, since they dare send themselves to death, then we'll let them taste how strong our Southern Summer's fortress garrison is!  Dongfang Zhan, immediately prepare for battle!"

Dongfang Zhan did not need explanations.

Dongfang Zhan already felt that this was strange.  Lately, there had been no reports from the scout outposts on the prairie, which was something that should not happen.  Moreover, there has not been a single word from the scouts the Calm Martial Ruler placed in the prairies.

These were all clear signs that something had happened!

When the bells resounded in the fortress, all the soldiers within were mobilized.  Several tens of thousands of soldiers entered firing slits and various crossbow carriages were prepared.  The frontline fortress needed to deal with enemy attacks frequently, so they had already developed lightning fast reactive speeds.

Not to mention the fact that the little fox noticed the War Hounds army beforehand, giving them at least an extra two hours of time to prepare.  This was enough to prepare any kind of defenses.

"The battlefield will be dangerous.  For my king's safety, my king should immediately be escorted back to Imperial City by the griffin knights!"

"Now that the entire frontline army knows that this king is here, but this king escaped when a large amount of enemies come, wouldn't that destroy the army's morale?  Where would my face as the Southern Summer King go!" The Southern Summer King was not weak, "This king will personally watch over today's battle, fighting against the War Hounds with the frontline soldiers!"

Although Dongfang Zhan wanted to advise him otherwise, but if the Southern Summer King did leave now, it would affect the king's prestige.

The Southern Summer King was after all a True Spirit Expert.  He could fight against a thousand cavalry by himself, so keeping himself safe was not an issue.  Not to mention the fact that he has had a unit of powerful griffin knights guarding him. As well, with the enemy close by, evacuating was not considered safer than staying in the fortress.


The war was more important!

Dongfang Zhan immediately began to deploy the troops!

When the iron fortress had made all their battle preparations.

Earth shattering drums came from the horizon.  It was like thunder coming from storm clouds and made people feel very restrained.  The War Hounds Tribe members were too many, stretching out over the prairies. From head to tail, they covered several miles, with their troops reaching the seven-eight hundred thousand mark!

When they saw the scale of the enemy, even Dongfang Zhan's heart was filled with shock.

A kind of unlucky premonition suddenly enveloped the frontline fortress.

Four hundred thousand invested in Cang State and eight hundred thousand sent in the Imperial Region.

These two armies added up to a total of one million and two hundred thousand people!

A one million and two hundred thousand army was enough to bring great danger to the frontline fort, so why did the War Hounds Tribe send four hundred thousand to Cang State?  There was only one reason, the War Hounds Tribe thought eight hundred thousand was enough to attack the Imperial Region!

That's right!

Not attack the fortress, but attacking the Imperial Region!

The six hundred thousand soldiers in the frontline fortress was for guarding against a portion of the enemy and Imperial City could quickly send reinforcements which was namely the Storm Cavalry.  If it was an urgent situation, the Calm Martial Ruler could lead the Storm Cavalry to provide support.

The goal of the War Hounds attacking Cang State was not to attack Cang State City or even to destroy the breeding farms.  They just simply wanted to lure the tiger from its mountain!

In the entire Southern Summer Country, the only one the War Hounds feared was the Calm Martial Ruler.

There was a total of five hundred cavalry soldiers in the northern Southern Summer Country, with a hundred thousand stationed at the iron wall, two hundred thousand in Cang State, and two hundred thousand in Imperial City.  These five hundred thousand soldiers reacted very quickly, being able to provide reinforcement no matter where the attack was. This was what the War Hounds were most worried about.

When the War Hounds attacked Cang State, the Calm Martial Ruler left with Imperial City's Storm Cavalry for Cang State.  Combined with the two hundred thousand cavalry in Cang State, they annihilated the four hundred thousand War Hound cavalry.

The War Hounds Tribe used four hundred thousand cavalry to tie down the Calm Martial Ruler and four hundred thousand Southern Summer cavalry!

With the two quick reacting forces unable to leave and the strongest Southern Summer general, the Calm Martial Ruler being tied down, the War Hounds' goal had been achieved.

With the four hundred thousand cavalry being trapped in Cang State, the frontline fortress could not receive any timely support and the War Hounds now had ten days.  They would use those ten days to break through the fortress and enter into the Imperial Region!

When Dongfang Zhan understood the War Hounds Tribe's intentions, that deep unsettled feeling became even stronger.  Dongfang Zhan had fought the War Hounds for over fifty years and this kind of strategy was impossible to appear in the War Hounds who were lax in discipline.  For this kind of unusual behaviour, how could one not be shocked?

Miracle Throne Chapter 318

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