Miracle Throne Chapter 328

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Chapter 328: Malim charging in

The two of them argued while walking until it was dusk.

The nights in the prairie were more dangerous and both of them were injured, so they found a little forest to rest up in to be safe.

Chu Tian swallowed several pills and began to control his breathing.  As he expected, his body was very bad because using strength that surpa.s.sed him had damaged his meridians and because of him overdrawing his power, he had damaged his vitality.  Since Chu Tian arrived in this era, this was the most injured he had ever been. He wouldn't even recover with ten to fifteen days of rest. The most troubling thing is that his wounds couldn't be treated right away.  If they were left like this, he could suffer repercussions or even suffer permanent damage.

Meng Qingwu held a can of heated canned food in front of Chu Tian, "Eat it!"

This was made from the meat of a level two demon beast.  When an Awakened Soul Cultivator was in a weakened condition, eating this would allow them to recover most of their strength.

Meng Qingwu looked around, "Where's the little fox?"

"It is cleaning up the aura we left behind."  Chu Tian ate the canned food in two-three bites.  The recovery pills began to display their effect and his body felt a bit more comfortable, "The War Hounds Tribe is mostly composed of Wolf Spirit Beasts and they are famous for their tracking abilities.  If it wasn't for the little fox cleaning up the aura left behind, we would have been attacked several times already!"

Meng Qingwu was very curious about the origin of the little fox, "This little fellow is not simple, it has great potential and strength.  I saw it transform today, its aura was very familiar to me. It was like a great ancient era's demonic beast."

"Great ancient era's demonic beast?"

Chu Tian knew the young miss' ability.  The Heavenly Book Source Spirit had large amounts of knowledge and memories and it would awaken them as long as they were stimulated.  Chu Tian did not know the little fox's background, but did Meng Qingwu know?

The demonic beasts sounded like the demon beasts, but there was a large difference.

Demonic beasts had a much higher intelligence and could use strange demonic techniques.  This was very similar to the skills the little fox had, so there was a large possibility of the little fox being a demonic beast.

Chu Tian asked, "How much do you know?"

"Not much, there is only a small bit of information in my source spirit's memories."  Meng Qingwu hesitated for a few minutes before saying, "Legends say that in the beginning of the High Ancient Era, there was a clan of High Ancient Demons that lived alongside Demon G.o.ds.  This clan of demons had a very powerful existence, who was elusive and unpredictable, but it had the shape of a nine tailed demon fox!"

"Nine tailed demon fox?"

Chu Tian remembered the things that happened in the Central State Trial Tower.  Could the little fox really be the descendant of a great ancient era demon? If it was the descendant of this demon tribe, it would explain why the little fox could use all those strange demonic techniques!

Meng Qingwu shook her head, "I'm not sure on this, but this little fox's origin is not that simple."

Chu Tian also thought the same.

The original form of the little fox was a nine tailed demon fox and Chu Tian's source spirit was a nine eyes demon G.o.d.  What relations did they have and was their meeting a coincidence? The number nine represented the absolute supreme!

Chu Tian shook his head and didn't think too deeply about this.  No matter what background the little fox had, it was still in its infancy and did not have any kind of strength.  The great ancient era demonic beasts had incredibly long lives and it would require thousands of years for it to grow, how could it be raised with a short human live?  Chu Tian being able to obtain immortality would be the only way around this.

In the silent night, the darkness spread all around them.

The cold of the night and the sense of danger around them was like an invisible hand, constantly enveloping the two of them.  Meng Qingwu was worried of the War Hounds trackers and afraid of being attacked by the demon beasts of the prairie, so she did not dare sleep.  At this time, a hand patted Meng Qingwu's shoulder, "Don't worry, the little fox is keeping watch nearby. If anything approaches us, it will not escape the little fox's vigilance, so you can rest a.s.sured."

Meng Qingwu was very tired.  She leaned against Chu Tian's shoulder and closed her eyes to enter a shallow sleep.

Chu Tian continued to control his injuries.

This could be considered a blessing in disguise.

Chu Tian had used power that surpa.s.sed his limit and although he had suffered heavy injuries, this incident had also stimulated the potential of his body.  If he could recover from his injuries this time, Chu Tian's cultivation would surely increase by a large amount, it was even possible for him to reach the True Soul Realm.

When the eastern sky had a faint layer of light, Chu Tian came out of his recovery state.  When those several Saint Grade Pills were digested by his body, although they couldn't completely cure all his injuries, they had helped alleviate most of them.  At least the part hurt from overdrawing his spirit energy had been restored and he had basic battle strength, no longer needing to fear the demon beast on the prairies.

Meng Qingwu was leaning on his shoulder with consistent breathing, already in a deep sleep.  He gently nudged Meng Qingwu, "Young miss, young miss, the sun is already up. Wake up!"

Meng Qingwu was currently laying against Chu Tian, with her hands grabbing onto Chu Tian's arm.  That beautiful face was covered in dirt, but that did not ruin her style and just made her even more stylish.

The young miss' beauty could be considered three hundred and sixty degrees without a flaw.

"Ah!"  Meng Qingwu suddenly woke up and felt a bit embarra.s.sed.  She just wanted to rest for a little while, but leaning against Chu Tian's body, she felt very relaxed from his aura, unexpectedly falling into a deep sleep.

What had happened here?

Meng Qingwu couldn't help breaking out in gooseb.u.mps.  Ever since she was young, she was an independent and bright person, and Meng Qingwu was a very alert person.  Other than her little sister, she would always have a basic vigilance against others, it was even impossible for her to fall into a deep sleep in her own home!

Could it be that this fellow already had a deep place in her heart already?  This feeling made Meng Qingwu conflicted and confused, not sure what she should do.

"We should quickly leave."  Chu Tian did not pay any attention to the young miss' complicated thoughts.  When he stood up, he saw Meng Qingwu still sitting on the ground. With a face of wonder, he said, "Young miss, what are you doing?  Let's go!"

"I am a wounded person, how can I walk with this leg?"  Meng Qingwu righteously said, but also slightly like a spoiled little child, "You're not carrying me!"

"When you were sleeping, I used my spirit energy to scatter the poison in your bones and now it should have healed.  The injury is basically controlled and your leg can be kept, you can already walk by yourself!" Chu Tian snappily said, "Still want to kick my b.u.t.t?  Save your breath!"

Meng Qingwu found that her leg had been wrapped up again and there was no pain coming from it at all.  Her face immediately felt warm and she wished she could jump into a hole, while also cursing Chu Tian in her heart!

This blockhead!

I let you off easy and let you carry me, but you actually reject me?  I'm so angry!

The little fox explored the road in front of them while the two of the headed south.

After experiencing a few life and death experiences together, the young miss seemed like she had opened her heart and their relations.h.i.+p was much more intimate.  But the closer they became, the less he could see through the young miss. This normally beautiful, hardworking, and smart businesswoman actually had a side no one knew about.  She was from times irrational, unreasonable, and emotional. This woman was really hard to understand.

The facts stood that they had time to recover last time and they were in decent condition.  Because of this, they were travelling much faster today. After rus.h.i.+ng along for several hours, they were only five hundred miles from Imperial City, already in the safe range of Imperial City.  Those vulture riders could no longer catch up to them.

Chu Tian looked into the distance, "There should be Imperial City patrols or Imperial City watch towers nearby.  As long as we find someone, we'll be able to get a fast horse or a beast carriage and that should make the trip much more relaxed."

The young miss gave a sigh, "I hope it's like this!"

This long and quick run had used a lot of spirit energy and physical strength.  It would be best if they could save a bit of energy, having a group of quick horses would be best.

When the two of them were prepared to let out a sigh, the little fox suddenly called out a warning, "Ji, ji!"

A loud sound came from the sky that was like a clap of thunder.  The previous empty sky suddenly had an extra giant blue hawk present.  It was around six meters long and over twelve meters wide, with each feather seeming like it was carved from blue crystal and being surrounded by lightning arcs.  This was clearly a very strong demon beast.

"Be careful!"

Chu Tian suddenly threw himself at Meng Qingwu beside him.

A streak of lightning struck the ground and created a giant black burnt crater.

The two of them felt this power and their hearts were filled with shock at the same time.  This thunder hawk beast was at least in the peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer.

The little fox bared its teeth and its eyes sparkled, suddenly turning a demonic green colour.  Its pet.i.te body suddenly inflated, turning into a two zhang high demonic fox. After the little fox transformed, the demonic green light in its eyes became stronger.  The airborne thunder hawk instantly gave a shriek of pain as its eyes began to release green light which became even stronger, finally occupying its entire pupil.


The thunder hawk gave a sharp cry and it calmed down from its pained state.  It had clearly been controlled by the little fox, but since the thunder hawk was too strong, although the little fox controlled it, it would not move at all.  So, the thunder hawk just seemed like it was frozen in place.

"Interesting, interesting."

"This thunder hawk is at least in the peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer, being able to control it, your spirit beast is not simple!"

Meng Qingwu finally realized that there was a spirit beast standing on the back of the thunder hawk.  This person was tall and powerfully built, holding an unadorned long black blade in his hands. The power coming from his body was like a powerful energy that came from the Netherworld.

Nether Flame Blade, Malim!

This was the True Spirit Expert of the War Hounds Tribe!

He was like a messenger of the underworld that filled people with a fear that made them tremble.

Malim was not in a rush to make a move and used teasing eyes to look at them, "Your aura hiding skills is not bad, you made me search for an entire night.  If you hadn't moved and revealed your position in the morning, even I would not have been able to find you. Wasting this much of my time, what do you think will be a good price to pay?"

Miracle Throne Chapter 328

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