Miracle Throne Chapter 362

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Chapter 362: Forest of Chaos

The Forest of Chaos did not have four seasons, only having rainy and dry seasons.

It was currently the Forest of Chaos' rainy season.  The warm and moist air current blew over the western mountains to fill the entire Forest of Chaos.  The fertile soils and low population made it very easy to obtain food and there was a rich variety to it.  Whether it was the spirit beasts, the elves, or even the orcs, as long as they found a plot of land to sprinkle seeds in, even if they didn't take care of it, they would be able to harvest many tasty fruits the next year.

There were no kingdoms, laws, or order here.  People did not need to pay taxes and they didn't need to submit to anyone.  As long as they had enough power, they would have inexhaustible resources in this forest.

This was a paradise for experts!

Also h.e.l.l for the weak!

The rich and complex environments bred many kinds of life forms.  From the strange races of the ancient era to the beasts of the modern era.  From the ancient dragons to the graceful elves, they all regarded the Forest of Chaos as an ideal home.

Although the resources here was enough to support even a hundred times the population, but it was a place where fighting was inevitable.  People fighting against people, people fighting against beasts, and beasts fighting against beasts, it was already a normal scene for the Forest of Chaos.

Desire was endless.

For example, the Dragon Lord.  This was a giant dragon that had lived for several thousand years and occupied the great Dragon City, with wealth that could be piled up into the sky.  However, he was not satisfied and would plunder large amounts of wealth from the surrounding cities each year.

The giants of the giant mountain range, they emptied several hundred miles of mountain ranges to construct the largest palace in all of the Forest of Chaos which housed treasures that attracted the greed of countless experts of the continent.

The Elven King ruled the Elf Council, while also controlling several dozen elven cities and uniting several dozen medium and small sized powers.  They became one of the strongest alliances in the entire forest and controlled ancient knowledge and wisdom.

The beautiful sea race queen built a city in the ocean.   Stretching from the far west coast to the center of the Forest of Chaos, she tried to take all the treasures on land and in the sea for herself……

All these different powers who weren't inferior to peak warring kingdoms, they wildly explored the Forest of Chaos.  There was always endless fighting and struggles as the powers interacted with each other, causing the Forest of Chaos to be in turmoil.

The strong will rise and compete with each other.  The weak could only choose to submit, with many weak people trying to hide themselves, trying to follow the dark forest law.  No one knew just how many unknown secrets and powers were hidden in this ancient forest.

The region area of the Forest of Chaos, it wasn't affected strongly by the rainy season, but it was still moist and warm.  It was a savage region with a low degree of development. The roots of the giant trees intertwined and various kinds of plants and fungi could be found.  There were many poisonous snakes, flowers, and gra.s.ses, filling each corner of this place with danger.

In the center of this lush jungle.

There was a stretch of open s.p.a.ce.

This seemed to be the lair of a demon beast, with several dozen giant lizards crawling around.  Each one of them was releasing a terrifying aura. They were covered in emerald scales which reflected the light, making it seem like they were made of emerald.  At the center of these lizards was a spring that was filled with strong life energy. When they soaked in this aura, the demon beasts did not even need to hunt to continue growing.

Su, su, su, su!

The sounds of movement suddenly came from the forest.

The giant lizards stood up when they smelled the air, letting out a low warning sound into the forest.  That bush full of berries began to tremble a few times as several streak of incomparably sharp sword qi flew out.  It instantly slashed through the giant lizard's sparkling scales and caused several lizards to be injured.


The lizards angrily counterattacked as they opened their mouths wide open.  Without seeing anything come out, several tree roots and bushes on the ground seemed like they were hit by energy as they were blown apart.  Each fragment seemed like it was twisted.

Five people wearing cloaks came into sight.

Although these five people were normal humans, the lizards could feel a dangerous aura and immediately attacked together.  Who would have known that in this moment, one of the people would wave their hand to crack the s.p.a.ce in front of them. The invisible energy released by the lizards were all sucked in by that crack in s.p.a.ce.


The scales of several lizards were blown off as their energy fell onto themselves.

The lizard king was filled with rage.  It stepped off with all four limbs as it threw itself at three people.

A small, white fox jumped out at this time and its small body suddenly changed as it turned into a large demon fox.  When the demon fox's eyes stared at it, the lizard king was instantly frozen on the spot. It suddenly turned around as it began to attack the other lizards.

Another person jumped out.

A cold current froze a group of lizards into ice sculptures.

Another person formed a giant sword and used a single slash to turn those ice sculptures to pieces.

There was no suspense in this battle.  The several dozen lizards were not weak, but they were only level two demon beasts.  There were a few strong lizards that had reached the 8th Awakened Soul Layer, but the weakest among the humans was at the 7th Awakened Soul Layer.  There was even an elf in the True Spirit Realm.

That's right.

These five people were none other than Chu Tian's group!

Meng Yingying took out a whistle and blew into it.  The surrounding woods began to shake as a large group of people came out.  When these people saw the ground covered in lizard corpses, they all began to cheer in joy.

The village head gave Chu Tian several pieces of Sacred Herbs.

This was grat.i.tude to Chu Tian from their group.

This Life Essence Water belonged to their village, but a group of pa.s.sing lizards had forcefully occupied it.  The village tried attacking them several times, but they were sent back heavily injured.

They met five outsiders that were willing to help, causing everything that had just happened.

They never thought that!

Just by eliminating a nest of lizards, they could receive such precious herbs.  This was just only a small and unknown village. The Forest of Chaos was truly rich, it could not be compared to the Southern Summer Country!

That night, the spirit beasts had created a fire and were cooking the large pieces of lizard meat.  They were all placed over the fire with iron rods and the fragrant fat kept dripping into the flames, letting out sizzling sounds.

The rabbit people were dancing around the fire.

They all had looks of joy on their faces.

Several cute young rabbit girls were carrying cooked lizard meet as they delivered them to Chu Tian with blushed faces.  Their eyes were filled with meaning. If there was a need, they would be willing to give special service. There were no moral restraints in the Forest of Chaos, this was especially so for the spirit beasts.

Chu Tian looked at the young rabbit girls with relish.

From their appearances, the rabbit people conformed to the human's standard of beauty, not being covered in fur like some spirit beasts.  There were many differences from humans on these spirit beasts, having long bushy rabbit tails, rabbit ears, and etc. The rabbit race did have the style of an exotic beauty.

These young rabbit girls were clearly picked out by the village head to please these people.

Chu Tian had several young rabbit girls stay behind to drink with him, while also asking for information.

Meng Yingying used a prepared Source Energy Cooking Array to cook the meat once again.

"This meat's flavour isn't bad!"

"Really?  I feel that it's a bit tough!"

The several people had mouths covered in oil and the little fox had already finished several kilograms of cooked meat.  They were surrounded by rabbit people, delicious cooked meat, and unique fruit wine. In this backwater village, everything had a special taste, at least one that couldn't be found in a human kingdom.

There were a total of five people that came this time.

Chen Bingyu, Dongfang Haoran, and Vivian all came as bodyguards.  Only Meng Yingying was just here to have fun.

Chu Tian was already a high level Awakened Soul Cultivator being in the 8th Awakened Soul Layer.  Meng Yingying had just broken through to the 7th Awakened Soul Layer two days ago, only being a bit later than Nangong Yun and being faster than Meng Qingwu and the others.  Because of Vivian's strong requests, Chu Tian had also brought her along as a reward for her diligent cultivation!

In a few days.

They had only arrived in the outer region of the Forest of Chaos.

The Forest of Chaos was very big, at least being several dozen times bigger than the Southern Summer Country.  Although this area was mainly covered in forestry, it wasn't all forests. There were also deserts, beaches, and swamps.  Other than that, the Forest of Chaos's population density couldn't compare to the Southern Summer Country, but their demon beast density was several times higher.

It was because the Forest of Chaos was too big.

Vivian couldn't tell him clearly about the situation here, she could only introduce those large powers.  As for the small and hidden powers, not to mention her who rarely went out, even an elven elder wouldn't be able to describe it clearly.

Meng Yingying bit into a mouthful of cooked meat, "How can we create a base in the Forest of Chaos?"

"Is there a need to say this?  Of course it's by stealing a city!"  Vivian said without even thinking, "The Forest of Chaos is dotted with tens of thousands of cities which are mainly built on spirit veins with rich spiritual energy, creating rich products and safe environments.  As long as we steal a city, we can become its lord and develop a power by operating the city. For a small village like this, it is very moveable and can't establish a name for itself!"

Meng Yingying was very interested, "What are we waiting for?  We should just go and steal a city!"

Chu Tian rolled his eyes, "If capturing cities were that easy, the Forest of Chaos would have been united already."

"That's right, that's right!"  Vivian nodded in agreement, "The Forest of Chaos is much stronger than the Southern Summer Country.  Any city in the forest would have several True Spirit Realm experts guarding it. If you want to capture a city, it's harder than capturing the Southern Summer's Imperial City."

Meng Yingying was speechless.

Any city in the Forest of Chaos had this kind of astonis.h.i.+ng strength?  With Miracle Commerce's current strength, they wouldn't be able to capture one.  Even if they did, they would not be able to defend it. After all, in this chaotic area, the separation of the various races was also very chaotic.

Vivian said with a sigh, "It's a pity that I'm still young, otherwise I could ask my royal father to give me an elven city."


These people almost spat out what was in their mouths.

Chu Tian looked at Vivian in shock.  Although he knew Vivian's status was not low, he never thought that it would be this high.  Could it be her father was the Elven King?

"But now there doesn't seem to be any hope.  I can leave home to gain experience, but this matter must be approved by the council.  With this stain, the council will not approve of this."

Miracle Throne Chapter 362

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