Miracle Throne Chapter 366

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Chapter 366: Oldman mines

The dwarves were naturally cautious against humans.

This was for the same reason why elves were cautious against humans.

Humans were one of the most complicated races on the continent.  Saying they were n.o.ble did not fit and saying they were evil was not completely right, but the slavers and hunters in the Forest of Chaos were mostly composed of humans.  Humans were gradually becoming the richest and most technologically advanced race on the continent.

Although the humans were still weaker than the spirit beasts and elves by a bit, their potential could be imagined.

The dwarves already had nothing.

Even being on alert, there was nothing to lie about, so he said everything he could say.

This dwarf's name was Tino Oldman and he lived in the Oldman Mines two hundred kilometers away.  The Oldman Mines in its peak had around fifty thousand dwarves and over a hundred years of development, they had created a giant underground palace.

The dwarves had the same personality as the dragons, having a strong hobby of collecting things, liking to collect precious items.  However, they did not want everything like the dragons and the dwarves only like collecting minerals. They liked precious metals, precious crystals, or divine weapons.

So the mines being operated for over a hundred years was no different from a hidden treasure!

This also became the source of their disasters!

The dwarves followed the dark forest principle and hid themselves from others.  The only difference between them and other races was that once other races were discovered, they would immediately leave, but the dwarves would never let go of their mines.

When the Oldman Mine was revealed, it attracted countless people's greed.

But the dwarves were warriors by natural.  They had very strong weapons and their warriors were very strong.  Adding in the defenses built over a hundred years, it was hard for invaders to break through.  They had been constantly attacked over the years, but the dwarves had won every time. Only, these fights consumed the dwarves' population, with only around half of their peak population remaining.

When the dwarves had been exhausted.

A powerful enemy had appeared!

This fellow was named the "Spider Count", Kanun!

Kanun used large amounts of bandits to attack from outside and sent a spider troop to launch an ambush in a tunnel they dug.  After a long and tragic battle, the dwarves either died or were captured. The entire Oldman Mine had fallen to the enemy and even those that were lucky to escape were powerless.

The hundred years of dwarf wealth was occupied by Kanun and over a thousand dwarves were sent into human countries as slaves.  The Oldman dwarf tribe was finished.

Tino drank wine cup after cup with a face filled with bitterness.

Vivian was filled with righteous indignation, "A nameless person this princess has never heard of actually dares to act this overbearing!  Brother dwarf, don't worry, we will help you steal back your mines!"

Meng Yingying scratched her head as she was a bit confused, "I know Spirit Beasts and Elves, but what are Spirit Insects?"

From the nickname "Spider Count" and the description from the dwarf, it was clear this fellow was a Spirit Insect.

The Forest of Chaos did not just have the strong powers on the surface, there were also powers that were hidden that no one knew about.  The Spirit Insects were one of these powers. Although they were strong and the elves had knowledge on them, they were not certain on anything.

The Spirit Insects were specially, generally living underground.  Most of the cities underground were ruled by the Spirit Insects, so in terms of influence, the Spirit Insects were not below the elves or the spirit beasts.  However, because the Spirit Insects live underground rarely fight against the elves and spirit beasts, it was hard to estimate how strong they were.

There were some elven elders that have given their views on this.  All signs indicated that the Spirit Insects hidden underneath the Forest of Chaos were more powerful than they expected.  They were one of the most mysterious powers in the Forest of Chaos and the elves had to prepare protection against them.

But some elves believed that the Spirit Insects were like the Spirit Beasts.  There were many different races and various Spirit Insects fought with each other, with battle intensity that didn't lose to the surface.  Although there were many of them, there was no need for worry.

No matter whose views were correct, the large amount of Spirit Insects in the Forest of Chaos was a fact.

From what Tino described, the Spider Count Kanun was very strong and he had an army of at least twenty-thirty thousand people who formed a strong army.

Although Chu Tian's group was strong, if they met a battle with higher quant.i.ties, they would be consumed by the ma.s.ses of soldiers in the end.

Once their spirit energy was used up, their higher cultivation would have no use!

"Our people are not enough, how many dwarf soldiers are left!"

Although the dwarves were not smart, the matter concerning his comrades' position he had to be careful about.  Who could tell if this fellow was someone sent by Kanun to take care of the remaining dwarves?

"If there is no basic trust, how can we help you?"

"Human, why should I trust you?"  Tino coldly said, "Would you help the dwarves fight out of good intentions?"

"Dwarf, look at this!"  Vivian suddenly released a powerful spirit energy and a spatial dagger appeared in midair, "If you still think that I am Kanun's subordinate, I have nothing else to say to you!"

This spirit energy……True Spirit Realm!

This was a s.p.a.ce attributed Source Spirit!

A True Spirit Realm was very rare, not to mention one with natural spatial energy.  Kanun had a lot of skills, but he could not find this kind of person to work under him.  Not to mention the fact that Vivian was an elf and the elves were a quite trustworthy race.

"The dwarves have five thousand warriors in a new mine preparing to fight!"  Tino was no longer hesitant as he stood up and said, "As long as you help the dwarves recapture Oldman Mine, we are willing to accept any conditions you have!"

Five thousand people?

The amount was a bit short, but it was still enough!

This place was very far from the Southern Summer Country, so Chu Tian could not bring his army along and could only fight with what he had.  The dwarves were brave warriors, so five thousand people was not a weak force.

The dwarves were gathering in a mine that had been developed for less than two years.

From the surface it looked like a cave which had long rails running through the middle and black iron carts on the rails.  The forging room had just been built, so it looked very simple.

The five thousand dwarves were hiding inside, planning on how to recapture Oldman Mine.

Although they knew that with the strength of five thousand people, it was no different from sending themselves to their deaths, the dwarves were a stubborn people and they had to try no matter what.

When Tino brought in reinforcements at this time, the other dwarves were very surprised.  An old dwarf chief was skeptical of their strength, after all, these humans and the elf were all very young.

Chu Tian felt that to negotiate with these fellows, he had to show his strength first.

"Yingying, you can go."  Chu Tian said to the dwarf chief, "This is the one with the lowest cultivation among us.  If the old chief is able to touch a single one of her hair, we will help the dwarves for free."

"Arrogant humans!"  The old chief disdainfully said, "I have an 8th Awakened Soul Layer Cultivation and the dwarf's cultivation technique is very strong.  Even a 9th Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator would not dare promise he would be uninjured, how can you be this confident?"

"This is only a bet."  Chu Tian softly said, "If you can't hurt her, after we defeat Kanun, I want half of the treasures in the dwarf mines!"


Every dwarf was foaming with rage.

This fellow was too greedy, immediately asking for half!

The reserves of the Oldman Mine was the dwarves' collection over a hundred years!

Kanun had only seized Oldman Mine for less than half a year, so he wouldn't have had time to move most of it.  Half of what remained was a shocking number! This fellow dared to talk this boldly!"

"It's very fair."  Chu Tian did not feel this price was high at all, "If we five don't help you, your five thousand people shouldn't even mention half, you would just be sending yourselves to death!"

The dwarves were famous for being stubborn.

How could they accept this kind of arrogance?

A dwarf shouted out, "You five people want to take half, don't you feel you're being too greedy?"

"We are quality over quant.i.ty.  The reward and risk are balanced."  Chu Tian did not make any concessions, "No one knows if there is a stronger power behind Kanun or not, so helping you all this time is a very large risk for us!"

"Good, I'll bet with you!"  The dwarf picked up a battle hammer.  The hammer was completely black and the light of flames surrounded it.  From the powerful aura it released, it was clear this was a Soul Contracting Weapon, "I want to see if you can block an attack from me!"

The might of a Soul Contracting Weapon was terrifying!

The dwarf's old chieftain had a deep 8th Awakened Soul Layer cultivation!

The most important part is that the dwarf's cultivation technique is famous for being fierce and overbearing.  Even if a 9th Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator took this hammer at close range, if they weren't dead, they would still be seriously injured.

Meng Yingying gave a snort as her body released starlight, "Just go all out.  If I dodge at all, it is your win!"

The old chief gave a low roar before his feet shattered the ground with his strength.  The giant hammer released an intense flame as the entire mine's air began to burn. When the hammer was heavily slammed down, the surrounding air began to crack, like an old fire dragon waving its hand.

Meng Yingying's slender brows jumped up.  The dwarf's strength was really strong and the disdain she felt immediately disappeared.  She released her source spirit which was the smooth and beautiful mirror. The mirror released a glow that instantly covered Meng Yingying's body.

Meng Yingying's Mirror Source Spirit had two abilities.

The first ability was imitation.  As long as she was strong enough, Meng Yingying could copy any cultivation technique or source spirit.  Although it was only temporary, this allowed her to use various skills.

The second ability was reflection.  This ability was a defensive skill. When Meng Yingying was attacked, her source spirit could reflect a portion of the power.

When the Starlight Immortal Body and the Mirror Source Spirit was released at the same time, Meng Yingying's defensive ability doubled.

When the dwarf chief's wild hammer strike landed on Meng Yingying, they heard the sound of an explosion as the ground around them was cracked by their power.  Meng Yingying used her arms to block it and was not injured at all.


The dwarf's chief was shocked.  The power that could move mountains was reflected back like a mountain and the dwarf chief spat out a mouthful of blood.  He was sent flying into the wall and instantly created a large hole.


The other dwarves were all shocked!

Meng Yingying revealed a proud expression.  Although the Starlight Immortal Body showed signs of cracking, it did not break at all.  This old fellow was indeed strong, but Meng Yingying stimulated her Mirror Source Spirit with all her strength and consumed half of her spirit energy to send him flying away like a ball.

The dwarves were no longer looking down on these five people.

If the weakest person among them was this strong, then how strong was their strongest person?

The five of them really had the ability to help the dwarves turn defeat into victory.  The dwarf chief walked over while being supported by a clansman, "The dwarves agree to your condition.  As long as you can kill Kanun and help the dwarves recapture the mine, we'll give you half the treasures!"

Miracle Throne Chapter 366

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