Miss Parloa's New Cook Book Part 62

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Baked Fish (five pounds), Hollandaise Sauce (double the rule).

Cheese _Souffle_ (double the rule).

Roast Chicken (nine to twelve pounds).

Mashed Potatoes (twelve).

Green Peas (two quarts or two cans).

Celery. Cranberry Jelly.

Oyster Patties (fourteen).

Lettudfe Salad (two heads of lettuce with French dressing).

Water Crackers (a dozen and a half).

Neufchatel Cheese (two packages).

Orange Sherbet (three quarts).

Frozen Cabinet Pudding (the rule given), Apricot Sauce.

_Glace Meringue_ (the rule given). Sponge Cake. Fruit.

Coffee (the rule for filtered coffee).

_Potage a la Reine_ (five pints).

Sardine Canapees (two dozen). Olives.

Roast Turkey (about eight pounds), Chestnut Stuffing and Sauce.

Macaroni, _a l'Italienne_ (twice the rule).

Cranberry Jelly.

Plain Boiled Potatoes.

Lettuce Salad (two large heads).

Custard _Souffle_ (twice the rule), Creamy Sauce.

Frozen Pudding (the rule given).

Lemon Sherbet Cake.


Coffee (three pints of filtered).

Crackers and Cheese.

Oyster Soup (two quarts).

Smelts _a la Tartare_ (three dozen).

Chicken _Vol-au-Vent_ (a large one).

Rolled Rib Roast (about twelve pounds).

Polish Sauce. Grape Jelly.

Cauliflower, with Cream Sauce.

Potato _Souffle_.

Rice Croquettes (two dozen).

Larded Grouse with Bread Sauce (three grouse).

Potatoes, _a la Parisienne._

Dressed Celery (two heads).

Royal Diplomatic Pudding (the rule given).

Raspberry Sherbet (three quarts).

Vanilla Ice Cream (three quarts).



Coffee (three pints of the filtered).

Crackers and Cheese.

Miss Parloa's New Cook Book Part 62

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