Miss Parloa's New Cook Book Part 64

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The meat for the sandwiches should be chopped fine. The rolls must be small, and the buttered bread should be cut in thin slices, two slices be put together, and then be cut into long strips or little squares.

There should be one hundred sandwiches, seventy-five rolls, one hundred dices of bread, forty maids of honor, six dishes of _gateau St. Honore_ two gallons of each kind of ice cream, and a generous supply of small cakes, candies and fruit.


Oyster Soup.

Spinach. Fricandeau of Veal. Mashed Potatoes.

Lettuce Salad.

Orange Sherbet.


Potato Soup.

Boiled Haddock, Lobster Sauce.

Potato _Souffle._

Chicken Croquettes, Cream Sauce.

Chocolate Blanc-Mange.

Scotch Broth.

Broiled Halibut, _Maitre d'Hotel_ Butter.

French Fried Potatoes.

Stewed Tomatoes.

Braised Tongue.


Ground Rice Pudding.

Lobster Soup.

Roast Beef.


Yorkshire Pudding.


Cabbage Salad.

Lemon Sponge.

Turbot _a la Creme._

Cold Roast Beef with Puree of Potatoes.

Stewed Tomatoes.

Boiled Macaroni.

Ice Cream.


Mock Bisque Soup.

Roast Chicken.

Currant Jelly.

Potato Puffs.


Corn-Starch Pudding.


Miss Parloa's New Cook Book Part 64

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