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"Oh…" w.a.n.g Yu was relieved to hear that his quest did not overlap with Storm's quest.

But he was startled when he heard the last part, and thought to himself, "Their quest met an obstacle the moment I have arrived, could that be a coincident…"

"Brother Bull, what's your quest?"

"I have to kill a boss called Stone Golem King."

"That's good, that's good." Storm was similarly relieved as well. After witnessing w.a.n.g Yu's strength, he knew that if their quests overlapped, he and his team would have to give up on their mission.

"Since that's the case, we shall move together. We can help each other out as well." w.a.n.g Yu suggested.

Team Storm only had one tank, if they were to run into the gnome knights again, they would be in trouble. w.a.n.g Yu on the hand was afraid that he would get lost again, since he was unfamiliar with this area.

"Thank you brother Bull!" Storm replied gratuitously.

"This fog should be the key to our quests, the only problem is how do we get in." w.a.n.g Yu said.

"There must be an entrance. Since there gnome knights were patrolling around here, that must mean that the entrance is just nearby."

Right after Storm finished his sentence, the short bowman called Spiralling Winds and Clouds suddenly shouted, "Boss Storm, there seem to be a breach ahead."

"Oh? Let's go and take a look!" The group then hurried over to the place Spiralling Winds and Clouds was talking about. They arrived to see two gigantic trees with a dark breach in the middle, just like a door.

"Let's go in!" w.a.n.g Yu said as he walked towards the breach.

"This seems dangerous…" Storm frowned. The experience with the gnome knights had him suffered greatly, he did not dare to proceed blindly anymore.

"It's ok, I'll go in first." w.a.n.g Yu said, and he went right into the breach. Storm was impressed by w.a.n.g Yu's courage, so he gritted his teeth and followed after w.a.n.g Yu.

After entering the breach, the team saw a bright light and felt refreshed immediately.

Everyone had expected the inside of the breach to be dark and creepy, since the entrance was covered by fog, but the reality was different.

It was a forest inside the breach as well, but unlike the cursed forest outside, the trees here were short enough for the bright sunlight to s.h.i.+ne on everywhere. Everyone felt rejuvenated from the atmosphere.

For the residents of City of Elves who constantly lived under the shade, such a sight was rare. While everyone was enjoying the breathtaking view, they suddenly received a system notification.

"Hidden one-time dungeon...Holy f*ck we have struck gold!" Everyone in Team Storm started shouting in excitement when they saw the notification.

> was an open-world game with very much freedom and s.p.a.ce for the players to explore. Apart from storyline quests and the main dungeons of each city, there was a type of hidden dungeons as well.

These hidden dungeons appeared randomly, and was an one-time event. Yet, it contained enormous amounts of treasure, and how much of it could a player find, depended on his luck.

However, these dungeons were extremely rare, the chance of running into them was less than 0.01%. Apparently, throughout the half year long beta period, only one out of the 20 000 players discovered a hidden dungeon, and that player rose into fame overnight. That incident started a huge discussion, and there were legends about hidden dungeons even now.

For them to come across such an amazing even, Team Storm had every right to be so excited.

Hidden dungeons allowed the players to do whatever they wanted unlike a common dungeon, where players were given a mission to inform them on the completion criteria.

Apart from the name of the dungeon, the interface had only an option to exit the dungeon, and nothing else.

"This dungeon is pretty cool…" w.a.n.g Yu mumbled after checking the interface as usual, only to discover that there was no mission.

"Yup, everything in this dungeon is meant for the players to discover themselves." Storm replied.

"That seems like a village." w.a.n.g Yu glanced into the horizon and pointed towards an area right ahead of them.

The visibility in Wonderland Forest was good, although w.a.n.g Yu did not have an eyesight like the bowmen with [Eagle Eye], it was good enough to spot the village from afar.

"Yup!" Swirling Clouds and Winds replied, "It's a village."

"Let's go check it out!" The group started walking towards the village.

Although the village seemed close to them, but it was only after they had started walking, that they realised the dungeon was unusually huge, and danger lurked everywhere.

Before they had gone far, they met the ambush of a group of gnome musketeers. They were slow and had low HP, but their muskets had insane damage.

Right off the bat, the gnome musketeers started a full on attack on Team Storm, and they could not react in time. Luckily, w.a.n.g Yu went to the rescues in time and took out a few of the weaker gnomes, and saved Team Storm from being wiped.

Although the gnome musketeers were tough enemies, they dropped great loots. Apart from a pair of level 35 silver grade boots, the ten musketeers even dropped a gun, which was a secondary weapon.

Secondary weapons were rare, despite that the gun's grade was only silver, the guys from Team Storm could not stop eyeing the gun in w.a.n.g Yu's hands.

The group kept going, and slain two more waves of both gnome knights and gnome musketeers, as well was three waves of gnome patrols, before finally reaching the entrance to the village.

Hidden dungeon was amazing as expected. The seven waves of elite monsters that they ran into, dropped a total of seven silver grade equipments.

After all, any players that had a full set of silver grade equipments were famous experts. Even the bosses in normal dungeons did not guarantee a silver grade equipment, not to mention mere minions.

The fantastic gains from the dungeon had everyone in Team Storm eager to fight the boss later.

After killing the last gnome patrol, the group came to the entrance of the village, and a shady figure suddenly entered everyone's sight.

"F*ck, it's Yoda! He hid inside himself in the hidden dungeon!" Storm pointed at Yoda and shouted.

HP: 300 000

MP: 5000

Skills: [Pickpocket], [Buck Shot], [Haste], [Poisonous Dagger]

The team immediately got into their formation after hearing Storm, and the bowmen started shooting at Yoda.

MMORPG: Martial Gamer Chapter 290

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