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Taking off the helmet w.a.n.g Yu looked at his watch and realised it was already 8 in the night! Mu Zi Xian had come home long ago and was preparing dinner in the kitchen.

w.a.n.g Yu wiped his face with a towel and was about to wash up in the toilet when he noticed Li Xue's group gloomily sitting on the living room sofa in silence.

w.a.n.g Yu naturally understood the outcome of the whole situation. For these girls to come out and work like that wasn't easy. Although gold farming in games was slightly tiring, it was still better than working an ordinary desk job.

Anyone would have been completely distraught to suddenly lose their jobs like that.

"Brother Yu… I'm really sorry… If it wasn't for me then today..." Seeing w.a.n.g Yu, Li Xue guiltily muttered.

Before she could finish talking, w.a.n.g Yu loudly clapped to interrupt her and said: "What are you saying? Neither of us are at fault here! It's all that little gigglo's fault! Don't worry too much though the Primrose militia is only a second rate guild anyway! I'll help you find a better one in future!"

After joining the Quan Zhen Sect, w.a.n.g Yu's horizons had broadened. Although the Primrose Militia was merely a second rate guild, for the girls to join them was already quite a stretch! To even consider joining a better guild was nothing but a pipe dream!

Hearing his words, Li Xue couldn't help but sigh: "Gold farming doesn't actually have many requirements in terms of the environment, but since we've offended the Sanguine Alliance then we can't really stay in this game much longer… It wasn't easy for you to find a job and now… because of me..."

What Li Xue was so worried about was that they wouldn't be able to continue playing the game after offending the Sanguine Alliance.

It wasn't much of a problem for the four of them since they were all single, however w.a.n.g Yu still had a family to feed. Although w.a.n.g Yu and Mu Zi Xian hadn't spoken of their financial situation, Li Xue was able to tell they were rather strapped for cash. Why else would a newly wedded couple like them be willing to rent out their apartment like this?

"Oh you're worried about that? Just go look at the forums and you'll understand what happened!" w.a.n.g Yu chuckled as he walked into the toilet.

In game, when w.a.n.g Yu had killed Heaven's Bird in front of the crowd, he had overheard a few people saying that they only came to spectate after hearing about it on the forum.

"The forum?" The four girls stared at each other.

"Mary pa.s.s me the laptop!"


After opening the laptop, Li Xue immediately opened the forums for >.

Every single post she saw was discussing what had happened between w.a.n.g Yu and the Sanguine Alliance!

"Berserk Pugilist paints the streets with blood and kills the number one hunk Heaven's Bird six times!"

"New expert joins the Quan Zhen Sect! The Sanguine Alliance can't withstand a single blow!"

Such posts had completely flooded the forum and if the girls didn't personally witness what happened they would have been swept away by the comments in the forum.

Li Xue clicked on the top post t.i.tled "Come again if you're not satisfied, we'll fight until you're satisfied!". The contents of the post described the cause whole situation as well as the awe inspiring when w.a.n.g Yu was ma.s.sacring the members of the Sanguine Alliance.

Running up flat walls, extreme evasion, incomparable positioning, one shot kills… These were just a few of the feats that w.a.n.g Yu had performed.

With w.a.n.g Yu's extraordinary abilities, the hundred against one battle wasn't as simple as many had imagined. Furthermore there was still that extremely domineering phrase that w.a.n.g Yu had shouted before logging off.

The forum was set ablaze with intense fanaticism!

"Come again if you're not satisfied, we can fight until you're satisfied!"

Although this phrase was rather crude, it contained a blazing heroic spirit and caused the blood of those who heard it boil in excitement!

It was just a game after all so other than the professional gamers most players just played to kill and have fun. An outstanding and domineering person like that would naturally become their idol.

What's more, some players even began to say that "the Pugilist is the job for real men"!

This one phrase once again sparked the debate about the actual power of the Pugilist.

Looking at the world notifications, the top ranked player was a Pugilist and the first player to successfully kill a boss were all Pugilists! And today the one who had caused a storm in Twilight City was also a Pugilist!

Compared to other jobs were Pugilists really trash? Or was the strongest job in > actually the Pugilist?

Now the Pugilists that had always been mocked and suppressed on the forums could finally hold their heads up high!

At this moment, a comment by one of the players completely crushed all the excitement.

"It seems like no one else noticed it but I think that there was a bug in the system the last time the Pugilist killed Heaven's Bird."


Seeing his comment, the rest of the players quickly opened the video of w.a.n.g Yu killing Heaven's Bird again. At the end of the video, w.a.n.g Yu had commanded the city guards to enter the safe zone and push Heaven's Bird out for him to kill again. Seeing this scene, the players could no longer remain calm.

Originally, a player challenging a top guild like that was something out of a novel! Due to this many players started to admire and wors.h.i.+p w.a.n.g Yu.

However, that last scene in the video was really too suspicious. This kind of killing machine was not only let off by the city guards, they had even become his accomplices! What if they landed in such a situation? Wouldn't they only be able to stand there and accept their death?

Thinking of this the admiration these players felt for w.a.n.g Yu turned into rage.

"This is definitely a bug! We need to report this!"

"Report your a.s.s! I've already tried reporting it."

"What did the system say?"

"Thank you for your report. However no bug was detected. Thank you for your continued support for > and we wish you a pleasant gaming experience."


The rest of the players immediately started cursing in the thread. The company really was too half-hearted!

At the same time, in the office of the Sanguine Alliance in Twilight City, the high level members of the Sanguine Alliance were all gathered.

Currently, Sanguine Warflag's expression was so dark that no one could even see his face.

"So what does everyone think of this matter?" Sanguine Warflag asked.

"This…" The rest of the players quickly lowered their heads to avoid his gaze.

The origin of this matter was actually very insignificant. However the one who started the whole conflict was the younger brother of their leader so who would dare to speak out?

Seeing that no one was willing to say anything, Sanguine Warflag said: "We deal with the matter and not the person. If anyone has any opinions then speak up. How are we going to deal with Iron Bull the next time?"

Hearing his words the rest could only silently curse: "Leader you skin is really too thick… Only you can bear to say this kind of shameless words… It's not us hunting Iron Bull, it's him hunting us…"

Seeing all of their gloomy expressions, Sanguine Warflag sternly said: "Are you all afraid?"

Facing Sanguine Warflag's scolding, the members were stunned.

Afraid? Facing such a demonic expert who wouldn't be??

Normally, ten to twenty players in a group was already considered quite threatening. A force of one to two hundred players was enough to exterminate any small guild. However who would have thought that they would encounter a freak like w.a.n.g Yu who could easily deal with their hunting squads? Who would dare to boast that they weren't afraid? Although the Sanguine Alliance did have a lot of members, they couldn't mobilise all of them for every conflict.

Although they all thought that, no one dared to voice their opinion due to their knowledge of Sanguine Warflag's brutal leaders.h.i.+p style. Fear was not something that was tolerated in this guild! Even if others were afraid no one would admit that they were as well!

The members just kept looking at each other silently, waiting for someone to speak up first.

Just as Sanguine Warflag's rage was about to erupt, the Archer Sanguine Stormbringer stood up and said: "Leader I still think we shouldn't fight anymore. That man isn't human!"

"You're afraid?"

"It's impossible that no one here isn't afraid. But i think that what's more important is that this really isn't worth it. We're only in the early stages of the game so who has the time to round up hundreds of players to fight him? There's no honour in winning and if we lose we'll become a laughing stock! Why don't we just leave it be?"

Hearing his words, Sanguine Warflag smiled and said: "Very reasonable! We'll follow what you said the. Primrose go contact Iron Bull. He seems like a reasonable man so just fulfill whatever conditions he has!"

"Yes leader!"

"Alright! Dismissed!"

After speaking Sanguine Warflag immediately left the office.

After he left the members finally heaved a sigh of relief and started discussing amongst themselves.

"Holy f**k that's it? And here I thought that leader would try and toy with our lives… But you Stormbringer, you really are terrified of that Iron Bull huh!"

"And you're telling me that the rest of you aren't?" Sanguine Stormbringer laughed.

"But we didn't admit it! You on the other hand just admitted it so bluntly!"

Sanguine Stormbringer simply shook his head and said: "It's nothing to admit you're scared, what's important is who you're admitting it for!"

Although the rest didn't understand his words, they realized what he had done when they received a notification:

When w.a.n.g Yu walked out of the toilet, the four girls were staring at his as though they were looking at a monster. He lightly chuckled and said: "Is something wrong? Is there still some foam on my face or something?"

"Mr Landlord you killed Heaven's Bird six times???" Mary exclaimed in shock.

"Yea I did. And if he didn't log off I would have killed him a few more times!" w.a.n.g Yu replied.

"F**k me! Mr Landlord aren't you afraid the Sanguine Alliance will keep causing trouble for you?"

"Afraid of what? I'll just kill them if I see them!"

I'll just kill them if I see them? Just how arrogant was this?

The Sanguine Alliance was one of the top ten guilds in the country! If it was anyone else who had said this it would have been treated as a bad joke. However, coming from w.a.n.g Yu's mouth these words seemed like the absolute truth because w.a.n.g Yu had the strength to back it up!

"There's nothing else right?"

"N..No..." The four shook their heads in unison. With and expert like this protecting them the foul mood that they had all been in was quickly blown away.

"Then I'll go find you sister-in-law then!"

With that, w.a.n.g Yu put on his jacket and walked out of the door.

Watching his disappearing figure, Li Xue couldn't help but feel a certain sweetness in her heart...

MMORPG: Martial Gamer Chapter 35

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