Modern Cinderella Chapter 1

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Translator: Lilcupcakez

Trouble Arising From Many Causes [1]

"Oh!~ Finally came to Qingtan School!" Moya puts down her super spectacular luggage! A huge back bag used by scholars during the ancient times when they took the exams. Hehe… She faces Qingtan's super spectacular white marble door and made an exaggerated v-shaped gesture. "Invincible!" Inadvertently saying her mantra.

No one would have thought, she came from an ordinary household and was able to go to a royal school like Qingtan! Even she was surprised for many days after receiving the letter!

Moya stood in front of Qingtan's door, using her hand to cover her mouth because she didn't want her laughter to come out. She always had trouble controlling the volume of her helpless…

In the midsummer suns.h.i.+ne, Moya's action attracted many people's attention…

"What is she doing?"

"Hehe, that is such an exaggerating bag!"

"Is it the new look this year?"

The two girls walking out of Qingtan were gossiping about Moya who was still covering her mouth…

"Why is she always covering her mouth? Is she not feeling well?" Those two girls finally couldn't hold in their curiosity, hand in hand walking in front of Moya.

"h.e.l.lo cla.s.smate, is there somewhere you're not feeling comfortable? Do you need to find a school doctor?" One of the girls wearing a pink lace dress askes her.

"Yes, cla.s.smate. Are you feeling bad? Your tears are falling down." The other girl wearing a blue skirt hands Moya a handkerchief.

"…." Moya still keeps her hand over her mouth. She's not uncomfortable! Just so happy! So ecstatic! Even though she mentally prepared herself a long time ago, but when she really stood in front of Qingtan…that feeling…the feeling when your heart is about to jump out! "Hahaha…" Finally, Moya wasn't able to hold in the laughter. She began laughing ridiculously…

The inscribed tablet of the school's name almost got shaken down by her…

"…." "…." The two girls were still staring at Moya who didn't stop laughing… her mouth wider and wider…

"Yes…haha…sorry… just too…happy" Moya holds onto her lower abdomen which was hurting from laughing so much, revealing an apologetic expression to the girls.

"…." "…." The two girls faced each other.

"So you were actually laughing, we thought you were crying." The girl wearing a pink dress slightly smiles at Moya.

"Clang~Tang~" Moya lays on the ground not getting up…

"Are you okay?!" The girl wearing a skirt hurriedly goes over to help her up, "We were just joking. She is You Mei. I am s.h.i.+ Lin."

"Hehe…" Moya rubs her wounded knee, "I am Moya. I'm sorry. I know my laughter doesn't sound good."

"No, I don't think so." You Mei walks to Moya's luggage, carefully examining her back bag.

"I have never heard such heartwarming laughter." s.h.i.+ Lin smiles at Moya, "Because of this, I have decided to be your friend."

"Ah~" Moya's chin almost fell to the ground…Those who are students of Qingtan know how to appreciate her laugh!

"Ah~! Help me ah~!" You Mei actually picked up Moya's oversized bag…and the bag is like a hill on her body…

Modern Cinderella Chapter 1

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