Modern Cinderella Chapter 11

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Translator: lilcupcakez

Cohabitation with the Flute Prince [1]

It’s already late and the sun is tired of work…

In the empty cla.s.sroom, Moya tried her best to recall… “I keep feeling like I am missing something important thing.”

“Moya~~.” s.h.i.+ Lin was at the bottom and called her. Hao Jun You had already picked up his car, waiting for her as well.

“Yes!!” Moya rapidly stood up and ran downstairs.

“Moya, why are you so slow?” s.h.i.+ Lin and You Mei were already in Hao Jun You’s car.

“Oof~” Moya took a breath and opened the car door, going in. “Where is my luggage?” Moya peered at the empty rear seat.

“Lost it” You Mei sweetly answered.

“What?!!” Moya was surprised and she stood up. That sudden movement made her head knock against the ceiling of the car. “You lost it?!! Girl, everything that I have is in there ah!” Moya’s head hurts, but her heart hurts more!

“Everything you have is in there?! That can’t be.” You Mei widened her ‘innocent’ eyes and stared at Moya. “There’s nothing valuable in there and I saw how tiring it was for you to carry it so…” You Mei’s eyes were teary.

“Dizzy~!” Moya held onto her head and sat back on the seat. “How many of the things I carried are actually valuable in your eyes?” She had carried her luggage for such a long time just for You Mei to throw it away… the urge to cry…

“You don’t need to worry Moya. Later on, the school will give out cards. The money inside should be enough for you to live.” s.h.i.+ Lin stared at Moya who was about to faint.

“Money?” Moya was a bit confused. “Money? Why would they give money?!” She saw a ray of hope.

“Don’t you know? The tuition fee for the school also included pocket money. It’d all be on the card.” s.h.i.+ Lin took out the blue card. “See, it looks like this.”

“But I didn’t give in tuition fee ah” Moya revealed a face of confusion. The didn’t even discuss the tuition fee with her. “Oh right! My address!” Moya’s face paled.

“Address? What address?” You Mei wiped away her tears and inquired Moya.

“I have a relative who lives in the city so before leaving, my mom gave me his address. She told me to go to his house and live there.” Moya desperately knocked at her head. This time it’s over! Will she have to end up living on the streets?!

“It’s okay.” Hao Jun You slowed the car down and turned around to grin slightly at Moya. “Tell me what his name is and where he lives around. I’ll help you find him.”

“Name?” Moya raised her head and attempted to remember~thinking ah~ “I can’t remember. Plus, my mom only mentioned him once.”

“Then that will be a little difficult now.” Hao Jun You turned his head around.

“Moya, can’t you just call your mom and ask?” s.h.i.+ Lin took out her phone.

“My mom?” Moya’s mother’s exaggerated expression came to her mind again. “No, no! I can’t let her know about this! Even if I end up on the streets, I can’t!” Moya held onto her neck protectively because when her mom is agitated, she likes to hold onto there. “It seemed so that I really would have to end up on the streets.” Moya lowered her head down in frustration.

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Modern Cinderella Chapter 11

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