Modern Cinderella Chapter 21

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Letting you Guys be Surprised [2]

“Okay.” Moya softly opened the box lid. “Wow~!” Some sparkling crystal-like things appeared in front of her eyes. “This is used for eating?!” Moya couldn’t bear it. Who would want to swallow these beautiful things?

“Yeah. Place it into the cake.” Hao Jun You’s vision never left the road.

“Okay.” Even though she couldn’t bear to eat these beautiful things, she couldn’t bear it even more to upset her tummy’s wishes!

Everything is ready! Moya held the cake which was rolled into rolls and ate a large piece…

“So bitter!!!” Her expression immediately became one that was pained.

“Don’t spit it out!” Hao Jun You turned his head over and caressed her hair again. “Wait another second!”

Moya looked at Hao Jun You’s gentle eyes and attempted to control her instinct of throwing the food up…..Not even after a while, her expression slowly became relieved. Then she became very happy…The bitter thing suddenly became very sweet…It’s a wonderful taste that Moya had never experienced….perhaps it was due to the bitterness in the beginning which made it taste wonderful now.

Modern Cinderella Chapter 21

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Modern Cinderella Chapter 21 summary

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