Modern Cinderella Chapter 23

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Translator: lilcupcakez

Letting you Guys be Surprised [3]

Moya stretched out her body and walked over to the podium….

Is she going to perform martial arts?! Liu He stared at Moya confused.

“Next….” Moya cleared her throat, she was actually nervous. At this time she saw Hao Jun You’s eyes, this warm Senior looked at her with encouragement! “I will be singing a song for everyone!”

“Pang!” Hu Lin and the others fell on their desks. It is hard to think that this evil girl would be able to sing any touching songs!

“About this song, I wrote this when I was very young.”


Of the seven princes, five of them fell off their desks.

Hao Jun You on the other hand looked interested while Jin Ming Xian looked at her coolly…

Moya deeply sighed. “Really want to be that child again/The girl who had everything in their pocket/Slingshots, cards, and many others/Always unlimited/Really want to be that child again/The girl who had many friends/Where bed was gra.s.s and blankets were the skies…”

When Moya sang, the five princes were about to dig themselves under the ground! Her lyrics were a bit too childis.h.!.+ No doubt the level of elementary school! But….as they kept hearing it, they climbed out from under the desks. From yawning nonstop to focusing on the song….Her voice, that evil girl’s voice was actually touching and addicting!

Modern Cinderella Chapter 23

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