Modern Cinderella Chapter 24

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The Invincible Energetic Girl [1]

“Moya.” Hao Jun You walked over here and pulled on her hand. “That was amazing!”

“Yeah! That was pretty nice! So even though it was a hard decision, we’ll let you stay.” Hu Lin smiled happily!

“Welcome!” Lan You used his hands to knock the welcome rhythm out.

“You should sing more often!” Liu He squinted at her.

“Pa.s.s.” Si Ming said so in an unhappy tone as though he had no choice but to say that.

“Yay! Invincible!!” Moya used her hand to make a ‘V’ pose! Finally, she got everyone’s confirmation? She finally made the first step in becoming one of them? Moya’s feelings were exposed on her face all day long… “Let’s go to cla.s.s! Professor!” She was so energetic she could do anything.

“Okay, okay.” The old professor excitedly agreed too.

Another night where the sky was filled with stars, Jin Ming Xian sat on the couch….and looked at the dazzling sky. He closed his eyes and thought back to Moya’s voice…

Really want to be that child again/The girl who had everything in their pocket/Slingshots, cards, and many others/Always unlimited/Really want to be that child again/The girl who had many friends/Where bed was gra.s.s and blankets were the skies…

But no matter what he did, he could never enter the dreamland like he did in the afternoon……Jin Ming Xian furrowed his eyebrows. It can’t just possibly be more than the voice?…. That face who thought that she could do anything she wanted floating in his mind. He shook his head…What caused him to lose sleep was the strong sense of insecurity. It couldn’t happen to be that the girl gave him a sense of… “No! Never!” Jin Ming Xian walked over to the window, looked like he’s going to have to spend the night with them again…

Modern Cinderella Chapter 24

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