Modern Cinderella Chapter 33

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Translator: lilcupcakez

Invincible Moya [3]

There were a few white clouds floating in the blue sky outside the window and Jin Ming Xian looked at the view quietly…He seemed to have slept well last night.

“We’ll finish today’s cla.s.s here.” The old professor placed the handout away. “But, I have something to announce.”

Moya stared at the old professor…What was he going to announce?

“Say it already, old man!” Si Ming closed his book loudly.

“I have to go out of the country to make a report so the days that I’m out, Professor Li will take over.” The old professor revealed a helpless expression (But in his heart, he was excited).

“Oh.” Moya’s mood was down. “Then when will the professor be back?”

“Probably one week.”

“How come you haven’t told us this earlier?” Hu Lin tapped on the desk with rhythm.

“This…because it was decided suddenly.” The old professor wiped off the sweat off his forehead.

“Li?” Liu He frowned. “Male or female?”

“It’s a young female teacher.”

“Don’t want.” Si Ming turned his head over.

“Hehe…but the school had already made the decision. This…” The old professor continued to wipe his sweat. If these young masters don’t agree, then he probably can’t go out of the country for report this time.

“Is it because Si Ming will miss the professor?” Moya smiled at Si Ming.

“What are you saying?!” Si Ming glared angrily at Moya.

“Old professor, you can go without worry. We will be good and wait for you to come back.” Moya ignored Si Ming and smiled at the old professor.

“Hehe…good student ah~” The old professor puts away the soaked handkerchief. “This professor will be back next week.” In the blink of an eye, the old professor had disappeared.

Moya turned her head around and stuck her tongue out at Si Ming who was irritated.

“You….!” Si Ming turned his head over.

Hao Jun You placed his English book down and smiled while he stood up…

“Xiao Ya, what do you want to eat today?” He naturally linked his hand together with Moya’s right hand.

“This….uh….” Moya made a thoughtful expression.

“Go.” Jin Ming Xian’s slender figure had also stood up…

“What?” Moya stared at Jin Ming Xian stunned. “You are talking to me?”

“Hm.” Jin Ming Xian nodded his head softly.

Besides Hao Jun You who had smiled faintly, the rest of the people had s.h.i.+fted their attention to Jin Ming Xian.

“Ming Xian, are you okay?” Hu Lin used his hand and held onto his chin.

“You’re not for real are you?!” Liu He’s pen which was spinning had fallen to the ground.

“I…..” Moya smiled unnaturally.

But Jin Ming Xian ignored everyone’s gaze and made his way straight to Moya…

“You are my girlfriend so you should be with me in the afternoon.” Jin Ming Xian coldly explained.

“Pa!” “Kuang Tang!”

After a huge loud bang, there was only three people in the entire F Cla.s.s: Moya, Hao Jun You, and Jin Ming Xian. (The rest of them were all on the ground).

Hao Jun You stood there quietly and his hands still linked with Moya’s…

“Let’s go.” Hao Jun You grabbed Moya’s hand and pulled her in the direction of the door. He completely ignored what Jin Ming Xian had just said.

Jin Ming Xian grabbed Moya’s left hand: “I told you before.” He looked at Moya’s eyes…

“Uh…” Moya awkwardly smiled, “-how about……we all eat lunch together….”

There was not a single person in the originally crowded school cafeteria!

“Let me through!” A chubby girl squeezed through the rest of the girls and leaned on the restaurant’s gla.s.s windows. “I want to see too!”

Modern Cinderella Chapter 33

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